Top 25 Universities in Shanghai

Shanghai boasts many famous universities, institutes and academies, including Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, International Studies University, Tongji University and Shanghai Theatre Academy. The campuses are mainly located in some university towns.

Yangpu University Town in northeast downtown is the oldest one. Songjiang University Town in southwest suburb of the city is a newly built one holding many top universities in Shanghai. It is a little far from the city center; however, the subway line 9 and a number of bus routes greatly facilitate the transportation between it and the urban area. Additionally there are university towns in Nanhui of Pudong New Area as well as Minhang and Fengxian in the south.

Here lists the detailed information of the Top 25 Universities in Shanghai, including their websites and locations for your reference:

 Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Introduction: It is one of the most famous time-honored universities in China. First established in 1896, it was named Nanyang Gongxue at that time. The present name was decided in 1959. Now it is an outstanding comprehensive university with 21 colleges, a number of excellent teachers and professors as well as over 30,000 students. Jiao Tong University has five campuses in different areas of the city. The following are their locations:
Xuhui Campus: No. 1954, Huashan Road, Xuhui District
Luwan Campus: No. 227, South Chongqing Road, Huangpu District
Fahua Campus: No. 535, Fahuazhen Road, Changning District
Qibao Campus: No. 2678, Qixin Road, Minhang District
Minhang Campus: No. 800, Dongchuan Road, Minhang District

 Fudan University
Introduction: As one of the top universities in Shanghai, the University was originally named Fudan Gongxue established in 1905. It was the first higher education institute that was set up by Chinese people. Now it has four campuses with 29 colleges.
Handan Campus: No. 220, Handan Road, Yangpu District
Fenglin Campus: No. 138, Yixueyuan Road, Xuhui District
Zhangjiang Campus: No. 825, Zhangheng Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong New Area
Jiangwan Campus: No. 2005, Songhu Road, Yangpu District

 Shanghai International Studies University
Introduction: Established in 1949, it is a key university in Shanghai taught in English. Now it has a number of majors on various foreign languages and arts. Here are information on its two campuses:
Hongkou Campus: No. 550, West Dalian Road, Hongkou District
Songjiang Campus: No. 1550, Wenxiang Road, Songjiang District

 Tongji University
Introduction: Set up in 1907, it is a key university directly under the jurisdiction of the national ministry of education, becoming one of the top universities in Shanghai. Typically featuring science and engineering courses, it is now a comprehensive university with four campuses.
Siping Campus: No. 1239, Siping Road, Yangpu District
Huxi Campus: No. 500, Zhennan Road, Putuo District
Hubei Campus: No. 727, North Zhongshan Road, Jing'an District
Jiading Campus: No. 4800, Cao'an Highway, Jiading District

 University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
Yangpu Campus: No. 516, Jungong Road, Yangpu District
Fuxing Road Campus: No. 1195, Middle Fuxing Road, Xuhui District
Shuifeng Road Campus: No. 100, Shuifeng Road

 Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Guoding Road Campus: No. 777, Guoding Road, Yangpu District
Wudong Road Campus: No. 100, Wudong Road, Yangpu District
North Zhongshan 1st Road Campus: No. 369, North Zhongshan 1st Road, Hongkou District

 Shanghai Finance University
Pudong Campus: No. 995, Shangchuan Road, Pudong New Area
Hanzhong Road Campus: 6F, Hanzhong Plaza, No. 158, Hanzhong Road, Jing'an District
Xuhui Campus: No. 2230, West Zhongshan Road, Xuhui District

 Shanghai Normal University
Being one of the top universities in Shanghai, Shanghai Normal University has two campuses, Xuhui and Fengxian. Covering an area of over 1.53 million square meters, there are more than 3.05 million books in the library. There are totally 17 secondary colleges under this university.
Xuhui Campus: No. 100, Guilin Road, Xuhui District
Fengxian Campus: No. 553, Fengpao Road, Fengxian District
Hongkou Campus: No. 574, Xijiangwan Road

 Shanghai University of Engineering Science
Songjiang Campus: No. 333, Longteng Road, Songjiang District
Changning Campus: No. 350, Xianxia Road, Changning District
Yixian Road Campus: No. 88, Yixian Road
Xincun Road Campus: No. 435, Xincun Road, Putuo District

 Shanghai University
Baoshan Campus: No. 99, Shangda Road, Baoshan District
Yanchang Campus: No. 149, Yanchang Road, Zhabei District
Jiading Campus: No. 20, Chengzhong Road, Jiading District

