Shanghai Legoland Theme Park

One of the world’s most popular theme parks, Legoland Theme Park will open its tenth theme park in Shanghai. Construction will begin on the shores of Dianshan Lake in western Shanghai in 2020 and be completed in 2022.

Legoland’s parent company, Merlin Entertainments, announced that Shanghai Legoland Theme Park will cover an area of about 80 hectares (200 acres), about one-fifth the size of Shanghai Disneyland Park. Nick Varney, CEO of Merlin Entertainments said that the Shanghai Legoland Theme Park will emphasize hands-on abilities, interaction and sharing which are all compatible with Chinese families' ideas of integrating education into play. Merlin Entertainments also announced that Shanghai Legoland Theme Park will include some Chinese elements and unique features inaddition to the traditional elements such as "Transformers", "Batman" and  "the Hulk".

Where to Have Fun with Lego Right Now - The Shanghai Legoland Discovery Center

Parents and kids can have an intimate and interactive indoor play experience at an indoor Lego Amusement Park in Shanghai called The Legoland Discovery Center. Children’s creativity, critical thinking and learning ability can be promoted in play. Here, children can enjoy models of the famous landmarks of Shanghai, such as the Oriental Pearl Tower, Yu Garden, the Shanghai Museum and more which are built up using lego bricks. Moreover, they can directly experience the fun of making Lego bricks and build wonderful Lego models with the help of their parents here.
Location 2nd Floor, Parkside Plaza, Putuo District, Shanghai
Admission Fee CNY 180
Free for children under 1.0 meters (1.1 yards)
Opening Hours   10:00-20:00
Admission stops at 19:00
Suggested Length of Visit 2-3 hours

Other Legoland Theme Parks in the World

Billund Legoland Theme Park

Located in Denmark, it features Lego Models of famous Copenhagen harbor, Canals of Amsterdam, the magnificent Amalienborg Palace, the Greek Parthenon, the Schloss Neuschwanstein of Germany and the Statue of Liberty of the United States. In addition, there is a replica of America's Mt. Rushmore National Monument featuring the famous carvings of U.S. Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt, which are made up of 1.5 million lego bricks.

Windsor Legoland Theme Park

Located in the UK, it features models of the iconic buildings of Western Europe such as those in London and Paris. The most attracting part of Legoland Windsor is the miniland built with 20 million lego bricks over three years, with lifelike restorations of Mini London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, Big Ben and more.

California Legoland Theme Park

In addition to the regular legoland park, it also includes the Lego Aquarium. While watching the marine life, all kinds of strange lego toys will be in front of you which can definitely excite you.

Florida Legoland Theme Park

More than 50 million lego bricks were used to build amusement equipment and attractions. The park has a 4,000-square-meter (4800-square-yard) mini-America, including the White House, the Kennedy Space Center, and Miami Beach.

Deutschland Legoland Theme Park

Legoland Deutschland Theme Park in Germany has 8 adventure parks and more than 50 attractions and play areas.


Malaysia Legoland Theme Park

The miniland made up of lego bricks in the park features well-known attractions from 17 Asian countries.

Dubai Legoland Theme Park

With more than 40 interactive amusement equipment and attractions in the park, over 60 million lego bricks have been used to assemble approximately 15,000 buildings in Dubai. You can travel the whole of Dubai by visiting Legoland Dubai Theme Park.

Japan Legoland Theme Park

Legoland Japan Theme Park has 7 different themes, more than 40 kinds of amusement equipment and performances, and uses 17 million lego bricks and 10,000 lego models to vividly reproduce the distinctive scenery and streets of Japan's big cities.

Korea Legoland Theme Park

Legoland Korea Theme Park started construction in 2011 and will open in 2020.
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