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This page focuses on those famous Shanghai shopping malls in local flourish shopping districts and best pedestrian streets like People's Square, East Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road, and Lujiazui Financial Area. Kinds of markets & centers can meet the demand to shop.


No. 1 Department Store

West Nanjing Road, Shanghai
Nanjing Road

Chinese Name: 上海市第一百货商店 (shàng hǎi shì dì yī bǎi huò shāng diàn)
Located in the famous Shanghai shopping street – East Nanjing Road, No. 1 Department Store has eight floors selling all kinds of goods like general merchandise, clothes, furniture, jewelry and books.
Opening Hours: 9:30 – 22:00
Address: No. 830, East Nanjing Road, Huangpu District

New World Daimaru Department Store
Chinese Name: 新世界大丸百货 (xīn shì jiè dà wán bǎi huò)
New World Daimaru Department Store, one of the most famous Shanghai Shopping Malls, highlights its Japanese standard of service. This eight-floor department store mainly sells various high-end cosmetics and clothes.
Shopping Guide:
B2: Foods & Flowers
B1: Women’s Shoes & Jewelry
1F: Cosmetics & Luxury Watches
2F: Women’s and Men’s Clothes
3F: Classic Women’s Clothes & Underwear
4F: Ladies’ Clothes & Jeans & Women’s Underwear & Japanese Foods
5F: Men’s Clothes & Sporting and Outdoor Goods & Bags & Digital Products
6F: Children’s Products & Home Supplies
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Address: No.288, East Nanjing Road, Huangpu District
 Other East Nanjing Road Shopping Malls


Grand Gateway 66

Shanghai Times Square
Times Square

Chinese Name: 港汇恒隆广场 (gǎng huì héng lóng guǎng chǎng)
Xujiahui is an important Shanghai shopping area. The Grand Gateway 66, one of the most famous Shanghai shopping malls, is right beside Xujiahui Metro Station. With six above ground floors and one under grand floor, the shopping mall provides over 400 specialties stores. It is a 168-meter (184 feet) long pedestrian street on 1F, where you can enjoy a coffee or dinner.
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Address: No. 1, Hongqiao Road, Xuhui District

Orient Shopping Center
Chinese Name: 东方商厦 (dōng fāng shāng shà)
As one of the Shanghai landmarks, Orient Shopping Center offers over 80,000 kinds of medium-high grade brands. The whole shopping center comprises six floors.
Shopping Guide:
B1: Foods & Restaurants
1F: Commodities
2F: Women’s Clothes
3F: Men’s Clothes
4F: Casual Clothing & Craft Gifts
5F: Home Appliances
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Address: No. 8, North Caoxi Road, Xuhui District


Pacific Department Store

Pacific Department Store
Pacific Department Store

Chinese Name: 太平洋百货 (taì píng yáng bǎi huò)
Pacific Department Store in Xuhui District is a combination of shopping, entertainment, dinning and leisure. Covering an area of nearly 30,000 square meters (1,190 square yards), it consists of nine floors.
Shopping Guide:
B1: Foods & Restaurants
1F: Cosmetics & Jewelry & Watches & Women’s Shoes
2F: Girls’ Clothes
3F: Women’s Underwear & Ladies’ Clothes
4F: Women’s Clothes & Ladies’ Bags & Jewelry
5F: Men’s Clothes
6F: Sports & Leisure & Shoes & Swimsuits
7F: Kitchen Wares & Bedding & Children’s Clothes & Maternity Clothes & SPA
8F: Foods & Restaurants
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 21:30
Address: No. 932, Hengshan Road, Xuhui District

Shanghai K11
Chinese Name: K11购物艺术中心 (K11 gòu wù yì shù zhōng xīn)
Located on Huaihai Road, which is another flourish Shanghai shopping district, Shanghai K11 is a special shopping mall for its arts elements of the whole building. The top floor is constructed as an Urban Farm where you can plant your own vegetables and fruits. It includes nine floors in total: three underground, six above ground.
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Address: No. 300, Middle Huaihai Road, Huangpu District

Chinese Name: 上海环贸iapm商场 (shàng hǎi huán mào iapm shāng chǎng)
This shopping mall in Huaihai Road Shanghai shopping street is famous for its late night shopping, which means you can still shop there at midnight. Over 200 famous brands opened their flagship stores here like Prada, Gucci, and Valentino. Besides, a one Michelin star restaurant named Lei Garden opens on the 4F of IAPM Mall.
Opening Hours: Restaurants: 10:00 – 1:00 next day; Others: 10:00 – 23:00
Address: No. 999, Middle Huaihai Road, Xuhui District


Super Brand Mall

Shanghai Times Square
Shanghai Times Square

Chinese Name: 正大广场 (zhèng dà guǎng chǎng)
Covering an area of 250,000 square meters (300,000 square yards), Super Brand Mall is located in Lujiazui, which is one of the best shopping places in Shanghai. Here you can not only find more than 1,000 domestic and foreign brands, but also taste all kinds of foods and enjoy wonderful scenery of Huangpu River.
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Address: No. 168, West Lujiazui Road, Pudong New Area

