Memorial Hall of Fushou Garden

The Shanghai Memorial Hall of Fushou Garden, on Wai Qingsong Road in Qingpu District, is an exhibition hall which exhibits many facets of the city's past, with hand writings, memoirs, artifacts and albums of the city's own celebrities long faded from life. After eight-year's work, the hall has developed into a theme hall, personality hall and memorial hall on line. 

More than 300 celebrities from all walks of life are cited in the Memorial Hall of Fushou Garden; for example, the political personalities: Pan Hannian and Qiao Guanhua; the cultural personalities: Hu Shi and Zhang Shizhao, famous figures in art circles such as Ruan Lingyu and Yang Zhenxiong; and revolutionary martyrs such as Gao Jingting. The personality hall is further sub-divided into themes with leading figures. For example, the memorial hall of human donors from the Red Cross, the monument of the war correspondent couple Xu Xinghu and Zhu Ying and the memorial hall of drama masters. Visitors can fully appreciate the spiritual legacy of the Shanghai famous figures within these settings. Besides, the memorial hall on line has set up 239 memorials for the departed who are buried in Fushou Garden.

Strolling in the Memorial Hall of Fushou Garden, you will feel it is a garden instead of a cemetery. You will stumble upon the delicate scenic spots which brings you much joy. In the northeastern corner of Fushou Garden, there is a unique 'Seven Star Pavilions'. The seven exquisite pavilions built on the waterside are just like the big dipper scattered in the Milky Way. The green tiles, red windows and white walls fully explain the refinement of garden architecture in the south of Yangtze River. Moreover, a crowd of beautiful blue peacocks awaits you and eagerly shows their tail feathers. Their graceful dancing figures will surely delight your eyes. Fushou Garden is a best site to revel in peaceful moment in your spare time.

Beside the pond in Fushou Garden, there are fifteen exquisitely carved Lingbi Rock which is mainly produced in Lingbi County in Anhui Province. The Emperor Qianlong once praised this rock as 'the First Rock under Heaven'. The nature creates them in extraordinary workmanship and infinite variety of forms. Knock on the stone, and you will hear the clear and mellow sound penetrating the air.

The Chinese emperors believed that they were still the master of the nation. The tombs of emperors are often lined with the statues of civil and military ministers, seemingly waiting deferentially for receiving the order from the emperor. In Fushou Garden, you can also find a statue of civil minister bowed to visitors with the hands folded. It is engraved with delicate designs and fluid lines. The lifelike design leaves unforgettable impression on visitors. 

How to get to the Memorial Hall of Fushou Garden

Take Metro Line 9 to Sheshan Station and leave from exit 1. Then transfer to bus Songqing Line at the nearby Jiasongnanlu Linyinxinlu bus stop and get off at Fenglou Station. Then walk for about 10 minutes along Fengjingcun Road to Fushou Garden.
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Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: 08:00-16:30

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I hope you can help me, I will be moving to Shanghai in July 2009 and will need to find a job there. I have a place to stay and is planning to live in china for 2 years with my bf and was wondering how to find a teaching job in china. Is it hard? what do i need to teach english? Is the pay good? How is it like living in china for a CBC. I speak contonese and not much manderian.
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Answered by Mr.Connell from USA | Jan. 19, 2009 18:50

First thing you need to before you go to China to teach English is to learn how to write it!!!!!
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Thanks for your help!!!
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Hi there
We almost meet the same situation that I have been living canada when i am 5 and right now i want to move back to China to teach English or something, whatever. I speak manderian, but not that much. Anyway, some guys tell me, if I want to be a english teacher there in the international school, i gonne have bachelor education degree firstly or some sort of equilibrium certificates. I don't know, but sounds like really hard to find teaching job there right now. However, if you gonne be living there, I swear you will never miss toronto any further.
Good luck
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