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Small Peach Garden Mosque, Shanghai
Small Peach Garden Mosque
 Small Peach Garden (Xiaotaoyuan) Mosque
As a center of religion, education and culture of Muslim in Shanghai, it was first built in 1917, and reconstructed in 1925. It was originally named Hui Mosque of Western Shanghai. Covering 500 sq meters (about 598 sq yd), the worship hall can hold nearly 500 persons. The roof of the two-floor hall is a grand arch dome. On the flat area of the roof is Moon Watching Pavilion. Star-Moon Pole, the mark of a Moslem fane, stands on the top of the pavilion. Since being established, it had run several schools in the fane, such as Muslim National Primary School, Chongben Primary School and Orphans Cultivating School and others.
Location: No.52, Xiaotaoyuan Street, Huangpu District
Transportation: Take subway line 8 or line 10 and get off at Laoximen. Leave from exit 7 and walk east along East Fuxing Road till the end of the street.
Opening Hours: 09:00-20:00
Tel: 021-63775442

 Songjiang Mosque
It is the oldest Muslim building in Shanghai, originally named Real Religion Mosque. Covering 4,900 sq meters (about 5,860 sq yd), the building was first built in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368). The existing shadow wall shows the cultural communication between China and Arabia.
Location: Gangpeng Lane, Huating Old Street, Zhongshan Central Road, Songjiang District
1. Take Songmei Special Line or Husong Special Line and get off at Songjiang Ledu Bus Station. Then take Songjiang bus no. 2 and get off at Huating Old Street.
2. Take Songjiang Bus Line 5 or 8 and get off at Huating Old Street.
Tel: 021-57823684

 Jingxing Road Mosque
Built in 1947, it covers an area of 132 sq meters (about 158 sq yd) by now, but at the very beginning, it was only a room. In 1959, it amalgamated with Fenzhou Road Mosque. Since then, a great many Muslim followers were welcomed after its several restorations.
Location: No.117, Lane 302, Jingxing Road, Yangpu District

In 2009, it was reconstructed and moved to another place. The name of the new one is Jiangwan New Masjid.
Location: No. 86, Government Road, Yangpu District
Transportation for new location:
1. Take Shanghai subway line 10, get off at Jiangwan Gymnasium and have a 15-minute walk to get there
2. Take bus no.910 and get off at Shiguang Road Government Road to walk there.
Tel: 021-33812066

 Huxi Mosque
It was originally named Yaoshui Lane Mosque. The worship hall has two floors and the roof of the hall is a grand cove. Nowadays, there are Muslim restaurants, martial art training classes, Muslim ideology book shops inside.
Location: No. 4, Lane 1328, Changde Road
Tel: 021-62995374

 Pudong Mosque
It was established in 1935 in a manner of donation. The worship hall can hold over 100 followers.
Location: No. 16, Wujiating, Pudong Avenue
Tel: 021-50540416

 Fuyou Road Mosque
As the second one established by Muslims in Shanghai, it was originally called Chuanxin Street Mosque. The worship hall is Chinese wooden construction. The designs and patterns of the hall are delicate. The battle of 1932 in which Muslims fought for their religious dignity was directed in this masjid.
Location: No. 378, Fuyou Road, Huangpu District
Tel: 021-63282135

 Caoxiewan Mosque
Originally named South Mosque, it is the first Islamic shrine constructed by Muslims in Shanghai. At first, in order to worship together, three simple rooms were constructed for Muslims to pray and bath.
Location: No. 70, Caoxiewan Street, Outside of Small South Gate

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