Xujiahui, Shanghai: A Top Shopping & Entertainment Center

Located in Xuhui District, Xujiahui is one of the top ten commercial centers in Shanghai for shopping and entertainment. It covers an area of 4.04 square kilometers (1.56 square miles), starting from Wanping Road in the east, Yishan Road in the west, Guangyuan Road in the north and Lingling Road in the south. The computer markets in the region are very dense, with rich commodities and a wide range of consumer groups. Therefore, Xujiahui has become one of the areas where Shanghai citizens buy computers and digital products. At the same time, there are also many luxury goods, high-end clothing, entertainment, and fancy restaurants.


Xujiahui got its name because it was once the settlement of famous Ming Dynasty official and scientist, Xu Guangqi and his clansman. Xujiahui did not have a business until 1850 when some rice shops were opened. Meanwhile, since 1847, a lot of the French churchmen came here to build churches and schools, spreading western religious culture. Since then, Xujiahui became one of the cultural centers in Shanghai and the business developed rapidly.

The Xujiahui commercial streets begun to take shape in the 1960s. Driven by the reform and opening-up policy implemented in 1978, Xujiahui further expanded many shops and set up specialty shops such as knitting supplies. Knowing that Shanghai Metro Line 1 would pass Xujiahui, the Xuhui District government planned to build Xujiahui into a big commercial center, so that the Xujiahui with numerous high-rise buildings and shopping malls came into being.

Recommended Xujiahui Shopping Malls

Grand Gateway

If you like to experience the freshness and pay attention to the shopping brands and a comfortable shopping experience, the Grand Gateway is definitely your first choice! There are many luxuary brands like BV, Gucci and Tiffany on the ground floor and the presence of some online celebrity shops like Starbucks Reserve Bar, Lady M and LeTAO also bring more popularity here.

Metro City

Compared to the high-end Grand Gateway, Metro City, one of the oldest shopping malls in Xujiahui Shanghai is close to the people. Especially its iconic spherical building makes it hard for people to ignore it. It is favored by many foodies because there are many Japanese, Shanghai and European cuisines in the mall. For shopping, Wufan Street in Buildings B1 has various Japanese products, cosmetics, grocery stores, drugstores, and Japanese brands such as Uniqlo and MUJI. In addition, you can find Volkswagen Bookstore, optical shops, Donguri Republic selling Miyazaki animation peripheral products, and a Swedish home store NOM.

Nanyang 1931

Nanyang 1931 is a newly opened mall in Xujiahui Shanghai so the decoration style and shops are more in line with the taste of young people. The less-crowded mall provides a better shopping experience. Nanyang 1931 mainly focuses on catering, parent-child and life service categories. The highlight is Tims Coffee House, a Canadian celebrity cafe.

Pacific Digital Plaza

With the advantages of various types of computer brands, a wide range of installed accessories and complete network consumables and equipment, the Pacific Digital Plaza has become the preferred market for consumers to buy computer products.

Shanghai Liubai Department Store

The Shanghai Liubai Department Store specializes in clothing, cosmetics, gold jewelry, children's products and bedding. There are more than 300 well-known brands at home and abroad and the prices are relatively wallet-friendly.

What to See in Xujiahui

Located at No. 158 Puxi Road, Xuhui District, St. Ignatius Cathedral is a Gothic-style church with 5 floors. On both sides of the top of the church hall stand 50-meters (164-feet) high bell towers. On the top of the towers are iron crosses which weigh 13 tons, very spectacular. In the hall, the Virgin Mary holds the little Jesus on the top of the altar, overlooking the whole hall. It can comfortably hold 3,000 people.

Situated at No.2853 Longhua Road, the Longhua Temple is the eldest temple in Shanghai with a history of 1,700 years. Most of the preserved buildings were built in the late Qing Dynasty (1862 - 1908).

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai Jiaotong University is one of the early-established and top universities in China. There are still many elegant modern buildings with a combination of Chinese and Western culture. And it is a great pleasure to enjoy the beautiful school environment by strolling around.

Shanghai Stadium

A saddle-shaped Shanghai Stadium may catch people's attention at first sight. Located at 666 Tianyaoqiao Road, Xuhui District, the stadium with a building area of 170,000 square meters (1,829,865 square feet), is one of the landmark buildings in Shanghai. If lucky enough, you may see the fierce competition were 16 Chinese football teams.

Shanghai Library

If you want to find a quiet place in Xujiahui and want to learn more about Shanghai, just go to the Shanghai Library located in Huaihai Middle Road, Xuhui District. Going there in an appropriate time, you can find a seat in the reading room to read books. Not just Chinese books, many foreign books are in the library.

How to Get to Xujiahui

By Metro

Take Metro Line 1, Line 9, Line 11 and get off at Xujiahui Station.
Take Metro Line 10 and get off at Jiaotong University Station.
Take Metro Line 3, Line 4 and get off at Yishan Road Station/ Hongqiao Road Station.
Take Metro Line 7 and get off at Zhaojiabang Road Station.

By Bus

Take bus 42, 43, 50, 167, 205, 303, 732, 816, 824, 830, 920, 926, 946, 957, Bus Xumin Line and get off at Xujiahui Station.
Take bus 44, 93, 548, 572, 830, 836, 855, 958, Bus Daqiao line 6 and get off at Hongqiao Road Gongcheng Road Station.
Take bus 320, 855, 920, 923, 926, 946, 958 and get off at Xujiahui Station (Huashan Road).
Take bus 44, 76, 93, 136, 171, 548, 572, 754, 836, 855 and get off at Hongqiao Road Yishan Road Station.
Take bus 43, 44, 50, 72, 93, 171, 303, 320, 572, 816, 824, 836, 956, 957, 985, Bus Xuchuan Line, Bus Xumin Line and get off at Zhaojiabang Road Tianping Road Station.

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Opening Hours

Most malls in Xujiahui is open from 10:00 to 22:00. The opening hours of Pacific Digital Plaza is 08:00-18:00.

Attractions Opening Hours Entrance Fee
Xujiahui Catholic Church Monday to Saturday: 9:00 – 11:00, 13:00 – 16:00
Sunday: 14:00 – 16:00
Enter for Free
Longhua Temple 9:00 – 16:30 CNY 10 on usual days
CNY 120 for the New Year Bell-striking Ceremony from 21:00 on Dec. 31 to 02:00 on Jan. 1
Shanghai Stadium 9:00 – 11:30, 13:00 – 16:00 Enter for Free
Shanghai Library 9:00 – 17:00
Open from 9:00 to 16:00 on National Holidays
Enter for Free

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