Guangzhou Metro Line 22

Fangcun ↔ Wanqingsha

 (Identification Color: navy blue )

Guangzhou metro line 22 is planned to be 61.3km (38.1mi) long, connecting Fangcun and Wanqingsha in a north - south direction, passing by South Railway Station, Panyu Square, etc. It will be open in 2021.

Also in progress is the north and south extensions of Guangzhou subway line 22. The north extension is planned to be 39km (24mi) long stretching via Baiyun Railway Station, Renhe, to Baiyun Airport. The south extension will reach Dongguan Binhaiwan Bay Area across the Pearl River

See metro maps for reference

Stations of Guangzhou Metro Line 22

 Main Section:
Fangcun – Xilang – Dongsha – Nanpu West - Chentougang – Guangzhou South Railway Station – Shiguang Road – Panyu Square – Hengli - Wanqingsha

 North Extension:
Airport North (Terminal 2) – Airport South (Terminal 1) – Baiyun Airport & Railway Station – Renhe – Airport Economic Zone – Baiyun City Center – Pengbian – Baiyun - Caihongqiao

Future Transfer Stations along Guangzhou Metro Line 22

 Airport North (Terminal 2): Transfer to Line 3, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Intercity Railway, Guangfo Loop Line
 Airport South (Terminal 1): Transfer to Line 3
 Renhe: Transfer to Line 3
 Pengbian: Transfer to Line 14
 Caihongqiao: Transfer to Line 8, Line 13
 Fangcun: Transfer to Line 1
 Xilang: Transfer to Guangfo Line, Line 1
 Guangzhou South Railway Station: Transfer to Line 2, Line 7
 Panyu Square: Transfer to Line 3

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Guangzhou Metro Line 22 Main Section

Surroundings: Fangcun Avenue Mid., Huadi River, Tea Trading Center, Zuiguan Park, Fangcun Chinese Medical Hospital, Guangfa Commercial Building
Bus Routes: 193, 19, 206, 207, 236, 309A, 309, 312, 411, 414, 52, 55, 57, 75, 783, 838, 91, 990, Night-11, Night-29, Night-24, Guang-277

Surroundings: Huadi Avenue South, Wenwei Middle School, Lilang Agricultural Products Market, Liuxiang Special Local Products Market, Xilang Village, Wenwei Middle School
Bus Routes: 181, 222, 525, 565, 69, 70, 217, 583, 71, 770, 811, 19, 285, 410, 485, 770, 787, 87, Night-11, Night-36, Night-72, Night-103, Night-44, Guang-275A, Guang-275, Gui-12, Peak Express-46, Peak Express-68, Peak Express-81, Fo-232B, Fo-232

Surroundings: Guangzhou Beltway, Dongxin Highway, Nanjiao Village Central Park, Dongsha Industrial Area, Guangzhou Yuan Mansion, Tobacco Factory, Dongsha Concrete Co. Ltd.
Bus Routes: 121, 52, 64, 995, 770, Guang-277

 Nanpu West
Surroundings: Dongxin Highway, Nanpu Avenue Interchange, Xingda Industrial Park, Daxin Industrial Park, Jinhuamei Industrial Park, Organic Ecological Park, Panyu District Experimental Primary School
Bus Routes: 211, 310, 310 Peak Line, 311, Pan-57, Pan-183, Pan-189, Pan-189B

Surroundings: Dongxin Highway, Shenyongkou Quay, Kangtong Industrial Park, Guankeng Industrial Park, Chimelong Birds Park
Bus Routes: Pan-182, Pan-187, Pan-2 Micro

 Guangzhou South Railway Station
Surroundings: Hanxi Avenue West, Shixing Avenue South, Weihai Road, Shuangyong Road, South Railway Station, South Bus Station, Rongyao Sqaure, Aoyuanyue Time Square, A Park, B Park
Bus Routes: 312, 288A, 301A, 303A, 309A, K6 Express, K990 (Interzone), Pan-101, Pan-6A Micro, Fo-K330, Fo-K330 Express, Fo-211, Fo-990, Fo-K990 Express

 Shiguang Road
Surroundings: Guangtai Highway, Qifu Tunnel, Shiguang Rd., Guangdong University of Technolofy, Qifu Hotel, Qifu Colorful World, Qifu Hospital, High-Tech Pharmaceutical and Food Mechanic School
Bus Routes: 288, 301, 312, Pan-100, Pan-13, Pan-15, Pan-1, Pan-86, Pan-91, Pan-96, Pan-97, Pan-99, Airport Express 7B, Metro Feed Bus 10A (Long Line), Metro Feeder Bus 10B

 Panyu Square
Surroundings: Panyu Avenue North, East Qinghe Rd., East Guangchang Rd., Panyu District Municipality, Aeon Mall, Panyu Square, Zhongyin Mansion, Central Park, Pingkang Park
Bus Routes: 301, Airport Express, Pan-11, Pan-126, Pan-141, Pan-160, Pan-19 (Short Line), Pan-1, Pan-26, Pan-29, Pan-68, Pan-6, Pan-93, Pan-97 (Short Line), Pan-99, Pan-103, Pan-140, Pan-142, Pan-143, Pan-148, Pan-149, Pan-161, Pan-162, Pan-162 Express, Pan-68, Nan-68 Express, Nansha-54, Nanshan-64, Nansha-65, Nansha-66, Nansha-68

Surroundings: Fenghuang Avenue, Yisha East Road
Bus Routes: Nan-17, Nansha-G4

Surroundings: Wanxin Avenue, Tong’an Dongwei Rd, Shuangyin Grapery, Agricultural Science Institute, Wanqingsha Recreational Park
Bus Routes: Nan-22, Nan-28, Nan-30
- Last updated on Mar. 22, 2021 -
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