Guangzhou Metro Line 9

 Fei'eling – Gaozeng

 (Identification Color: Mint green         )

Guangzhou metro line 9, also called Huadu Line, starts from Fei'eling Station to Gaozeng Station in an east-west direction via 11 stations, stretching around 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) in total. Metro line 9 strengthen connections in Huadu District, North Railway Station, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and downtown area. Besides, Guangzhou metro line 9 passes several attractions in the city, such as Huaguoshan Park and Ma'anshan Park.
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Station To Gaozeng To Fei'eling
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Fei'eling 06:00 22:30 -- --
Huadu Auto City 06:02 22:32 06:29 23:38
North Railway Station 06:05 22:35 06:26 23:35
Huacheng Road 06:07 22:37 06:24 23:33
Huaguoshan Park 06:09 22:39 06:22 23:31
Huadu Square 06:12 22:42 06:19 23:28
Ma'anshan Park 06:15 22:45 06:16 23:25
Liantang 06:17 22:47 06:14 23:23
Qingbu 06:19 22:49 06:12 23:21
Qingtang 06:22 22:52 06:09 23:18
Gaozeng -- -- 06:06 23:15


 Gaozeng: Transfer to line 3
 North Railway Station: Transfer to Line 18
 Ma'anshan Park: Transfer to Line 18

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Stations of Guangzhou Subway Line 9

('' points out transfer stations.)

Surroundings: Fengshen Avenue, Lingdong Road, Huagang Avenue, Fengshengongshe Community, Baoli Crystal Garden Community, Jiahui Supermarket, Xiuquan Street Civic Square, Huadu Dongfeng Stadium, Fengshen Shiyan Primary School, Baoli No.2 Primary School, Fengshen Kindergarten
Bus Routes: Hua 5, Hua 5B, Hua 19, Hua 22, Hua 26, Hua 27, Hua 68, 713

 Huadu Auto City
Surroundings: Jiutan Road, Middle Bicun Road, Xuguang Expressway, Hongmian Overpass, Tianmaheyihao Community, Bicun Market, Tianmahe International Park, Huadu District Xinhuajiutan Middle School, Lantian Bilingual Kindergarten, Lihong Kindergarten
Bus Routes: Hua 19, Hua 27, Hua 37, Hua 68, 703

 North Railway Station
Surroundings: Nongxin Road, Huacheng Road, Zhanqian Road, North Railway Station, Huadu District Bus Station, Huadu District People’s Hospital, Jincheng Square, Dongtie Food Shopping Mall, Huadu Haoxin Wholesale Market, Xinhua Clothing Market, Huadu District Shiyan Middle School, Jinjiang Inn
Bus Routes: Hua 1, Hua 4, Hua 4B, Hua 8, Hua 10, Hua 17, Hua 17B, Hua 63, Hua 73, Hua 81, Hua 84, Hua 84B, Hua 92, Airport Shuttle Bus Line 9, Huadu – Panyu Bus Line

 Huacheng Road
Surroundings: Huacheng Road, Yunshan Avenue, Huadu Stadium, New Central Square, Vanguard, Xinhuayuan Community, Xiuquan Park, Xinhuazhen No.3 Primary School, Xiuquan Foreign Language School, Huadu District Xinhua Middle School, Limei Hotel, Donghao Hotel
Bus Routes: Hua 1, Hua 6, Hua 7, Hua 11, Hua 37, Hua 84, Hua 84B, 702, 712, Conghua – Huadu Bus Line

Huaguoshan Park
Surroundings: Yunshan Avenue, Tiangui Road, Huaguoshan Park, TV Tower Park, Huadu Sports Center, Gong’an Community, Tianchenglou Community, Junwei Square, Xinxin Shopping Mall, Huadu District Vocational and Technical School, Huadu Xinhua No.5 Primary School, Xinhua No.7 Primary School
Bus Routes: Hua 8, Hua 11, Hua 16, Hua 19, Hua 23, Hua 76, Hua 92

 Huadu Square
Surroundings: Yingbin Avenue, Tiangui Road, Huadu Square, Huadu District Government, Huadu People’s Square, Lanhuayuan Community, Junjingyuan Community, World Palace Mall, TCM-Integrated Hospital, Tianmeishangzhuang Market, Huadu Art Gallery
Bus Routes: Hua 4, Hua 4B, Hua 22, Hua 25B, Hua 75, Guihuagang – Shiling Bus Line

 Ma'anshan Park
Surroundings: Yingbin Avenue, Baishou Road, Ma’anshan Park, Jinguizi Apartment, Dayunjiayuan Community, Laiyoulai Shopping Mall, Construction Bank, Lingyu International Hotel
Bus Routes: Hua 22, Hua 70, Guihuagang – Shiling Bus Line

Surroundings: Yingbin Avenue, Shangye Avenue, Liantang Wholesale Market, Bohuangjintian Building Materials Center, Tianmeixincun Community, Huadu Experimental School Affiliated to Guangzhou University, Xinyingcai Primary School, Xinhua Liantang Primary School, Metro Supermarket, Xinhua Hotel
Bus Routes: Hua 1, Hua 11, Hua 17, Hua 17B, Hua 22, Hua 30, Hua 70, Hua 84, Hua 84B, 711, Conghua – Huadu Line, Guihuagang – Shiling Bus Line

Surroundings: Jinghu Avenue North, Qinglian Road, Yunfeng Garden Community, Jingshi Business Square, Xinjie River, Yunfeng Primary School, Dawobu Primary School, Grand Peak Hotel, HJ Grand Hotel, China Mobile
Bus Routes: Hua 11, Hua 22, Hua 30, Hua 70, 701, 701A, 707, 715, Airport Shuttle Bus Line 9, Guihuagang – Shiling Bus Line

Surroundings: Yingbin Avenue, Qingtang Road, Qinglian Road, No. 106 National Road, Hehe Xincheng Community, Jiaduhui Community, Xinxing School, Guangtang Primary School, Dawobu Primary School, Huanggang Middle School, Xindonghao Hotel, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 701A, 701, 707, 715

Surroundings: Airport Expressway, Fanghua Road, Aviation Bright Pearl Apartment, Yunhang Apartment, Baiyun Apartment, Haihang Business Apartment, Dalijia Mall, Xincun Park, S&P Holiday Inn, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Bus Routes: 737, 843, 985
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