Shanghai Commercial Zones and Shopping Centers

Shanghai's commercial districts initially came out in streets, such as East Nanjing Road, Middle Huaihai Road, Tianshan Road, North Sichuan Road and etc. Compact commercial blocks were beginning to boom later, such as Xujiahui, Lujiazui areas. The development of metro network in the city gave birth to many new flourishing businesses centers, concentrated around metro stations. The underground world here is also a popular shopping area with eye - catching appeal. To give a general instruction, here are major commercial zones and shopping centers as a guide to tourists.

East Nanjing Road Commercial Zone

It should be the most well-known street in the city. That is a historical mirror of the city, nowadays, a nice place for leisure and shopping for citizens and also a must go place for visitors. This area is for median level consumption. Some time-honored feature stores can be found here.
Nearby metro/bus station: People's Square Station of Metro Line 1, 2 and 8; East Nanjing Road Station of buses 14, 66, 306 etc.
Surroundings: People's Square, The Bund

West Nanjing Road Commercial Zone

West Nanjing Road, Shanghai
West Nanjing Road

Westgate Mall, Plaza 66 and Citic Plaza are the main force of this busy commercial area. It gathers several luxury shopping centers, Armani, Hermes, LV, Choel, Givenchy, Cartier's brand shops can all been found in this area Here are details of some major ones.
Nearby metro/bus station: 10 minutes walk from Exit 4 of  West Nanjing Road Metro Station, Line 2;  North Shaanxi Road West Nanjing Road Station of Buses 24, 104, 128, 738, 955, North Shaanxi  Road Station of Buses 15, 20, 21, 49, 148, 304, 311, 925
Operating hours: 10:00-22:00
Surroundings: JC Mandarin Hotel, Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Exhibition Center

Middle Huaihai Road Commercial Zone

This area refers to the section of Huaihai Road from Middle Xizang Road to Shaanxi Road. North-south overpass divided it into west and east sections. Business area is mainly in the east part and for shopping places, in the west part. The gold of targeting is to high and middle grade consumers. 

Shopping Malls and Department Stores:
 Printemps (Huaihai Branch)
Address: 939 Middle Huaihai Road
Nearby metro/bus station: Exit 1 of South Shaanxi Road Station of Metro Line 1,  Middle HuaihaiRoad Station of buses 24, 41, 42, 104, 128, 146, 304, 955
Operating hours: 10:00-22:00

 Parkson (Huaihai Branch)
Address: 918 Middle Huaihai Road
Nearby metro/bus station: Exit 2 of South Shaanxi Road Station of Metro Line 1,  Middle HuaihaiRoad Bus Station, opposite Printemps.
Operating hours: 10:00-22:00 from Monday to Friday, 09:30-22:00 in weekend

 New Hualian Mansion
Address: 8th Floor, New HuaLian Mansion. No. 775 Middle Huaihai Road, nearby Ruijin Er Lu (Road)
Nearby metro/bus station: Exit 2 ofSouth  Shaanxi Road Station of Metro Line 1;  Middle Huaihai Road Ruijin Er Road Station of buses 146, 920, 926, 945
Operating hours: 10:00-22:00

 Novel Department Store
Address: 887  Middle HuaihaiRoad, nearby South Maoming Road
Nearby metro/bus station: Exit 4 of South Shaanxi Road Station of Metro Line 1; South Maoming Road Middle Huaihai Road Station of bus 146
Operating hours: 10:00-22:00
Surroundings: Garden Hotel, Mason Hotel, Jinjiang Hotel, Jinjiang Tower Hotel; Red House Western Restaurant, Quanjude Road Duck, Jujube Tree Vegetarian Life Style

 Times Square (Lane Crawford in the east side of it)

Shanghai Times Square
Times Square

Address: 99  Middle HuaihaiRoad, near South Xizang Road
Nearby metro/bus station: Da Shi Jie Station of Metro Line 8; Middle Huaihai Road South Xizang Road Station of buses 911, 920, 926
Surroundings: Lippo Square, Golden Bell Plaza, Concert Hall

Xujiahui Commercial Zone

Xujiahui was old cultural center of the city, but now one of the city's active commercial centers. Grand Gateway is a hugh mall, Metro City is a combination of entertainment, leisure activity and restaurants. Pacific Department Store attracts lots of young consumers. Huijin Department Store is fixed for office workers. 

