Famous Churches in Shanghai

Christian Churches in Shanghai

 Moore Memorial Church
As an international church of Shanghai, it was a Christian Church established by American missionaries in 1887 and expanded in 1931 to seat more than 1,000 worshippers. It has built up a local membership that numbers in the thousands since reopening in 1979 after its closure during the Cultural Revolution (1966-76).
Mass Time: Sun 07:30, 09:00, 14:00, and 19:00
Location: 316, Xizangzhong Rd, close to Hankou Rd, Huangpu District
Transportation: People's Square Station of Metro Line1/Line2/Line8.
Tel: 021-63225069
Moore Memorial Church
Moore Memorial Church
Appearance of Moore Memorial Church
Moore Memorial Church, Muentang

 Grace Church
Grace Church Shanghai is a Christian church holding masses in both English and Chinese. This red brick church and bell tower is part of a structure originally built by missionaries in 1910 and has since become the home of Christianism in Shanghai.
Location: 375, Shanxi Rd N., close to Beijing Rd W. Jing'an District
Transportation: 10 minutes' walk from West Nanjing Rd Station of Metro Line 2.
Tel: 021-62539394 or 62585598

 All Saints Church

All Saints Church was a Christian church which was built in 1925 by Episcopal Church in America. Being one of an international church of Shanghai, it is a typical 17th Century Church with a wooden spire steeple with main and side halls. It also has a rose window and bell tower. The red brick, triangle roof, and concrete-engraving doorpost are amongst its best features. The main hall can seat 500 people while an attached annex hall and the small hall can seat a further 1000 people. 

Location: 425, Fuxingzhong Rd, close to Danshui Rd, Huangpu District
Transportation: Long walk from Huangpizhong Rd Station of Metro Line 1.
Tel: 021-63850906
It is the largest Christian Church in Shanghai. It was built in 1925 by a couple of Americans as a place for their choir for which it is still famous. 
Location: 53, Hengshan Rd, close to Wulumuqi Rd S, Xuhui District 
Transportation: Hengshan Rd Station of Metro Line 1. 
Tel: 021-64376576

 Pure Heart Church
Location: 30, Dachang Street, close to Lujiabang Rd, Huangpu District
Transportation: 15 minutes' walk from Nanpu Bridge Station of Metro Line4.
Tel: 021-63770874

 Youag John Allen Memorial Church
Constructed in 1923, it was built to honor American missionary John Allen who passed away in 1907 at the age of 71. Now, it is one of the English speaking churches in Shanghai.
Location: 135, Kunshan Rd, close to Wusong Rd, Hongkou District
Transportation: Long walk from Baoshan Rd Station of Metro Line 3 / Line 4
Tel: 021-63243021 or 63642629

 Hu Xi Community
Location: 1465, Changning Rd, close to Zunyi Rd, Changning District
Transportation: Zhongshan Park Station of Metro Line 2 / Line 3 / Line 4.
Tel: 021-62597389 or 62736323

 Hudong Church
Location: No. 350, Guohe Road, Yangpu District
Transportation: Jiangwan Stadium of Metro line 10

  Jiangwan Church
Location: No. 76, Shuidian Road, Hongkou District
Transportation: Jiangwan Town of Metro line 3
 Zhabei Church
Location: 340, Baotong Rd, Zhabei District 
Transportation: Take bus.66 or Metro Line 2. 
Mass Time: Sunday at 07:30, 09:30, 19:00
Tel: 021-56629409

Catholic Churches in Shanghai

 St. Francis Xavier Church
First built in the 28th year of the Qing Emperor Daoguang (1847), it is one of the Catholic churches in Shanghai opened to the public six years later. In 1946, it was designated as a seat of the Bishop of Shanghai. It is now regarded as one of the cities architectural and cultural relics.
English Mass Time: Monday at 07:00, Tuesday-Friday at 12:30, Saturday at 17:00 and Sunday at 10:30 and 12:30
Location: 185, Dongjiadu Rd, close to Wanyu Street, Huangpu District
Tel: 021-63787214
 Christ the King Church
Built in 1928, it was originally located at No.165 Changle Road. It became the official English-speaking foreign Catholic parish in 1933. It is clearly visible as a foreign church. 
Location: 361, Julu Rd, close to Maoming Rd S. Huangpu District.
Tel: 021-62178107

 Church of Assumption
Located at 3, Farquhar Street, George Town, it is one of the Catholic churches in Shanghai built by the Eurasians who followed Captain Francis Light to Penang when he established it as a British trading post. The Eurasians originally living in Ligor and Phuket were facing religious persecution and in 1781, they fled to Kuala Kedah, led by Bishop Arnaud-Antoine
Location: 50, South Street, close to Baonan Rd, Qibao Town, Minhang District
Tel: 021-64799317