Shanghai IFC Mall
Chinese Name: 上海国金中心商场 (shàng hǎi guó jīn zhōng xīn shǎng chǎng)
Shanghai International Financial Centre Shopping Mall, IFC Mall for short, is located at Lujiazui Financial Area. IFC Mall has many international luxury brands like Louis, Vuitton, Tiffany, Prada, Dior, Chanel and Coach, becoming one of known Shanghai shopping malls, In addition, the first Apple Store Flagship can also be found here.
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Address: No. 8, Century Avenue, Pudong New Area

Sogo Shanghai
Chinese Name: 久光百货 (jiǔ guāng bǎi huò)
As one of the welcomed Shanghai shopping malls, Sogo Shanghai beside Jing'an Temple is located in West Nanjing Road, one of the best streets for shopping in Shanghai. It has ten floors in total where the basement is used as a fresh mart, selling all kinds of imported foods, especially Japanese food. The other nine floors above ground are used as shops and popular restaurants.
Shopping Guide:
B1: Foods
1F: Cosmetics & Jewelry
2F: Women’s Clothes & Jewelry
3F: Women’s Clothes & Underwear & Accessory
4F: Fashion Clothes & Jeans & Shoes
5F: Men’s Clothes & Bags & Golf Products
6F: Children’s Clothes & Toys & Stationery
7F: Kitchen Ware & Bedding & Home Appliances & Special Sales
8F & 9F: Restaurants
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Address: No. 1618, West Nanjing Road, Jing’an District

Plaza 66
Chinese Name: 上海恒隆广场 (shàng hǎi héng lóng guǎng chǎng)
Themed on ‘Home to Luxury’, Plaza 66 in Jing’an business area is regarded as a famous Shanghai shopping center, having 5 floors and gathering over 100 world-famous brands like Chanel, Dior, Givenchy…
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Address: No. 1266, West Nanjing Road, Jing’an District


Yuyuan Bazaar

Yuyuan Bazaar, Shanghai
Yuyuan Tourist Mart

Chinese Name: 豫园商城 (yù yuán shāng chéng)
Yuyuan Bazaar, one of the popular markets & centers to shop, is close to Yu Garden. It's a great place to buy Chinese souvenirs. Not far from the mart, visitors can find Shanghai shopping markets of Old City God Temple, where you can also find many local handicrafts and local food, like paper-cut, silk scarves, steamed stuffed buns, fired stuffed buns, chop rice cakes…
Opening Hours: 9:00 – 22:00
Address: No. 269, Middle Fangbang Road, Huangpu District

Raffles City
Chinese Name: 上海来福士广场 (shàng hǎi lái fú shì guǎng chǎng)
Raffles City near People’s Square, a famous Shanghai shopping center, is a med-sale eight-floor shopping mall. It’s worth mentioning that Alienware Flagship Store opens on the 6F, where you can experience the professional video games equipment.
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Address: No. 268, Middle Xizang Road, Huangpu District

Hong Kong Shopping Center
Chinese Name: 香港名街店 (xiāng gǎng míng jiē diàn)
As the longest underground pedestrian street in Shanghai, Hong Kong Shopping Center is located in the underground passage of People's Square. Here you can find many small shops selling knick-knacks, clothes, gifts, and toys for reasonable prices.

Opening Hours: 9:00 – 22:00
Address: Near People’s Square Metro Station and Under the People’s Avenue

Bailian Outlets Plaza
Chinese Name: 百联奥特莱斯广场 (bǎi lián ào tè lái sī guǎng chǎng)
The shopping center is famous for selling discounted world-famous brands including Armani, Zegna, Burberry, Ralph Lauren Polo and Coach. Being one of the famous Shanghai shopping malls, the whole plaza is divided into three zones: Zone A for the first-class brands, Zone B for sports brands and some domestic brands and Zone C for dining & entertainment.
Opening Hours: Weekdays: 10:00 – 21:00; Weekends & Holidays: 9:00 – 21:30
Address: No. 5555 Middle Jiasong Road, Qingpu District

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Where can I buy a nice qibao with reasonable price in Shanghai?
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Answered by Aiden from NEW ZEALAND | Dec. 04, 2019 22:12

As I know, there are many shops that sell Qipao on Changle Road South Maoming Road. You can go and see.
Asked by Sam from PHILIPPINES | Jul. 30, 2019 22:33Reply
Are there any big malls that are directly connected to 5 star hotels in Shanghai?
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Answered by Elina from USA | Aug. 04, 2019 20:29

Where do you live? There are many big malls near 5 star hotels in different districts.
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Shanghai Wedding supplies
Does anyone know where I could find cheap wedding decor supplies? (artificial flowers, fabric, lights, candles, etc).

Grateful for you help!
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I was told those stuffs can be found near Temple of City God (Cheng Huang Miao), you may have a look.
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