Shanghai Area Code & Zip Code

District/County Area Code Zip Code
Huangpu District 21 200000
Xuhui District 21 200000
Jing'an District 21 200000
Zhabei District 21 200000
Yangpu District 21 200000
Baoshan District 21 201900
Pudong New Area 21 200120
Songjiang District 21 201600
Fengxian District 21 201400
Changning District 21 200000
Putuo District 21 200000
Hongkou District 21 200000
Minhang District 21 201100
Jiading District 21 201800
Jinshan District 21 201500
Qingpu District 21 201700
Chongming County 21 202150

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 Selected Questions and Answers:

 Asked by Vries(Netherlands)
I want to write a letter to China.
I would like to know in what part of Shanghai is Yan Ping Road and what is the Zip Code ? 

  Answered by Ms. Cora
Hi, Yan Ping Road belongs to Jing'an District, and the Shanghai local area code is 200042, or you can simply write 200000

  Asked by Ms.Kelly Hoffman(US)
I am trying to call my husband in Shanghai on a Chinese cellphone he has been given there. The number is 352-424-9460, so I am dialing 011863524249460 from the US. It never rings (I get a fast busy). I have tried adding 21 for the city code (0118621 number), and I either get a ring with no answer, or a tape saying the number does not exist. I am wondering if some Chinese cellphones are blocked for incoming US cell calls? Any info is much appreciated-Thank you.

 Answered by Ms. Evelyn 
Are you sure that this is cell phone number? However, in China, the cell phone number is made up of 11 numbers. Obviously, another number is left out. I guess it should be '1'. The whole number group should be 135-2424-9460.Again I used the cellphone orientation system to verify. Very luckily, the cell phone number belongs to Shanghai. You may try again. By the way, when you call on a cell phone, no need to add the area code. Try 0086(0)13524249460.

 Asked by Ms.Collins(United States)
I am trying to send a letter via Federal Express to Shanghai China (Level 29 Shanghai Kerry Centre - No. 1515 Nanging West Road) I need Shanghai postal code. I was given 20040 but Federal Express states that is incorrect. Please help me. Thank you

  Answered by Ms. Tina 
Hello, the Shanghai zip code is right but you have a wrong spelling, that is nanjing west road not nanging.

 Asked by Ms.Melissa (Australia)
I have a friend in Shanghai. Trying to contact a friend. How to dial/call Shanghai from Australia/UK/USA?

  Answered by Ms. Maggie
Here are 4 steps:
1. Dial your county’s code.
2. Enter ‘0086’, which is China's country code.
3. Add the Shanghai area code ‘021’ from Australia/UK/USA
4. Dial the local phone number and press call.

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Questions & Answers on Shanghai Area & Zip Code
Asked by Sarah | Jul. 22, 2021 09:41Reply
Does anyone know the postal code for Guonian road 65 Long, Yangpu District, Shanghai?
Asked by Bea | Jun. 23, 2021 03:44Reply
Correct postal Code
Could you please let me know the Postal Code for this address: ZhaoJiaBang Road 99, Xuhui District Shanghai. UPS don‘t accept the Code 200000.
Answers (2)
Answered by Amelia | Jun. 28, 2021 00:14

You can try to use 200032.
Answered by Bea | Jun. 28, 2021 11:57

Thanks a lot Amelia
Asked by Jennifer Jones from UNITED KINGDOM | Jun. 21, 2021 09:01Reply
Can you please tell me the post code for, 107,399 Puquan Road, Minang District, Shanghai
Answers (2)
Answered by Riley | Jun. 28, 2021 00:15

Answered by Jennifer Jones | Jun. 28, 2021 01:59

Thanks Riley
Asked by Diana from USA | Jun. 18, 2021 07:42Reply
Could you tell me the correct postal code for
8828 Chuanzhou Road Pudong District Shanghai
Answers (1)
Answered by Callie | Jun. 20, 2021 20:30

Asked by Fernando from ARGENTINA | May. 31, 2021 11:07Reply
Could you please let me know the Postal Code for this address: Longtian 195, Xuhui Area, Shanghai?
Answers (2)
Answered by Jill | Jun. 06, 2021 19:02

Answered by Fernando | Jun. 07, 2021 07:36

Thank you a lot
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