Guangzhou Metro

Guangzhou Metro owns 13 lines in operation with a length of 308 km (192 mi) and 167 stations. Its mileage is the 3rd in China and the 10th in the world. In 2016, the reliability of the metro's operation was No. 1 and the on-schedule rate was No. 3 in the world.

 Lines in Operation

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 Line 1: Guangzhou metro line 1 is made up of 16 stations. It is a very important vehicle to go to the local  East Railway Station. 

 Line 2: There are 24 stations along the metro line 2. This line running from north to south could take you to the Railway Station and the South Railway Station quickly.

 Line 3: The line 3 is formed with one north-south-ward main rail and a northeastward branch. This line has reached Guangzhou Baiyun Airport from downtown area directly.

 Line 4: Starting from Huangcun in the north to Jinzhou in the south, Line 4 boasts 18 stations in total, two of which are under construction – Guanqiao and Qingsheng stations. 

 Line 5: The metro line 5 is an artery connecting the eastern and western parts of the city and passing the Railway Station. It covers some major business and residential districts.

 Line 6: Guangzhou metro line 6 is U-shaped, running between Xunfenggang and Xiangxue.

 Line 7: Metro line 7 connects South Railway Station and Higher Education Mega Center South via Chimelong Tourist Resort.

 Line 8: Opened in 2010, Guangzhou subway line 8 serves at the south bank of the Pearl River from west to east, linking Fenghuang Xincun and Wanshengwei. Its phase two and north extension will open in the end of 2018.

 Line 9: This metro line runs through Huadu District from Fei'eling to Gaozeng.

 Line 13: This line runs from Yuzhu to Xinsha via 11 stations. It covers 27 km (17 mi) through Baiyun, Liwan, Yuexiu, Tianhe, Huangpu and Zengcheng Districts.

 Line 14: The Knowledge City branch line of line 14 links Xinhe and Zhenlong via 10 stations. The phase one will serve the public in 2018. Phase two and phase three are still under planning.

 Guangzhou-Foshan Line: GuangFo Line is the first intercity underground rail in China, connecting Guangzhou City and Foshan City. Three more stations of this line called Shixi, Nanzhou and Lijiao will open in Dec., 2018.

 Automated People Mover System (APM): Zhujiang New Town Automated People Mover System (APM) is only 8 kilometers (5 miles) in length, which is the world's first underground and unmanned rail.

Passengers are waiting for subway train.
Passengers Waiting for Metro Train
Purchase Ticket from Self-service Ticket Machine
Purchase Ticket from Self-service Machine

Ticket Fare:

Except of the APM's ticket of CNY2, the metro utilizes a stage fare system. The longer the journey the more you pay. For the first four kilometers, the ticket fare is CNY2. During around 4 kilometers (2 miles) to 12 kilometers (7 miles ), passengers pay CNY1 for each additional 4 kilometers (2 miles). During  12 kilometers (7 miles) to 24 kilometers (15 miles), CNY1 is paid for each additional 6 kilometers (4 miles). When more than 24 kilometers (15 miles), CNY1 is paid for each additional 8 kilometers (5 miles).

Ticket Types:

The common ticket types include single-trip ticket, deposit ticket and Guangzhou Transportation Smart  Card (called Yang Cheng Tong in Chinese). The deposit ticket and the Transportation Smart  Card holders can enjoy a 5% discount when they take it.

Entrance of Guangzhou Subway StationSingle-trip ticket is often used by tourists. It is only valid on the day when you purchase it. You can return a single-trip ticket within 30 minutes after you buy it. Hereunder is several steps to teach you how to purchase a single-trip ticket:
a).Find the TVM (Ticket Vendor Machine) according to the signs in the metro station;
b).Choose the station on the machine's screen;
c).Make sure how many tickets you want to buy;
d).Pay for the ticket according to the amount of the money shown on the screen;
e).Get the ticket and the change.

 Remark: The machine only accepts CNY5, CNY10 and the coins of CNY0.5 (5 Jiao) and CNY1 (1 Yuan).

Guangzhou Transportation Smart Card, like the MetroCard in New York City and the Oyster Card in London, is mainly used in public transportation. The card is widely used on bus, ferryboat, metro, telecom business and many other places in the city. The area where this kind of card can be used has been spread from city downtown area to Zengcheng, Huadu, Panyu and many other suburban areas of the city. There are eight types of these cards. Among them, the most suitable type for tourists is CNY30 Card without deposit. The card costs CNY10 and then you can add value to it. The highest value you add is CNY30 or CNY50 and each recharge should be a multiple of CNY10. The leftover value in the card is not refundable. If you want to recharge your card, you can go to the following customer service centers in the metro stations in the city:
 No.466, North Renmin Road, Yuexiu District
 Exit J of Gongyuanqian Station (i.e. the transfer station between the Lines 1 and 2)
 Exit G of Tiyu West Road Station (the transfer station between Line 1 and Line 3)

Line to be Opened

 Line 21: Yuancun - Zengcheng Square
Opening Time: Dec.2018
Length: 61 kilometers (38 miles)
Main Stations: Tianhe Park, Grand World Scenic Park, Intelligent Town, Science Park, Suyuan, Zhenlong South, Zhongxin, Zhucun, Xiangling

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Questions & Answers on Guangzhou Metro
Asked by Sri from INDONESIA | Jan. 19, 2019 04:41Reply
Could you please inform the fare for route of Guangzhou Subway as follows:
1. Baiyun airport to Meihuyuan 2. Meihuayuan to Shibi 3. Shibi to Canton Tower 4. Canton Tower to South railway station 5. Haizhu square to north airport. Thank you
Asked by Katty from INDONESIA | Dec. 14, 2018 15:23Reply
How to get subway to Baiyun Int Airport from Shipai Qiao station
Answers (1)
Answered by Sebastian from CANADA | Dec. 17, 2018 00:15

The transportation is quite convenient. Take metro line 3 to West Tiyu Road Station. Then transfer to take metro line 3 (North Extension) to the airport station directly. The whole way takes around 50 mins with the fare of CNY 8 per person.
Asked by WONG KIONG from MALAYSIA | Dec. 12, 2018 00:57Reply
What is the metro line 2 fare from Jiahewanggang station to Guangzhou South station ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ellie from CANADA | Dec. 12, 2018 18:41

The ticket fare is CNY7 per person. And the duration is about 50min.
Asked by Fen from SINGAPORE | Dec. 08, 2018 06:11Reply
Can the guangzhou 3 day pass be used on the APM too?
Thank you!
Answers (2)
Answered by Waino from USA | Dec. 10, 2018 00:58

Yes, 3-day pass can be sued to pay APM.
Answered by Fen from SINGAPORE | Dec. 10, 2018 04:22

Thank you!
Asked by Ashli from CANADA | Nov. 30, 2018 00:58Reply
Is Metro line 21 smart city Guangzhou open or generally, is the line 21 open now?
Answers (2)
Answered by Madge from FRANCE | Dec. 03, 2018 11:29

No, it is reported that the metro line 21 will be opened on 28, December of 2018. You are advised to keep attention to the latest news.
Answered by Ashli from CANADA | Dec. 04, 2018 22:51

Thanks Madge!
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