China Tobacco Museum

China Tobacco Museum, located at the intersection of Changyang Road and Tongbei Road in Yangpu District in Shanghai City and opposite to the Shanghai Cigarette Factory, catches people's eyes by its magnificent appearance. It is 80 meters (87 yards) long, 25 meters (27 yards) wide and 30 meters (98 feet) tall. In the middle of the exterior wall is a huge granite embossment, the pattern of which reflects the development and culture of Chinese tobacco. In front of the museum there are five totem poles with an average height of 9 meters (30 feet), carved with traditional Chinese patterns, such as dragons, phoenixes, lions, cranes and horses.

There are five floors in China Tobacco Museum, with the first to third floor being the exhibition area and the fourth to fifth floor being the business area. The museum houses seven exhibition halls, including the hall of tobacco development, tobacco industry, tobacco agriculture, tobacco management, tobacco trade, tobacco culture, and smoking and smoking control hall. There is also a document hall and auxiliary rooms, such as a lecture hall, large storage room, resource information database, tourist guide system, tobacco bar and a tea house for leisure.

The tobacco culture hall is designed with distinctive flavor. The cultural relics and documents are well kept in the earth buildings of the Hakkas and the stilt-houses of Dai People. Being a display focusing on the historical development of Chinese tobacco, the hall clearly shows the tobacco plant's introduction and spread, trade, the great events of Chinese tobacco agriculture development and the achievement made in agriculture and technology as well as Chinese-foreign cooperation.

China Tobacco Museum is a professional museum which focuses on collection, exhibition and research. It is not only a treasure house of China tobacco, but also a combination of sightseeing, tourism and entertainment. A trip to the museum will help visitors fully understand the outline of the development of Chinese tobacco. Visitors will get to know the situation of the tobacco sales in the domestic market and tobacco import and export trade, the evolution of China tobacco management system and the history of smoking and tobacco control. Moreover, visitors will get a clear and intuitive impression by admiring the exhibits of all types of smoking sets and pictures in the museum.

How to Get to China Tobacco Museum, Shanghai

 By metro:
1. Take Line 12 and get off at Jiangpu Gongyuan (Jiangpu Park) Station. Leave from exit 3 and walk west for five minutes to the museum.
2. Take Line 4 or 12 and get off at Dalianlu Station. Leave from exit 5 and walk east for five minutes to the museum.

 By bus:
Take bus 22, 137, 868, 934 or Shenchuan Special Line and get off at Changyanglu Xuchanglu Station; or take bus 80 or 960 and get off at Xuchanglu Changyanglu Station. Then walk west for two or three minutes to the museum.
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Admission Fee Free, but passport or ID card is required when entering
Opening Hours 09:00 -16:00 on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and China public holidays
Group visit can be accepted from Monday to Friday with appointment in advance. (Tel.: 021-61665903)

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