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 From Sep. 15 to 21 during 2018 Shanghai Tourism Festival, 75 scenic spots in Shanghai charge half-price, including Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Wild Animal Park, Disney Park, Science and Technology Museum, Natural History Museum, Observation Deck of Shanghai Tower, Happy Valley and Jinjiang Action Park.

Shanghai, a vigorous and energetic international metropolis, welcomes people from all over the world to enjoy its special atmosphere. This modern metropolis with its rich heritage of ancient Chinese culture has much to see and do.


Top Attractions

The bund, Shanghai Huangpu River is not only the mother river of Shanghai, which divides the city into east and west parts, but also assembles the splendid attractions of the city. Situated on the west bank of the Huangpu River, the Bund is the symbol and highlight of a Shanghai vacation. New finance and commercial houses as well as grand buildings built in 1930s in the European architectural styles cluster along the Bund. At night bright lights add to the happy atmosphere as people stroll along the wide riverside promenade.
Nanjing Road Nanjing Road is considered to be the 'No. 1 commercial street in China', which has been a landmark for this city for a long time. Along its 5.5 kilometers, you will find over 600 shops that on average are visited by some 1.7 million people each day. Here, you could purchase everything wanted, spanning from special and cheap souvenirs to the luxurious world famous brands.
Yuyuan Garden Yuyuan Garden is the largest of Shanghai's ancient gardens with Ming and Qing architectural styles. The garden has six areas, each with its own style. The Grand Rockery, in the center of the Garden, is the most renowned sight. Near the garden, there is the Old City God Temple, where various of local snack shops and streets are scattered around.
Jade Buddha Temple It is one of the most famous Buddhist shrines in the city. The White Jade Buddhas were brought here from Burma in the nineteenth century. One is seated while the other is in the recumbent position of Sakyamuni symbolizing the Buddha's attainment of enlightenment or nirvana. The temple also has some impressive images of the Heavenly Kings. Although many people come to worship each day and burn incense at this very holy and active shrine, visitors are welcome.
Xintiandi If you want to experience the historical and cultural atmosphere of the city, Xin Tian Di is a wise choice. Composed of Shikumen and modern architectural style, now it has become a hot and fashionable pedestrian street in the center of the city. Actually, it stands for the popular and leisurely life style of this city's new generation. The outdoor cafés, bars and romantic restaurants can be seen everywhere. 
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Modern Sights:

Lujiazui SkyscrapersOriental Pearl TV Tower is the modern symbol and must-see for a typical vacation in Shanghai. Standing beside the Huangpu River and opposite the Bund with a height of 1,536 feet (468 meters), it is the tallest TV tower in Asia. This unusual structure that dominates the skyline is a great attraction to visitors. Moreover, Shanghai Tower, the highest multi-purpose skyscraper in the country, offers the full extent of Lujiazui and Puxi areas, attracting more and more visitors to appreciate the beautiful panorama of this modern city. Neighboring this tower, stand another two skyscrapers, namely, the World Financial Center and Jin Mao Tower. All these tall buildings are equipped with sightseeing halls, allowing tourists to wander on the cloud.


Historical & Cultural Sites:

ZhujiajiaoLocated on the Longhua Road at the south of the city, Longhua Park is famous for the ancient Longhua Pagoda and Longhua Temple, the Evening Bell-Striking Ceremony and the peach blossoms. The visitor here having marveled at the city's modern architecture and historical sites will be further rewarded when going to see neighboring water towns like Zhujiajiao and Qibao Ancient Town. Here is another world where ancient houses huddle by the rivers running through the towns that with their flagstone-paved roads and typical local flavors will be sure to slow your pace as you savor their traditions.



 Shanghai Museum
 Jewish Refugees Museum
 Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen
 China Art Museum
 China Maritime Museum
 Chinese Martial Arts Museum
China Tobacco Museum
 Chen Yun Memorial Hall
 Madame Tussauds
 Memorial Hall of Fushou Garden
 Auto Museum
 Power Staion of Art
 Science and Technology Museum
 Site of the First National Congress of the CPC
Treasure in Shanghai Museum Soong Ching Ling Memorial Residence
Urban Planning Exhibition Hall
 Natural Wild Insect Kingdom
 Natural History Museum
 More Museums in Shanghai

Shanghai Museum is a veritable treasure house of ancient Chinese art and houses 120,000 precious relics. Bronzes, pottery, paintings and calligraphies are distinctive features of the Museum's collection. Seen from above, the Museum resembles a large bronze mirror of the Han Dynasty (206BC -220). From the distance, it looks like a bronze Ding, an ancient cooking vessel that contains so many mementos of the 5,000-year-old history of Chinese civilization. If you are interested in visiting more museums, The Site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China, The Former Residences of Sun Yat-sen, Song Qingling, Chen Yun Memorial Hall, The Memorial Hall of Fushou Garden, as well as some specilized museums, including Tobacco Museum,  Automotive Museum, Science and Techology Museum and Urban Planning Exhibition Hall.

Religious Sites:

      Churches              Mosques

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