Shanghai Community Church

Located in Hengshan Road, southeastern Shanghai, the Community Church is an international Christian rallying point. The overall building is 16-meter (about 52.5 ft) high and in the shape of “L” with a side building on the left. Covering over 7,330 sq meters (about 8,766 sq yd), this church can hold over 1,400 people in total. Its decoration is pretty and delicate: The ceiling is of crossed wooden framework with delicate arch corridors extending from the entrance. Window frames are designed in the shape of an arch with plum patterns on the windows. In its nave, an altar stands in the center and lobbies of arch vestibules on both sides.

Shanghai Community Church is a Gothic building which was constructed in 1925 by a group of Americans as a place for their choir. In the very beginning, it was called Harmonious Church as the biggest Christian church in Shanghai at that time. Later it got the name of Community Church because people who go there are all alien followers of different sects. The outbreak of the Korean War in 1950 forced many foreigners to return to their own countries. After that, more Chinese Christians went into the church and contributed to its prosperity.

Apart from denominational worship, the church holds other various religion activities including many rallies for choir, pray and readings involving senior people, women and youth groups. In addition, a sacred band of 60 members has been established for the monthly Night Music Worship which is held to nurture the worshippers. On Christmas Day and Easter Day, a grand Night Music Worship is usually held to celebrate the great festival days. Furthermore, sometimes the priests hold thanksgiving rallies, wedding ceremonies and memorial services for the Christians, even delivering the Eucharist to the senior followers. The routine of the Shanghai Community Church is that three services are held each Sunday at 7:30, 10:00 and 19:00 respectively. At present, it has attracted thousands of Christians from nearly 50 countries.

A feature of the Shanghai Community Church is its humanitarian spirit. Every time some area in China suffers from serious natural disaster, the church encourages its followers to donate sheets and clothes to the disaster-affected people. Other humanity activities include voluntary service in the welfare community and with senior and disabled people in the community. People who attend this church usually do voluntary work to present their piety to God. 

Additionally, as a famous church throughout the world, Shanghai Community Church has attracted many state chiefs, government heads and religious leaders of foreign countries, such as the former US president, Jimmy Carter; the former premier of Australia, John Howard; the king and queen of Norway and others. The number of worshippers who are from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and foreign countries has increased in recent years.

In order to meet the demand of more worshippers, exclusive seats equipped with advanced facilities are offered to foreign Christians. Some English special worship activities are very popular among the foreign worshippers.

Admission Fee Free
Opening Hours 7:30, 10:00, 19:00 on Sunday

By subway: Take subway line 1 and get off at Hengshan Road.
By bus: Take bus no.2, 15, 49, 93, 548, 824, 830, 927, tour bus line 10 and get off at Middle Fuxing Road.

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