Guangzhou Metro Line 13

 Yuzhu – Xinsha

 (Identification Color: Olive Green         )

Guangzhou metro line 13 connects Yuzhu and Xinsha via 11 stations. Running from east to west, and stretching approximately 27 kilometers (17 miles), it covers Baiyun, Liwan, Yuexiu, Tianhe, Huangpu and Zengcheng Districts in the city and the Guangzhou subway line 13 passes South Sea God Temple, and several major transportation hubs such as Nangang Bus Station and Huangpu Bus Station. Passengers can easily transfer with Line 5 at Yuzhu. Phase two of metro line 13, linking Chaoyang and Yuzhu with a length of 34 kilometers (21 miles), is scheduled for 2022.
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Station To Yuzhu To Xinsha
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Yuzhu -- -- 06:15 22:50
Yufengwei 06:14 22:58 06:18 22:53
Shuanggang 06:11 22:55 06:20 22:55
South Sea God Temple 06:08 22:52 06:24 22:59
Xiayuan 06:19 22:49 06:08 23:02
Nangang 06:16 22:46 06:10 23:05
Shacun 06:11 22:41 06:14 23:09
Baijiang 06:08 22:38 06:18 23:13
Xintang 06:05 22:35 06:21 23:16
Guanhu 06:01 22:31 06:10 23:19
Xinsha 06:00 22:30 -- --


 Yuzhu: Transfer to Line 5
 Chatou (under construction): Transfer to Line 12
 Tianhe Park: Transfer to Line 11
 Caihongqiao (under construction): Transfer to Line 11, Line 22

Surroundings and Bus Routes near All Stations

('' points out subway transfer station)

Surroundings: Yumao Road, West Xieshan Road, Branch Line of Huangpu Avenue, Huangpu Avenue East, Zhongshan Avenue East, Yumu Community, Yuzhu Community, the East Campus of Yuzhu Primary School, No.86 Middle School, Yuzhu Kindergarten, Maogang Kindergarten, Bojian Drugstore, Wahugang Park, Xieshan Park, Shajing New Village, Huaying Commercial Building, the Affiliated TCM Hospital in Huangpu District of Jinan University, Yuzhuwan Hotel, Hongshuwan Furniture Center, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Postal Savings Bank
Bus Routes: B28, B31, 43, 216, 329, 339, 348, 356, 431

Surroundings: South Fengle Road, Gangqian Road, Guangzhou International Kindergarten & Middle School Huangpu ZWIE, Foreign Language School Attached to Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou Radio & TV University, Jinyiyaju Community, Yufengwei Fuyongheli Community, Yuetaoyayuan Community, Gangwanliucun Community, Huangpu Park, Old Huangpu Port Commercial Building, Jinyi Commercial Building, Fengling Commercial Building, Yuehai Hotel, Guangzhou Port Public Security Bureau, Yanghe Drugstore, Agricultural Bank of China, China Mobile
Bus Routes: 43, 326, 328, 329, 338, 344, 348, 571, B5, Airport Shuttle Bus Line 4, Express Bus Line B5, Guangcong Bus Line 7

Surroundings: East Huangpu Road, Wenchuan Road, Yukelong Supercenter, Huangpu Bus Station, Jiajiafu Supermarket, Wenchuan Primary School, Huangpuwenjia Kindergarten, Shuanggang Kindergarten, Huanxin Kindergarten, Lantian Experimental Kindergarten, Shuanggangtianqiao Community, Donggang Huayuan Community, Wenchuan Community, Niushan Paotai Park, Hongshan Office Building, Yaohua Mansion, Xianghui Mansion, Dongxingtang Drugstore, Renhetang Drugstore, Telecom Office, Postal Savings Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Gangwan Business Hotel, Dongsen Hotel, Xingchen Hotel, Shuangsha Express Hotel, Sainan Business Hotel
Bus Routes: B30, B31, 434, Airport Shuttle Bus Line 4, Night Bus Line 41&73

