Guangzhou City-Bus

There are over 20 kinds of city bus lines including daytime lines, night lines, BRT lines, airport shuttle buses, water buses, tourist routes, sightseeing lines… Taking city bus in Guangzhou is a very convenient and affordable way to travel around. Especially the sightseeing bus lines are the most favored by tourists as they connect the most popular attractions such as the Canton Tower. Taking the night sightseeing buses is also a recommended way to enjoy the night view of the Guangzhou especially the eye-catching Pearl River.

Guangzhou City Bus Routes:

1. Downtown Regular Lines: 1-998
2. BRT Line: B1-31
3. Tram Lines: Huangpu Tram Line 1, Haizhu Tram Line
4. Express Lines in Rush Hours: 2-82
5. Night Lines 1 to 116
6. Tourists Bus Lines 1, 2, 3
7. Sightseeing Bus Lines 1, 2
8. Holiday Special Lines 2, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14
9. Metro Shuttle Bus Lines 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10A, 10A Changcheng, 10B
10. Water Bus Lines S2-13
11. Panyu Lines: Pan1-202
12. Nansha Lines: Nan1-70
13. Huadu Lines: Hua 1-93
14. Zengcheng Lines, Zengcheng 1-77, Wuxing Village Line, Mishi Village Line…
15. Conghua Lines: Cong 1-914, Conghua Bus Station – Guanglian Village Line…
16. Other Lines: Business Lines, Express Lines, Airport Shuttle Bus Lines, South Railway Station Night Lines, University Town Special Line, Science City Special Lines, Guangzhou – Foshan Lines, Suiwan Lines

Guangzhou Bus Schedule

The buses like Downtown Regular Lines, Special Lines and Panyu Lines are generally in service during 06:00 to 22:00. The night buses usually run from 22:40 to 05:40 in the next morning. The operating hours of Express Lines are 07:00 - 08:20 & 17:00 - 18:30 on weekdays. Passengers can take BRT Lines at 07:00-21:30.

Bus Fare & How to Pay

All bus routes are charged by distance. The bus fare is between CNY2 and CNY6/person. When passengers use local transportation card such as the Yang Cheng Tong to take buses or rail transit 15 times, they will start to enjoy a 40% discount on the fare. Children under 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) can ride buses and rail transit for free. Tourists can receive the Yang Cheng Tong bus card through WeChat or Alipay to board the bus. In addition, the local transportation card can be purchased at most convenience stores and subway stations. Coin boxes are also be installed on the bus for passengers who use cash. The fare generally is stated on the coin boxes.

Distance 0-4 km    4-12 km      12-24 km  Over 24 km
Fare  CNY2   CNY1 added every 4 km   CNY 1 added every 6 km  CNY1 added every 8 km

Bus Stations/Stops & Boarding

There are four bus transportation hubs in Guangzhou operating most bus lines: Railway Station Bus Terminal, Tianpingjia Bus Terminal, Zhongshan Balu Bus Terminal and East Railway Station Bus Terminal. Each bus stop shows route number, names of the stop you are standing at and all stops, operating hours and direction of the bus in Chinese. They are usually set up on both sides of the roads. Passengers need to wait the buses at the dedicated stops, get on at the front door and get off at the back door.

Guangzhou City Bus
The City Bus
A Bus Stop, Guangzhou
A Bus Stop in the city

Tourist Bus Lines:

 Tourist Line 1
Jiakou Bus Station – Zhongshan 8 Road – Liwan Intersection - Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family – Zhongshan 7 Road – Ximenkou (Zhongshan 6 Road) – Liurong Road – Guangzhou First People’s Hospital – Panfu Road – Sanyuan Palace – Yingyuan Raod – Xiaobei Huaquan – Xiaobei – Guangshi Hotel – Luhu Park – White Cloud Immortals Temple - Yuntai Garden Terminal
Operating Hours: 06:00 – 22:00 every 15 minutes
Ticket Fare: CNY2/person

 Tourist Line 2:
Pearl River Dijingyuan Community Terminal – Chigang Tower – Xinhong Park Community – Guangzhou Bridge – Pearl River Square – North Gate of Sun Yat-sen University – North Gate of Sun Yan-sen University West – Pearl River Swimming Pool – East Binjiang Road – Dashatou Port – Dashatou – Dongdi – Tianzi Port – Haizhu Square – Changdi – Aiqun Building – Cultural Park – South Kangwang Road – Hualin Temple – Middle Kangwang Road - Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family – Liwan Intersection – Shiluji – Zhongshan 8 Road –Guangfo Intersection – Fangcun Avenue West Terminal
Operating Hours: 06:00 - 22:00
Ticket Fare: CNY2/person every 15 minutes

A Bus Stop Sign, Guangzhou
A Bus Stop Sign
 Tourist Line 3
Zhongcheng Road Terminal – Zhongcheng Intersection – Jingxi Intersection – Yunjing Park Community – Jingxi Road - 15th Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Region – Meihuayuan – Meiyuan New Village – Jijingkeng – Wuxianqiao – Xinghua Intersection – Xinghua Road – Guangzhou East Railway Staion – West Linhe Road – North Tianhe Road – East Tianhe Road – Tianhe South – Liede Avenue North Station – Jinsui Road – Middle Xiancun Road – Liede – Liede East – Modie Shalu Station – Haigang Park Community – Canton Fair Complex – Pazhou – Pazhou Bridge South – Pazhou Village – Wanshengwei – Wanji Village Entrance – South Entrance of Huangpu Village – Pazhou Shiji Village Terminal  
Operating Hours: 06:00-21:30 every 10 minutes
Ticket Fare: CNY3/person