Shopping Malls and Department Stores:
 Pacific Department Store (Xuhui Branch)

Pacific Department Store
Pacific Department Store

Address: 932, Hengshan Road
Nearby metro/bus station: Exit 13 of Xujiahui Station of Metro Line 1; Huashan Road Hongqiao Road (Xujiahui) Station of buses 320, 855, 926, 958, 923
Operating hours: 10:00-22:00

 Grand Gateway
Address: 1 Hongqiao Road
Nearby metro/bus station: Exit 11 of Xujiahui Station of Metro Line 1; Xujiahui (Huashan Road Hongqiao Road, Zhaojiabang Road Tianping Road, etc) Station of buses 44, 72, 178, 205, 572, 855, 816, 920, 923, 926, 958
Operating hours: 10:00-22:00

 Huijin Department Store
Address: 1000 Zhaojiabang Road
Nearby metro/bus station: Exit 11 of Xujiahui Station of Metro Line 1; Xujiahui (North Caoxi Road Zhaojiabang Road, Tianyueqiao Road, Zhaojiabang Road Tianping Road) Station of buses 44, 320, 572, 826, 920, 926, 985
Operating hours: 10:00-22:00

 Metro City
Address: 1111 Zhaojiabang Road/30 Tianyueqiao Road, nearby North Caoxi Road
Nearby metro/bus station: Exit 10 of Xujiahui Station of Metro Line 1; Xujiahui (North Caoxi  Road Zhaojiabang Road, Tianyueqiao Road) Station of buses 42, 44, 72, 816, 855, 920, 923, 926, 958
Surroundings: Pacific Digital Plaza (1117 Zhaojiabang Road), Buynow (3F of Metro City); Sports Hotel, Jianguo Hotel, Xujiahui Park, Xujiahui Catholic Church, Shanghai Stadium

Lujiazui Pudong Commercial Zone

The Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower, World Financial Center and International Convention Center are sybols of Shanghai. All these landmark buildings area gathered together in Lujiazui. This area has become a popular tourist resort. Centered on Super Brand Mall, Lujiazui area is widely welcomed as the busiest shopping area in Pudong.

Shopping Malls and Department Stores:
 Super Brand Mall (a huge shopping complext with complete entertainment facilities)
Address: 168 West  LujiazuiRoad, Pudong New Area, near Oriental Pearl Tower
Nearby metro/bus station: Lujiazui Station of Metro Line 2; Oriental Pearl Tower (Dong Fang Ming Zhu) Station of buses 81, 82, 795, 798, 799, 870, 961, 971, 985, 992, 993, 996, Lujizui Sightseeing Bus Line
Operating hours: 10:00-22:00
Surroundings: Lotus Supermarket, Pudong Shangri-La Hotel, Hyatt Hotel, Jinmao Concert Hall, Binjiang Forest Park, Pearl River Sightseeing Tunnel, Oriental Pearl Tower, Century Avenue

Address: 501 Zhangyang Road, Pudong New Area, near South Pudong Road

 Shanghai Times Square

Shanghai Times Square
Shanghai Times Square

Address: 500, Zhangyang Road, Pudong New Area, near South  Pudong Road
Nearby metro/bus station: Century Avenue Station of Metro Line 2, 4 and 6; Pudong South Road Zhangyang Road of bus 796, Di Yi Ba Bai Ban Station of buses 1, 82, 454, 570, 607, 798, 818, 981, 985, 993
Operating hours: 09:30-22:00
Surroundings: Hotel Intercontinental Pudong,

Zhongshan Park Commercial Zone

This is the traditional business center of Changning District, gradually built around Zhongshan Park. There is no lack of superior residential buildings, and places to shop and play.

Shopping Malls and Department Stores:
 Cloud Nine Plaza
Address: 1018 Changning Road

 Printemps (Zhongshan Park Branch)
Address: 832 Changning Road
Nearby metro/bus station: Zhongshan Park Station of Metro Line 2, 3 and 4; Changning Road Station of Buses 224, 519, Zhongshan Park Station of buses 54, 67, 73, 316, 519, 737, 765, 776, 825, 922, 939, 941, 946, 947
Surroundings: Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel, Mayfair Hotel, Belvedere Service Apartment, Penta Hotel, Shanghai Book Mall, Carrefour, Metro Town Commercial Street, Papa John's Pizza

Yuyuan Mart/Shanghai City God Temple Commercial Zone

Yuyuan Bazaar, Shanghai
Yuyuan Tourist Mart

Yuanyuan Garden is one of the most well-known attractions in Shanghai and the City God Temple (Cheng Huang Miao) area is a must go place for visitors to taste local food, buy souvenirs and small commodities. Lv Bo Lang is a time-honored restaurant. Its archaic, elegant and peaceful surrounding is especially favored by people to take photos. Yuyuan Garden is just beside the restaurant. The twisted old style bridge connects them. Nanxiang Mantou Dian (steamed bun shop) is the most noted local snack. It costs too much more than a normal bun, but it can not resist people make a long queue all the time in front of the shop. There is a snack town and lot of stores and shops for shopping and dining. Shanghai Old Street is in the south side of the old City God Temple.
Address: 269 Middle Fangbang Road/238 Fuyou Road
Nearby bus station: Fuyou Road Lishui Road (Cheng Huang Miao) Station of buses 932; South Henan  Road Fuyou Road Station of buses 66, 306, 929, Fangchuan Special Line

Shanghai Shopping:

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