 South Sea God Temple
Surroundings: West Dianchang Road, Xuri Street, West Hongli Road, South Sea God Temple, Bochuan Community, Huangpu Huimin Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicines, Boluo Market, Hongli Park, Luokeshan Park, Miaotou Industrial Park, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Agricultural Bank of China, Jiale Convenience Store, Dongxingtang Drugstore, Yushengtang Drugstore, Mingyichun Hotel
Bus Routes: B1, B26, B28, B29, B30, B31, Night Bus Line 41&73, Express Bus Line B1

Surroundings: Kaifa Avenue, East Xiayuan Road, West Xiayuan Road, Xiayuan Village, Tangbianfang Apartment, Jingsheng Creative Park, Xiayuan Industrial Park, Xiayuan Primary School, Resources Vanguard, Hongsheng Commercial Building, Hongxing Building, Bank of China, CITIC Bank, Xianzhengtang Drugstore, Kangfu Drugstore, Guangchang Hotel, Xinxin Hotel, Rujia Hotel, Huaming Business Hotel, Shanshui Trends Hotel, Lixing Hotel, China Unicom, ZTO Express
Bus Routes: B1, B26, B29, B30, B31, 210, 214, 363, 388, 566A, 571, 575, Express Bus Line B1&573, Guangzhou Bus Line 368&369

Surroundings: Nangang Road, Nangang Bus Station, Renrenjia Shopping Center, Tianwang Supermarket, Nangang Primary School, Nangang Kindergarten, Huangpu Xingang High School, Hengyuan Huayuan Community, Huangpu District Red Cross Hospital, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank, Hongfumen Hotel, WHWH Business Hotel, Shangdu Express Hotel, Huale Hotel, Nanfeng Commercial Building, Nangangshan Park, China Mobile, Yukangtang Drugstore, Renxin Drugstore
Bus Routes: 210, 214, 321, 322, 330, 334, 372, 388, 389, 393, 397, 436, 437, 439, 450, 516, 566A, 567, 569, 571B, 571, 572, 573, 946, B26, B30, B31

Surroundings: Xintang Avenue West, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway, Nanjian Road, Wenyong Road, Wanxiangyuan Community, Yuexing Hotel, Lekang Hotel, Kaixin Hotel, Shunhe Hotel, Wanzihaocheng Hotel, Hongzhou Hotel, Xinyue Hotel, Wenke’er Kindergarten, Xinya Xinshijie Experimental School, China Telecom, Houwang Ancient Temple, Yuanshuai Ancient Temple, Xiapu Kangle Park, Construction Bank
Bus Routes: 571, Zengcheng Bus Line 206, Xintang Bus Line 3&5&6

Surroundings: Guangshen Avenue West, Dongjiang Avenue, Xintang Middle School, Jinze Huibaishi Community, Dongfangmingdu Community, Golden Coast City Plaza, Shengshimingmen Community, Xinkang Huayuan Community, Dongning Building Decoration Materials Market, Ruinian Drugstore, Minghe Store, Guangzhou Gang’Aocheng Office Building, Xianglong Hotel, Haohua Hotel, Dongzhou Hotel, Xinhaojing Hotel, Tianpeng Hotel, SF Express, Construction Bank
Bus Routes: 372, 571B, Zengcheng Bus Line 205, Xintang Bus Line 2&10, Guang Zeng Bus Line 10&12&13&16

Surroundings: Xinxin Avenue South, Gangkou Avenue North, Guangzhou-Hong Kong Through Railway, Europe and America Jeans Market, Qunxing New Village, Changgang New Village, Yataiyinzuo Community, Fengxinyuan Community, Hui’an Hotel, Huimei Huijing Hotel, Shuyi Hotel, Bank of Communications, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Fenghuang Market, Xinlei School, Xinwei Primary School
Bus Routes: 372, 571A, Xintang Bus Line 5, Zengcheng Bus Line 202&205

Surroundings: Shixin Road, Guanhu Road, Zengcheng Guanhu School, Sanwang Ancient Temple, Degao Industrial Park, Guanhuhuachang Fish Farm, SINOPEC Gas Station, Yixin Child Care Center, ZTO Express, Guanhu Store
Bus Route: Zengcheng Bus Line 204

Surroundings: Xinsha Avenue North, West Xuexiao Street, Xinjie Primary School, Kangjia Store, Xinkelong Store
Bus Route: Xintang Bus Line 3
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