Sightseeing Bus:

Five sightseeing bus lines are opened nowadays, passing the popular attractions like Canton Tower, Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street and Asian Games Park. Visitors can transfer to different lines at Beijing Road Pedestrian Street or Dashatou Dock. Buying a ticket at the ticket counter near each stop or from the driver with CNY50/person, one can enjoy unlimited drop-on & drop-off service within 24 hours. Free audio guides in eight languages are offered onboard. Visitors just need to wear the earphone and choose certain language for better knowing the city and its culture. If you want to enjoy the beautiful night views of the Pearl River, new and old town in Guangzhou, it is recommended to take the Sightseeing Night Bus Line 1 and 2.

Guangzhou Sightseeing Bus Map
Guangzhou Sightseeing Bus Map

See the routes below:

City New Axis Line (Yellow Line)
Route: Canton Tower - Canton Tower West - Sun Yat-sen University - Dashatou Dock - Xinghai Concert Hall - Asian Games Park (Haixinsha Island) - Guangzhou International Finance Center - TeeMall Shopping Center
Operating Hours: 09:00-19:00

 Ancient City Line (Red Line)
Route: White Cloud Mountain – Baiyun Pavilion - Museum of Art - Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall - Archaeological Site Museum of Nanyue Palace - Beijing Road Pedestrian Street – Tianzi Dock – Dashatou Dock – Huanghuagang Park (Stopping on Holidays and Festivals) – Guangzhou Zoo (Stopping on Holidays and Festivals)
Operating Hours: 09:00-17:00

 Xiguan Style Line (Blue Line)
Route: Beijing Road Pedestrian Street - City God Temple - Liurong Temple - Guangxiao Temple – Liwan Plaza - Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family - Lizhiwan Old Street - Lizhiwan Museum - Cantonese Opera Art Museum - Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street – Shamian (Huangsha See Food Street) – Shamian European-Style Buildings – Xidi Dock - Sacred Heart Cathedral – Haizhu Square
Operating Hours: 09:00-17:00

Sightseeing Night Bus Line 1: Axis Line
Route: Canton Tower – Guangzhou Bridge – Haixinsha – Huacheng Square – Liede Bridge – Canton Tower
Boarding Point: Canton Tower, Asian Games Park (Haixinsha Island)
Operating Hours: 18:50 - 21:30 every 20min

Sightseeing Night Bus Line 2 - Night View of Pearl River (Circle Line)
Route: Beijing Road – Tianzi Dock – Dashatou Dock – Ersha Island – Haixinsha – Huaxia Road – Ersha Island – Dashatou – Beijing Road
Boarding Point: Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, Asian Games Park (Haixinsha Island)
Operating Hours: 18:40 - 21:00 every 30 minutes

1. In order to limit the passenger flow during the peak period, the buses may do not stop at the stations. If you wait at a station for more than 30 minutes, please contact the customer service immediately or change to another station.
2. Each ticket can carry a child less than 1.4 meters (including 1.4 meters) for free, and the child does not occupy a seat.


The bus rapid transit starts from Tianhe Sports Center in the west and ends at Huangpu Xiayuan in the east. About 30 BRT lines are in operation and each ride only costs CNY2.

- Last updated on May. 04, 2023 -
Questions & Answers on Guangzhou City-Bus
Asked by Joyce from SINGAPORE | May. 27, 2023 04:57Reply
Sightseeing bus price and routes
If I buy the sightseeing bus ticket at cny$50 per px it is only for 24 hours
If I buy at 3pm today it end 3pm the next day? This ticket allow me to take all 5 routes including the night route ? I don’t have Ali-Pay only cash how pay for the bus tickets ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Molly | May. 29, 2023 00:33

Yes, you can take the 5 lines within 24 hours. Cash is also acceptable to pay for bus tickets.
Asked by Kanok from THAILAND | Apr. 30, 2023 23:32Reply
Hi, I’m going to Guangzhou this June. Does the sightseeing bus operate as usual? 3Q!
Answers (1)
Answered by George | May. 04, 2023 19:24

Yes, it does.
Asked by Franky Loprang from INDONESIA | Jan. 20, 2020 19:53Reply
Where exactly the Bus Stop at Beijing Road Pedestrian Street. Is there a bus stop sign?
Answers (1)
Answered by Kelly from AUSTRALIA | Jan. 21, 2020 18:27

Yes, there is.
Asked by Richie from PHILIPPINES | Jan. 12, 2020 22:56Reply
how can we get a ticket for the Guangzhou Sightseeing bus? and how much is it?
Answers (1)
Answered by Gill from UNITED KINGDOM | Jan. 13, 2020 19:59

There are three sightseeing routes and people can buy the ticket at every stop on the route. One-day pass costs CNY30 and Two-day pass costs CNY50.
Asked by Aaron from MALAYSIA | Dec. 14, 2019 17:48Reply
How can i go to zhengyang pedistrian street from airport guilin by bus?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jennie from AUSTRALIA | Dec. 17, 2019 18:14

Take shuttle bus line of Minhang to Jinshui Road station, then transfer to bus 91 to Shizijie station, then walk east around 400m to this pedestrian street.
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