 Basilica of Our Lady of Sheshan
Its official name is the Church of the Holy Mother in China. The first church on Sheshan hill was a Catholic Church built in 1871. It occupies an area of 1 hectare and is about 70 feet tall. It is a rectangular Latin cross in shape, and in classical Basilica form
Location: The top of West Sheshan Hill, Songjiang District
Transportation: Tourism Route 1A, Shanghai Stadium Station of Metro Line 1 / Line 4.
Tel: 021-57651521

 Hongkou Sacred Heart of Jesus Church
Location: 264, Nanxun Rd, close to Tanggu Rd, Hongkou District
Tel: 021-63250524 or 63831790

 Zhangjialou Sacred Heart of Jesus Church
Location: 151, Hongfeng Rd, Pudong New District
Tel: 021-58546628
 St.Peter's Church
Built during 1930s, it continues to be packed with worshippers from around the globe. English, Korean, French, and German Masses are available.
Open: 08:30-20:30
English Masses: Sat 17:00, Sun 11:00
Location: 270, Chongqing Road S., close to Fuxingzhong Rd, Huangpu District
Tel: 021-64670198 or 67678181
 Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Location: 98, Zunyi Rd S., close to Xianxia Rd, Changning District
Transportation: Long walk from Loushanguan Rd Station of Metro Line 2.
Tel: 021-62598296
St. Joseph Ecclesia Yangjingbang
St.Joseph's Church
 St.Joseph's Church
Location: 660, Pudong Ave, close to Fushan Rd, Minhang District
Tel: 021-58769532
St. Ignatius Cathedral was built in 1896 during Qing Dynasty. As an international church in Shanghai, it used to be called 'The largest Cathedral in the far east', which is now referred to as 'the Cathedral on Sheshan'. The building is in a Gothic style. The top is 50 meters high and is quite unique among the skycrapers of the city.
Location: 158, Puxi Rd, close to North Caoxi Rd, Xuhui District 
Transportation: Xujiahui Station of Metro Line 1 / Line 9.
Tel: 021-64690930

 Our Lady Queen of Peace Church
Location: 692, Huimin Rd, close to Fenzhou Rd, Yangpu District
Tel: 021-63280293

 Qiujiawan Sacred Heart of Jesus Church
Location: 10, Fangta North Rd, Songjiang District
Transportation: Take bus Songtingshi Special Line, Songwei Special Line, Songqing Special Line, Songlong Special Line or Qingsong Special Line, get off at Fangta North Rd Circle City Rd.
Mass Time: Weekdays at 07:00; Lord's Days at 08:00
Tel: 021-57836039

 Gongbaoqiao Sacred Heart of Jesus Church
Mass Schedule: Sunday 07:30 (Chinese), 10:30 (English), Saturday 17:00 (English), Monday to Saturday 07:00 (Chinese)
Location: 99, Zhongxiatang Street, Jiading District
Tel: 021-59533330

Protestant Churches in Shanghai

 Abundant Grace Church
Abundant Grace International Fellowship, also known as the English Service of Hong En Church is at the intersection of Hong Feng Road and Mingyue Road It is very close to Concordia International School. Services are Sundays at 15:00.
Location: 455, Hongfeng Rd, close to Mingyue Rd, Pudong New District
Tel: 021-50307556

 All Saints Church
Being one of the protestant churches in Shanghai, All Saints Church attracts more and more people.
Location: No. 425, Middle Fuxing Road, Huangpu District
Tel: 021-63850906

 Further Reading: Christianity in China

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Questions & Answers on Famous Churches in Shanghai
Asked by TONYS_15 | Nov. 18, 2018 18:15Reply
In Shanghai, Catholic church near by English mass timing
My address:
New Hongqiao Landscape No. 258,
Xiewei Road, Xujing, 201107
Answers (3)
Answered by Ethan from USA | Nov. 19, 2018 22:36

The Engilsh mess is at 12:00 on Lord's day in Xujiahui Catholic Church, located at No.158, Puxi Road,
Answered by Haron from BRAZIL | Nov. 24, 2018 05:49

What about mass om Sunday? What time?
Answered by Zelda from USA | Nov. 25, 2018 18:00

The mass on Sunday is from 14:00 to 16:00.
Asked by Louis Lim from SINGAPORE | Oct. 27, 2018 05:31Reply
Is the sermon at Moore memorial church in english?
Answers (1)
Answered by Hadley from USA | Oct. 29, 2018 01:10

There may be earphones used for simultaneous translation in English and Chinese in this church.
Asked by Chad from H | Nov. 11, 2017 21:54Reply
When will St. Ignatius in Shanghai open for mass?
I️ recently went to St. Ignatius for mass buy it is closed due to construction. When will it open back up for mass?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ellen from AUSTRALIA | Nov. 13, 2017 03:49

It’s still unknown. Although news of last year said the reconstruction would be completed this August, it turns out that it couldn’t.
So you need to pay attention to it.
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