Power Station of Art

The Power Station of Art, the first public modern art museum in mainland China, was opened together with the China Art Museum on October 1, 2012. Standing on the west bank of the Huangpu River, 5 km (3 miles) south from the Bund, the museum spans an area of 42,000 square meters (10 acres) in total. Power Station of Art, or PSA, is the home to Shanghai Biennale and it is a fantastic place for learning about contemporary artworks.

Renovated from a power station, Power Station of Art used to be the Pavilion of Future in the Expo 2010 Shanghai China. The 165-meter (541-foot) tall chimney, which was converted into a huge thermometer in 2010, now serves as the landmark of the museum and an exhibition space. Built three decades ago, the chimney has witnessed the development of modern industry as well as Shanghai's transition from the industrial age to the information era where ordinary people have increasing artistic sensitivity.

The main exhibition hall covers about 15,000 square meters (3.7 acres) and is divided into 12 halls spreading across seven floors. It has stored and displayed Chinese modern artworks since 1980s. The Power Station of Art, which is an open platform for the public to learn about modern arts, is dedicated to dismantling barriers between daily life and highbrow art.

Shanghai Biennale

Launched in 1996, it is the most influential biennial contemporary art exhibition in China with the longest history, and also one of the most important biennales in Asia. Shanghai Biennale focuses on the interwoven relationship among urban culture, contemporary art and the public. Since 2012, Power Station of Art has become the new home to this international biennale.

13th Shanghai Biennale 2020

Date: 2020.11.10 – 2021.6.27
Theme: Bodies of Water
Description: This biennale is inspired by the COVID-2019 epidemic. During the 8 months, the curators will show audiences that how does water, the spring of life, goes beyond different regions and combines each individuals. At the same time, the biennale is aimed at calling up artists to get rid of individual stance and think about the new form of international connection and collaboration.

12th Shanghai Biennale 2018

Date: 2018.11.10 – 2019.3.10
Theme: Proregress - Art in an Age of Historical Ambivalence
Description: The curators deem that contemporary art is a witness of current ambivalence. It reflects disputes and anxieties in contemporary society and help people to adapt to it. This biennale will provide a framework to dig deeply into mankind’s role in society.

11th Shanghai Biennale 2016

Date: 2016.11.11 – 2017.3.12
Description: This theme is inspired by an Indian movie about proposals and refutations, arguments and counter-arguments. The exhibition features a “critical confusion”, interacting visitors with intriguing questions and debates in stories and fables. The 11th Shanghai Biennale provides the public with a thinking matrix of artistry, literature, and philosophy. To appreciate the exhibition, all you need to have is the curiosity and passion for the complexity of life.

10th Shanghai Biennale 2014

Date: 2014.11.01 – 2015.5.29
Description: This year's exhibition centers on the characteristics of "social production" and the components of "social facts". Reviewing the social situation in 1978, a turning point of China's modernization, the 10th Shanghai Biennale aims to explore an array of social questions.

9th Shanghai Biennale 2012

Date: 2012.10.02 – 2013.3.31
Description: Given the history of PSA as a power station, the 9th exhibition, also the opening show of PSA, is themed with "Reactivation", which means to regenerate for the contemporary art.

Besides the above-mentioned regular Shanghai Biennale, the exhibitions in the Power Station of Arts always change in order to keep abreast with the times. In the past years, several themed exhibitions have been held. Collections of Centre Pompidou were shown from December 16, 2012 to March 15, 2013.


It is suggested that visitors rent an audio guide machine for the purpose of learning more about the exhibits, and it is available on the information desk on the 1F. The guide device costs CNY 20 and a deposit of CNY 200 is needed. Or QR code designed by the museum for the exhibits can be used for a guide.

How to get to the Power Station of Art

 By bus:
1. Take bus no. 1216 and get off at Miaojianglu Wangdalu Station.
2. Take bus no. 45, 66, 109, 144, 306, 327, 780, 869 or Daqiao Line 6 and get off at Zhongshan Nanlu Nanchezhanlu Station. Then walk south for about 10 minutes.

 By metro:
Take line 4 or line 8 and get off at South Tibet Road Station, get out from Exit 2. Then you need to walk east for about five minutes and turn south at the second crossing. Continue to walk for another five minutes and you can see the entrance of the museum.
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Ticket Price Free of charge, but ticket fee is required for special exhibitions.
Opening Hours 11:00 to 19:00 (stop entering at 18:00)
Closed on Monday except official holidays.

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