Chinese Martial Arts Museum

Chinese Martial Arts Museum (Wushu Museum) in Shanghai was established to present genuine Chinese Kungfu to all visitors. As the benefits of Martial Arts becoming increasingly popular, more and more Chinese and foreigners are taking an interest in learning Chinese Kungfu. They can know more about Martial Arts in the museum. 

Located in the gymnasium of Shanghai University of Sports, Chinese Martial Arts Museum provides a good platform to help people better understand Chinese martial arts which are beneficial to self-protection and fitness. This is the first multifunctional museum throughout the world displaying all aspects of the history and culture of Kung Fu.

The museum is divided into the Hall of Martial Arts Schools and Weapons, the History Hall, the Temporary Exhibition Hall, the 3D Cinema, and the Digitalized Multimedia Interaction Area. With over 2,000 collections, this museum displays the different Kungfu schools with weapons, books, stone carvings and other relics. The museum has two floors: The exhibition halls on the ground floor introduce the development of traditional Chinese martial arts, and the below ground hall provides visitors with extraordinary equipment to experience the real skills.

First Impression of the Chinese Martial Arts Museum

At the entrance of the Chinese Martial Arts Museum, various traditional Chinese weapons are symmetrically laid out on both sides. Upon entering the museum, you can see a painted column, which is covered with propitious cloud patterns, standing in the center of the hall. The painted column is composed of two intertwined statues showing a fist-holding salute of Chinese etiquette. A map of China comes into sight after you observe the painted column. On this map, 29 provinces are brightly marked to show the birthplaces of 129 boxing schools of China. Seven liquid crystal screens around broadcast the performances of the 129 martial arts styles. Surrounding the column is the Hall of Boxing Styles and Weapons, in which many weapons and videos of different schools are displayed.

History Hall

History Hall lively shows the developing of Martial Arts with various representative works in different periods.
 Originating Period: Stone weapons are the representative works of this period. In primitive society, people unintentionally created some basic actions to fight with beasts for living, which are considered to be the rudiments of Martial Arts.
 Primary Development: Bronze weapons are the representatives of this period. Tens of bronze weapons of Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) are collected in this museum, among which a double-edged General Sword of Warring States Period and a highly imitational sword of Goujian, the King of Yue State (496 - 465 BC) are two outstanding works.
 Fully Development: Warrior statues of the Han Dynasty (202BC - 220AD), broadsword, Kung Fu analects and books, stone inscriptions of the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279) are displayed.
 Gradually Flourish: Plaques of Best Scholar and Warrior, sabers, and I Chin Ching are on display.
 Mature Period: Machete, Martial Arts seals, and various skill books are displayed.
 Fully Flourish: This period is reflected by the achievements in modern Kungfu competitions including the medals, photos and documents.

3D Cinema

3D equipment and advanced technologies have been applied to help people better experience the traditional Chinese Martial Arts. In the underground hall of the Chinese Martial Arts Museum, there is a Digital Reading Area with a virtual book each page of which introduces the related knowledge of Martial Arts. The book is like a real one that visitors can turn to another page. The 3D Film with wonderful effect of sounds, scenes and vivid images better introduce the history of traditional Chinese martial arts. There is also a Multimedia Interaction Area, in which visitors can get opportunities to experience the real Kung Fu skills for enjoyment and better understanding. You can even have a virtual fight with the famous Kungfu stars such as Bruce Lee here!

How to get to Chinese Martial Arts Museum

1. Take Metro Line 8, get off at Nenjiang Road Station and get out from Exit 3. Walk east along Nenjiang Road and enter Shanghai University of Sports from the north gate. Then you can see the museum.
2. Take bus 28, 61, 139, 522, 538, 577, 813, 842, 854 or 870 and get off at Zhongyuanlu Minxinglu Station. Walk north for two minutes to reach a crossing and turn west to walk along Nenjiang Road. Then enter Shanghai University of Sports from the north gate.
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Location No. 399, Changhai Road, Yangpu District
Admission Fee Free
Opening Hours Tuesday to Saturday: 9:00 – 16:00
Closed on Sunday and Monday

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Questions & Answers on Chinese Martial Arts Museum
Asked by andrew mccarthy from JAMAICA | Aug. 20, 2014 06:14Reply
China Martial Arts Museum Opening Days
I am planning to spend a Monday & Tuesday in Shanghai. Can you please confirm that the museum is open on Tuesdays. Other tour sites have it open on Wednesday & Saturday only.
Answers (1)
Answered by Sara from CHINA | Aug. 21, 2014 02:10

It is open on Tues. Wed. and Sat. indeed and I heard it requires reservation. Just search its official website online to make a reservation. Here is their contact for your convenience by the way:
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