Hospitals & Clinics in Shanghai

Health Centers and Medical Clinics

 Shanghai International SOS
Add: Units 2907-2901, 2 Grand Gateway, 3 Hongqiao Road, Xuhui District
Tel: 52989538
Fax: 52989539

Hospital in Shanghai
Medical Examination

 AEA International Clinic
This is an international 24 hour Alarm Center for medical emergencies that requires evacuation, the only medical evacuation company that has an Alarm Center in the city. First aid kits and training are available.
Alarm Center Tel: 62950099

 America-Sino OB/GYN Service
Add: 14F, Complex Building, Huashan Hospital, 12 Middle Urumqi Road (near Changle Road)
Tel: 62493246
Hours: 8am - 8pm

 Huashan Worldwide Medical Center
Add: 12 Middle Urumqi Road (Out-patient Clinic: 8F, Building 1; Night Emergency: 15F, Building 6)
Tel: 62483986/62489999

 Bioscor Shanghai Clinic
Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Bioscor now has 20 branches in 12 countries. Bioscor Shanghai Clinic has Australian, American and Chinese doctors specializing in plastic/cosmetic surgery, medical skin treatment and cosmetic dentistry.
Add: 5, Lane 89, Xingguo Road
Tel: 64318899
Fax: 64713888

 Body & Soul – Medical Clinics
This is a German managed medical clinic for Integrative Medicine, treating acute and chronic disease in internal medicine, gynaecology, acupuncture etc, with English French, German, Spanish and Chinese consulting.

 Huangpu Clinic: Anji Plaza, 14th floor, South Tibet Road 760 / Crossing Jianguo Road
Tel: 51019262
Fax: 51019278

 Minhang Branch: 211, Chengjiaqiao Branch Road, near Hongmei Road
Tel: 64616550
Fax: 64616525

 Pudong Branch: 1518, Minsheng Road, 80, Hanxiao Road, Jinying Building, Building B, Room 1303
Tel: 61620361
Fax: 61620362

 Jing'an Branch: Four Seasons Hotel, Level 6, 500 Weihai Road
Tel: 51019262
Fax: 51019278

Intravenous Infusion
Intravenous Infusion Room

 SinoUnited Health
 Jing'an Branch: Suite 601, Shanghai Centre, 1376 West Nanjing Road
Tel: 6279 8920
Fax: 6279 8921

 Jinqiao Branch: 16, Lane 300, Hongfeng Road, Jinqiao, Pudong
Tel: 5030 7810
Fax: 5030 7811

 Gubei Branch: 491 South Yili Road, Changning District
Tel: 6124 9979
Fax: 6124 9809

 Canadian Evergreen Family Health
Add: 1286 Hongqiao Road, inside the Kanghui Medical Center
Tel: 62706265

 Shang East International Medical Center
It provides 24-hour out-patient and in-patient care to the international community not only in Shanghai, but also surrounding provinces, located inside Shanghai East Hospital.
Add: 551 South Pudong Road
Tel: 58799999

 Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics
This is a comprehensive international hospital, including dental service. Emergency room is staffed by in-house expatriate physicians.
Add: 1139, Xianxia Road (General and Cosmetic Dental Center)
Tel: 51331900/Emergency call: 5133 1999

 Shanghai United Family Clinic-Minhang-SRC
Add: Lane 555, Jinfeng Road, Huacao Town, West Suburbs
Tel: 22010995

24-hour Appointment: 400-819-6622

 People's Square Branch - Gleneagles Medical & Surgical Center
Add: Tomorrow Square, 4th Floor, 389 West Nanjing Rd., Huangpu District

 Jing'an Branch - Shanghai Centre Medical and Dental Centers
Add: 203-4 West Retail Plaza, 1376 West Nanjing Rd., Jing’an District

 Xin Tian Di Branch - Specialty & Inpatient Center
Add: 170 Danshui Rd., 3rd Floor, Huangpu District

 Jinqiao Branch - Jin Qiao Medical & Dental Center
Add: 997, Bi Yun Road, Jin Qiao, Pudong New Area

 Lujiazui Branch - JinMao Tower Medical Center
Add: Podium Building, JinMao Tower, J-LIFE, 88 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area

 Shanghai Gleneagles International Medical Dental & Surgical Center
Dentistry, family medicine, general surgery and gynaecology.
Add: 4F, Tomorrow Square, 389 West  Nanjing Road
Tel: 63755588

 American Medical Center
Add: 888 Tianlin Road (1 East) Near Lianhua Road
Tel: 6485 7333

Dental Care

Shanghai Dental Clinic
Dental Clinic

 Art Dentistry
AddRoom 801, Oriental Center, 21 Wujiang Road, near West Nanjing Road
Tel: 52110521
 Care Dental Clinic
Add: Room 9, 7F, Super Brand Mall, 168 West Lujiazui Road
Tel: 50471790
 Dr. Harriet Jin's Dental Surgery
Add: Room 1904, Huiyin Plaza, 2088 Huashan Road, near Hongqiao Road
Tel: 64480882
 DDS Dental Care
 Puxi Branch: B1-05 Evergo Tower, 1325, Middle Huaihai Road
Tel: 54652678

 Pudong Branch: B-1, POS Building, 1600 Century Avenue
Tel: 68760447

 Hongqiao Branch: Suite 2, 85 Jinhui Road
Tel: 34317387
 Japan Tokyo Shiseikai Dental Group-Kooka Dental Clinic
Add: Room 306, Jinjiang Dickson Center, 400 Changle Road (near Garden Hotel)
Tel: 64459927
Fax: 64453928
 Hygeia Dental Care
Add: 3040 West Yan'an Road / 3721 Hongmei Road, neighboring the Hongqiao Pearl City
Tel: 64061866

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