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Guangzhou Baiyun Airport
 Baiyun Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is about 17 miles (28 km) from the city center. It is one of the three busiest air transportation hubs in China. There are totally 123 scheduled flights in the airport, and 86 of them are domestic flights between the city and major Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an. Major cities worldwide can be reached in 15 hours. The airport's flight network covers South and Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam, Laos, Burma, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. In addition, there are flights to Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul and Lagos.

Baiyun Airport boasts very convenient ground transportation system. This system is mainly made up of taxis, six airport express bus lines (Line1, Line2A, Line2B, Line3, Line4 and Jinshazhou Line), ten airport shuttle bus lines (Line5, Line6A, Line6B, Line7A, Line7B, Line8A1, Line8A2, Line8B, Line9 and Line10), and frequent airport intercity bus between the city and other cities in Guangdong Privince.



Guangzhou South Railway Station
Guangzhou South Railway Station

Guangzhou has three railway stations handling passenger transport.

The Railway Station at Huanshi Road is the largest and the most important one, operating trains between the city and Beijing, Wuhan, Nanjing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an, Lhasa and many other China cities. The East Railway Station (Tianhe Railway Station) mainly provides through trains from to Hong Kong and frequent bullet trains between to Shenzhen. The North Railway Station in Huadu District is a small station mainly operates bullet trains between the city and Wuhan.

 Beijing - Guangzhou Train vs. Flight
 Hong Kong - Guangzhou High Speed VS. Through Trains
 Guangzhou - Shenzhen - Hong Kong Train

 Major Rail Lines from Guangzhou to: 

This city has a convenient expressway system radiating from the downtown area to cities countrywide especially cities in and around Guangdong Province. Now there are mainly 20 big long-distance bus stations, among which the Provincial Bus Station, Guangzhou Passenger Station, Fangcun Bus Station, Tianhe Bus Station and Yuexiu South Bus Station are the major ones.

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It is one of the ten most famous port cities in China. Guangzhou Port is made up of Humen Port, Xinsha Port, Huangpu Port and many other inner ports. The ship routes lead to more than 100 domestic ports and over 300 foreign ports. Some ports there provide passenger transport service. Panyu Lianhuashan Port provides high speed passenger liners to reach Hong Kong daily. Huangpu Port offers ships to Xiuying Port, Haikou.

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Guangzhou Bus
Public Bus
Guangzhou Subway
City Subway

Urban Transportation

There are 14 metro lines used in the city at present. The subway utilizes a stage fare system. The longer the journey the more you pay. At present, Guangzhou metro has connected most important parts of the city, including Baiyun Airport, the Railway Station, East Railway Station, South Railway Station and Foshan City.
Operating Metro Lines:
Line 1   Line 2    Line 3    Line 4    Line 5    Line 6    Line 7    Line 8   Line 9   Line 13    Line 14 
Guangzhou - Foshan Line    APM     Line 21
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City buses are easily accessible in the city, including daytime lines, night lines, airport shuttle buses, tourist buses and BRT lines. Apart from that, three sightseeing bus lines are in service which take tourists to the major attractions in town.

A taxi charges CNY10 for the first 2.5 kilometers (1.55 miles) and CNY2.6 for succeeding each kilometer (0.6 mile). When a taxi runs farther than 35 kilometers (21.7 miles), extra 50% will be automatically charged for empty return.

There are various dockless bikes hitting the streets of the city, including Mobike, ofo, and Bluegogo. Download the corresponding app and you can use these bikes after the ID verification and paying the deposit. The deposit usually costs CNY 199 or CNY 299 and it charges CNY 0.5 - 1 for a 30 minutes' ride.

The water transport in this city is mainly made up of Suigang Port, Zhoutouzui Port, Zengcheng Xintang Port, Panyu Lianhuashan Port and Nansha Port. There are six water buses running along the Pearl River, supplying residents and tourists with a more convenient transport service with four piers along the line - Zhongda Ferry Pier, Tianzi Ferry Pier, Xidi Ferry Pier and Fangcun Ferry Pier. The whole journey takes 40 minutes and costs CNY2.

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Questions & Answers on Guangzhou Transportation
Asked by BackP from NETHERLANDS | Sep. 11, 2019 00:41Reply
I plan to travel around for two week in China starting from Guangzhou.
I have a Dutch drivers license. Can I apply for a temp Chinese drivers license in the city? Also, where do I have to go (address)?
Answers (1)
Answered by Alice from USA | Sep. 15, 2019 22:54

Generally speaking, you can apply for it in the airport. You can ask for the help from staff and the phone number is 020-86124335.
Asked by Fiza ramly from MALAYSIA | Aug. 28, 2019 18:10Reply
How to travel by train from Guangzhou xiying apartment to the global village
Answers (1)
Answered by Ethan from UNITED KINGDOM | Sep. 01, 2019 19:52

Could you provide a detailed address of global village ? Is it in Tianhe District or Yuexiu District?
Asked by Can Serdengecti from USA | Aug. 07, 2019 23:40Reply
I am a us citizen going to hong kong via Guangzhou where i would stay for 48 hours.
Do i qualify for the 72 hours visa exemption? Two important points:
1/ is there a minimum stay requirement in Hong Kong to qualify for the 72 hours visa free in Guangzhou or can i fly back to my starting point same day of arrival to hong kong and still qualify for it
2/ my trip thus ticket will have as starting and returning point Istanbul, ( do not need a visa for turkey) can this pose a problem and why?
Thx to answer to both points separately
Answers (3)
Answered by Niki from USA | Aug. 11, 2019 20:07

1. If you start from US, and your route is US-Guangzhou-HK with 48 hours in Guangzhou, then you are eligible for 144-hour visa-free transit. It has nothing to do with how long you stay in HK. Next, if your route is HK-GZ-US, then you still qualify it.
2. I'm a little confused. You mean your starting point and returning point is Istanbul, not US, right?
Answered by Can serdengecti from USA | Aug. 13, 2019 10:20

Yes my starting and ending pont ( on that ticket) will be istanbul
Answered by Niki from USA | Aug. 13, 2019 20:44

So your route is Istanbul-GZ-HK-GZ-Istanbul? It will be fine.
Asked by Sahil from INDIA | Jun. 21, 2019 00:12Reply
How did I get metro from Guangzhou baiyun international airport to Shenzhen?
Answers (1)
Answered by Nancy from USA | Jun. 23, 2019 19:09

You can take shuttle bus to Shenzhen directly. It departs from 9:30 to 21:50 with interval of 1 hour and takes around 180 mins on the way. The ticket fare is CNY95.
Asked by prasert from THAILAND | Jun. 17, 2019 18:54Reply
I am arrive in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport about 3 am. on 9 august 2019.
How can i go to 7 days Inn GuangZhou Baoye?
Answers (2)
Answered by Nill from USA | Jun. 18, 2019 18:21

Since you arrive so late and there is no public transport operating, you might need to take taxi to your hotel. The cab fare is about CNY180-200 at that time.
Answered by Can Serdengecti from USA | Aug. 14, 2019 23:35

Thank you very much Niki, actually my route is Ist- GZ - HK - Ist
But i guess this doesn’t change the picture
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