Guangzhou Bus and Metro Search Tool


1. The search tool has collected all of the bus and subway routes in downtown Guangzhou City. The buses to suburban area, such as Huadu District, as well as the Guangzhou Airport shuttle buses are also included in.

2. The tool could not be used to search for the long-distance buses, such as the bus to Humen, to Shenzhen, and so on.

3. Most of the bus/metro stops of the city gained names from its nearby roads or the famous buildings, such as Yue Xiu Gong Yuan (Yue Xiu Park) and Hai Zhu Guang Chang (Hai Zhu Square). Few of hotels or restaurants are used to name a bus stop. If you would like to search a bus route starting from your hotel, please get an idea of the closest bus stop around it firstly.

Guangzhou City Bus
City Bus

4. Even it is the same road or building, there will be several bus stops set. For example, around the Haizhu Square, there are Hai Zhu Guang Chang (Hai Zhu Square), Hai Zhu Guang Chang ( Qiao Guang Dong ), Hai Zhu Guang Chang ( Qiao Guang Xi ), Hai Zhu Guang Chang ( Yi De Dong ), etc.. When you search for a bus, you could input the accurate bus stop or just Hai Zhu Guang Chang, and then the other related choices will be listed in the result.

5. Aiming to avoid the translation difference between Chinese and English, the supplied search tool gives a priority to Chinese Pinyin, especially when the stops were named by road or street.

6. Looking for bus/metro information on more cities? please click China City Bus Search


 Guangzhou Metro:

Metro Lines

 Bus Routes to Major Attractions and TransportationHub:

Ancestral Temple of Chen Family Metro Line 1, 17, 88, 104, 107, 109, 114, 125, 128, 193, 204, 233, 250 , 260, 286, 423,  
Yuexiu Park Metro Line 2, 5, 21, 22, 24, 58, 87, 101, 103, 105, 108, 109, 110, 113, 124, 180, 182, 185, 186, 211, 244, 265, 273, 284, 519, 528, 549, 555, 556,
Liu Rong Temple (Liu Rong Rd)   12, 215, 253, 29, Peak Express 9, Tourism Bus No. 1, 21 (Night)
Haizhu Square Metro Line 2, 8, 10, 14, 29, 64, 82, 86, 87, 88, 823, 183, 253, 519, 22 (Night), 33 (Night)
Shang Xia Jiu Pedestrian Street 530, 17, 79, 79A, University Town Line 6
Beijing Road 1, 3, 10, 66, 183, 190, 219, 221, 227, 236, 541, 544, 32 (Night), 36 (Night)

 Tourism Bus Line:

Tourism Bus No. 1 Zhongshan 8th Road Bus Terminal - Yun Tai Garden Bus Terminal
Tourism Bus No. 2 ian He Bus Terminal - Zhongshan 8th Road Bus Terminal 
Tourism Bus No. 3 Yong Tai Passenger Terminal - Zhongshan 8th Road Bus Terminal  
Maofengshan Special Line Tai He Bus Terminal - Mao Feng Shan Bus Terminal

 Special Bus Line:

Peak Express Bus     Peak Express 1 - 30  
Night Bus  Bus No. 1 - 52 (Night)  
Science City Special Line Science City No. 1 - 3
University Town Bus University Town Line 1 - 6
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Questions & Answers on Guangzhou Bus and Metro
Asked by Mili from СРБИЈА | Dec. 10, 2018 14:52Reply
How to get to Guangzhou airport by metro line 3?
I am in bus from Huizhou to Tianhe passenger station. How do I get to metro 3 and when I enter metro is it a direct line?
Answers (1)
Answered by Zenobia from AUSTRALIA | Dec. 11, 2018 00:30

It is not a direct metro. You need to first take the metro line 6 at Tianhe Passenger Station. Then get off at Yantang metro station. Then transfer to the metro line 3 and get off at airport.
Asked by Jay Temp from PHILIPPINES | Sep. 16, 2018 21:32Reply
Li Wan Hotel Guangzhou Airport Branch to Yuyin Garden
Hello! I have a reservation in Li Wan Hotel Airport Branch because of its proximity in the airport.
My question is what is the cheapest mode of transportation if I want to go to Yuyin Garden.

Answers (3)
Answered by Ellen from AUSTRALIA | Sep. 16, 2018 22:55

The cheapest is as following and it costs CNY 8 for each. It takes about 4h.
Walk south for 3 minutes to Huadu Tuiguang Qichezhan to take bus 710 to Taihe Wenhua Guangchang; Then, transfer to bus 504 to Tianhe Beilu; Next, transfer to bus 302A to Nanshan Gongyuan. After arriving, walk east for about 10 minutes to the garden.
Answered by Jay Temp from PHILIPPINES | Sep. 18, 2018 01:31

Thank you. If I will go there using taxi, how much would that be? Thank you in advance for your response.
Answered by Ellen | Sep. 18, 2018 18:38

It may take about CNY260 and 1.5 hours.
Asked by Sohel from BANGLADESH | Jun. 23, 2018 21:35Reply
How to go yile hotel, Sanyuanli baiyun to Guangzhou international airport
Answers (1)
Answered by Molly from UNITED KINGDOM | Jun. 25, 2018 20:45

Hi, you can take a taxi or walk to Sanyuanli Metro Station, the distance is about 1.2km. Take Metro Line 2 from Sanyuanli to Jiahe Wang Gang Station and transfer there to Metro Line 3 ( North Extension ) to the terminal station. Walk out of the northern exit you will get the airport.
Asked by Chi from VIETNAM | Jun. 10, 2018 11:41Reply
I intend to visit Baiyun Mountain from Baiyun Airport, so which line should I take? Thanks a lot!
Answers (1)
Answered by Sophie from FINLAND | Jun. 10, 2018 21:56

Upon landing, take metro line 3 to Jiahewanggang Station, then transfer to metro line 2 to Jiangxia Station, Exit C. Take public bus no.664 to Guangwai Bus Stop. Afterwards, walk south around 450 meters to find the scenic area.
Asked by Kelvin Loo from MALAYSIA | May. 05, 2018 20:07Reply
Hi, our 5 pax go from Guangzhou town to Fanhucun, may I know how to go there? and its cost and time?
If we take bus to Fanhucun (about 57 km) from GZ, how long it takes and how to do it?

If we take taxi or grab car to Fanhucun (about 57 km) from GZ, how much it costs?

Thank you very much.

Kelvin Loo
Answers (4)
Answered by Natalie from AUSTRALIA | May. 08, 2018 22:19

Is Fanhucun located at Sanshui District, Foshan City? If yes, there is no direct public transportation. Thus you are advised to hire a private car or take a taxi to the destination. Generally speaking, it takes around CNY 150-200 for the single trip. :)
Answered by Kelvin Loo from MALAYSIA | May. 13, 2018 00:07

Hi Natalie, thanks for your reply. Generally we use google maps when we travel around in korea, japan etc.

Can anyone suggest what apps should we download and use when we are travelling around china?

I can read chinese.

Thank you
Answered by Natalle from AUSTRALIA | May. 13, 2018 21:19

You can use Gaode Map or Baidu Map when you travel in China. These two Apps are very popular with Chinese people.
Answered by Kelvin Loo from MALAYSIA | May. 16, 2018 22:20

Hi Natalle,
Thanks for your reply. Sorry to address your name wrongly the last time as my eyesight is not very good. I will try to download those apps and learn how to use it.
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