China Maritime Museum

The China Maritime Museum is a maritime theme museum with the most exhibits of its kind in China. During your visit, you can learn of the history of Chinese ship manufacture through the various ship models, pictures, written records, as well as navigational instruments and equipment. You are also able to operate a simulated ship, board the imitation Fu Ship of the Ming Dynasty(1638-1644) to aid in understanding ancient ship manufacturing technology. In addition, you can also see an exciting and breathtaking movie in the 4D cinema. It is located in the southeast of Shanghai, on the West Bank of Dishui Lake. Following are the exhibition halls and entertainment programs:

Maritime History Hall

The Maritime History Hall, a key exhibition hall of the China Maritime Museum, is divided chronologically into three parts: ancient times; modern times; contemporary era. Within this timeline, the museum displays the navigation technology of crossing a river with the aid of buoyancy as well as many other devices, such as the canoe, sail, paddle, scull, rudder and compass. In this hall, you will gain a deeper understanding of the evolution of Chinese navigation technology.

Ship Hall

Divided into two parts- ship structure and equipment, and ship manufacture, the Ship Hall shows components of ships and their manufacturing process. With the aid of advanced technology, you can participate in and interact in this stimulating environment. A large freight ship model 25 meters long and as tall as two-storey exhibition halls is also displayed in this hall. It is at a scale of 1:6.

Sailors’ Hall

The exhibits in the Sailors’ Hall are mainly objects and documents closely related to the sailors’ daily work and lives. The navigation simulator in the central of this hall, taking a large container ship cab as prototype, vividly shows the complexity of piloting modern ships. Here, you can experience the work of a captain through manipulating the ship yourself.

Navigation and Harbor Hall

The Navigation and Harbor Hall in the China Maritime Museum mainly displays items relating to the marine environment, as well as all kinds of navigational instruments and data on geo-navigation, astronomical navigation and radio navigation. A large quantity of cultural relics and objects relating to the ports and waterways are also displayed in this hall.

Maritime Affairs and Security Hall

This hall is composed of two exhibitions: maritime affairs and maritime security. In the maritime affairs zone, there are exhibits and pictures of dealing with maritime affairs and maritime law enforcement. In the maritime security part, you can learn about maritime salvage and anti-piracy strategies by means of exhibits, models, multimedia and electronic maps.

Military Navigation Hall

The Military Navigation Hall includes information on the Chinese people's navy and warships, and mainly focuses on various warship models, navy flags and uniforms. A simulated submarine command cabin is also displayed. Outside the hall, there are shipborne guns and other similar objects.


The Planetarium is a high-tech digital theater, where you can enjoy shows on astronomical phenomena and full-dome movies. Located in a huge steel ball, the Planetarium can accommodate 150 people to watch the movie simultaneously. A dozen audios in the Planetarium bring you the perfect visual- auditory experience.

4D Theater

The 4D Theater in the China Maritime Museum is equipped with the most advanced digital technology, and has a capacity of 180 spectators. During a screening, the spectators, wearing the 4D glasses, can see the multi-dimensional images on the full-dome screen. Sitting in the dynamic seats, the audiences will at the same time experience over seven kinds of special movement; such as falling, shaking, blowing, and spraying. The carefully designed storm, lightning, rain, smog and other climatic special effects make audiences feel they are experiencing the weather at that very moment. The movie ticket is about CNY30 and the movie lasts for over ten minutes

1. The entrance is on the second floor. After entering, you are advised to go down to the first floor and visit from bottom to top.
2. For refreshments, there is a Chinese Set Dish provided on the first floor.

How to get to China Maritime Museum

To get there, take subway line 16 to Dishuihu Station, and leave the station from Exit 2. A choice of buses will take you near the Museum.
Take bus no.1096 to Huanhuxi Second Road Shen’gang Avenue Station, then walk about 400 meters (446 yards) to the museum; or take bus Pudong no.33 to Huanhuxi Second Road Shen’gang Avenue Station, then walk about 300 meters (316 yards) to the museum; or take bus no. 1043 to Huanhuxi Third Road Shen’gang Avenue Station, then walk about 300 meters (316 yards) to the museum.
Alternatively, you can take a taxi after you get out of the metro station, at a cost of about CNY 15.
Ticket Price CNY 50/person
CNY40/person for groups of more than 16. Reservation is required by phoning 86-21-68283691
Free of charge for children under 1.4m (4.6 feet) accompanied by an adult with a ticket.
Free of charge on July 11, China National Maritime Day
Open Time 9:30 am-16:00 pm, entry closes at 15:30 pm         
Closed on Mondays, except for holidays.

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- Last updated on Nov. 09, 2018 -
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