 Shanghai Second Polytechnic University
Jinhai Road Campus: No. 2360, Jinghai Road, Pudong New Area
Putuo Campus: No. 575, Yichang Road, Putuo District
Baoshan Campus: No. 199, Tongji Branch Road
Zhabei Campus: No. 80, North Shaanxi Road
Xuhui Campus: No. 15, Lane 988, South Zhongshan 2nd Road, Xuhui District

 Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade
Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade is a key university with majors in economics, management, literature, law, science, and engineering. As one of the top 25 universities in Shanghai, it has a certain international influence in the field of multilateral trade system research. It is the only foreign-related business university in Eastern China. Nowadays, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade can be regarded as one of the best universities in Shanghai for international students.
Songjiang Campus: No. 1900, Wenxiang Road, Songjiang District
Gubei Campus: No. 620, Gubei Road, Changning District
Qibao Campus: No. 3349, Caobao Road, Minhang District

 Maritime University
Lingang Campus: No. 1550, Pudong Avenue, Pudong New Area
Dongming Road Campus: No. 1336, Dongming Road, Pudong New Area
Haihua Campus: No. 555, Jinqiao Road
Gangwan Campus: No. 2600, Pudong Avenue, Pudong New Area
Hongkou Campus: No. 150, Huoshan Road, Hongkou District

 Ocean University
Lingang Xincheng Campus: No. 999, Hucheng Ring Road, Lingang Xincheng, Pudong New Area
Jungong Road Campus: No. 318, Jungong Road, Yangpu District

 Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Location: No. 1200, Cailun Road, Pudong New Area

 The Second Military Medical University
Location: No. 800, Xiangyin Road, Yangpu District

 East China University of Political Science and Law
Changning Campus: No. 1575, Wanhangdu Road, Changning District
Songjiang Campus: No. 555, Longyuan Road, Songjiang District

 East China Normal University
North Zhongshan Road Campus: No. 3663, North Zhongshan Road, Putuo District
Minhang Campus: No. 500, Dongchuan Road, Minhang District

 Shanghai University of Political Science and Law
Location: No. 7989, Waiqingsong Highway, Qingpu District

 Donghua University
Songjiang Campus: No. 2999, North Songjiang Road, Songjiang District
Yan'an Road Campus: No. 1882, West Yan'an Road, Changning District

 Shanghai Business School
It is one of the top business universities in Shanghai.
Xuhui Campus: No. 2271, West Zhongshan Road, Xuhui District
Fengxian Campus: No. 123, Fengpu Avenue, Nanqiao Town, Fengxian District

 Shanghai University of Electric Power
North Campus: No. 2588, Changyang Road
Pingliang Campus: No. 2103, Pingliang Road, Yangpu District
Nanhui Campus: No. 28, Xuehai Road, Nanhui, Pudong New Area
East Guoshun Road Campus: No. 25, East Guoshun Road, Yangpu District

 Lixin University of Commerce
Songjiang Campus: No. 2800, Wenxiang Road, Songjiang University Town, Songjiang District
Pudong Campus: No. 995, Shangchuan Road, Pudong New Area
Xuhui Campus: No. 2230, West Zhongshan Road, Xuhui District

 Shanghai Theatre Academy
Huashan Road Campus: No. 630, Huashan Road, Jing'an District
Lianhua Road Campus: No. 211, Lianhua Road, Minhang District

 Shanghai Conservatory of Music
Location: No. 20, Fenyang Road, Xuhui District

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Questions & Answers on Top 25 Universities in Shanghai
Asked by Wampaalu Daniel from UGANDA | Mar. 27, 2023 23:31Reply
Which universities in shangai do offer masters in supply chain managment
Answers (1)
Answered by Eric | Mar. 28, 2023 18:45

Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai University and Shanghai Maritime University all offer it.
Asked by Kostya from RUSSIA | Apr. 20, 2019 07:31Reply
Which university in Shanghai has the program all in English?
Answers (2)
Answered by Connelly from DENMARK | Apr. 24, 2019 00:01

As I know, Jiaotong University and Fudan University has the program all in English. :)
Answered by Anna | Apr. 22, 2021 06:53

Shanghai Finance University 上海金融学院
Asked by Jack from USA | Feb. 24, 2016 18:17Reply
Which university in Shanghai has the best/nicest rooms for foreign student accommodations?
Answers (1)
Answered by Lydia from USA | Feb. 24, 2016 20:21

As I know, the Jiao Tong University provides nice accommmodation for foreign students.
Asked by stephenie from SOUTH AFRICA | Aug. 11, 2015 02:55Reply
which university in shanghai has a lot of african students for undergraduate degree?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sophie from CANADA | Aug. 12, 2015 03:24

Well, as far as I know, many universities in this city accept African students, such as Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, Tongji University and the International Studies University. The amounts of African students don't have big differences among these universities.
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