Guangzhou Metro Line 18

Guangzhou East Railway Station ↔ Wanqingsha

  (Identification Color: violet )

The main section of Guangzhou metro line 18 will stretch from Guangzhou East Railway Station in the north to Wanqingsha in the south for about 62.7km (39mi). It is designed with other 7 stations such as Xiancun, Longtan, Shaxi, Nancun Wanbo and Panyu Square. Guangzhou Metro Line 18 is now under construction and will be brought into service in June, 2021.

Also under planning are the 38.5km (24mi) long north extension and the 89.6km (56mi) long south extension of Guangzhou subway line 18. The former will extend to Guangzhou North Railway Station while the latter to Zhongshan, and the port of Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau Bridge near Zhuhai Railway Station.

See metro maps for reference

Stations of Guangzhou Metro Line 18

 Main Section:
Guangzhou East Railway Station – Xiancun – Modiesha – Longtan – Shaxi – Nancun Wanbo – Panyu Square – Hengli - Wanqingsha

 North Extension:
Guangzhou North Railway Station / Huadu Railway Station – Tiangui / Huacheng Street – Ma’anshan Park – Fenghuang Road South – Airport Economic Zone – Baiyun City Center – Baiyun Dongping – Jingxi Road

 South Extension:
Cuiheng New District – Zhongshan Railway Station – Nanlang – Tangjiawan – Xiangzhou – Zhuhai Railway Station

Future Transfer Stations of Guangzhou Metro Line 18

 Guangzhou North Railway Station / Huadu Railway Station: Transfer to Line 9
 Ma’anshan Park: Transfer to Line 9
 Baiyun Dongping: Transfer to Line 14
 Guangzhou East Railway Station: Transfer to Line 1, Line 3
 Modiesha: Transfer to Line 8
 Nancun Wanbo: Transfer to Line 7
 Panyu Square: Transfer to Line 3

Surroundings and Bus Routes near the Stations of Guangzhou Metro Line 18 Main Section

 Guangzhou East Railway Station
Surroundings: Guangyuan Expressway, Guangzhou East Railway Station, Guangzhou East Bus Station, Yanling Park, Center Plaza, Poly Zhonghui Plaza, PoPark, Huawen Campus of Jinan University, Guangzhou Sport University, East Square
Bus Routes: 27, 298, 32, 39, 508, 560, 60, 776, 778, B18, B6 (Express), Night-14, Tourism Line 3, 11, 122, 175, 183, 185, 195, 209, 214, 233, 256, 263, 280, 283, 302A, 302, 41, 43

Surroundings: Xiancun Rd., Jinsui Rd., Weijiasi Home Garden, Flower City Square, GT Land Plaza, Poly Granville Building, Xiancun Commercial Street
Bus Routes: 20, 407, 499, 583, 669, 778, B22, Night-43, Tourism Line 3, 11, 18, 230, 293, 45, 886, Night-56, Peak Express 68

Surroundings: Shuangta Rd., Baodi Square, China Mobile Guangzhou Information Building, United Family Healthcare, Guangzhou International Shipping Buidling, Huaxin Center, GAluminum Group International Center, Global Trade Center
Bus Routes: 229, 239, 262, 304, 582, 763, 988, B7 Express, Night-101, Night-20, Night-66, Night-70, University Town Special Line 3, Tourism Line 3, Peak Express 77

Surroundings: Mid Xinjiao Rd., Haizhu University of the Third Age, Taiyong Vegetables Wholesale Market, Lingnan Creative Park, Haizhu Wetland Park, Huanan Expressway
Bus Routes: Night-56, 18, 206, 264A, 264, 37, 988, Peak Express 6, Night-33, 14, 250, 252, 270, 45, 761, 762, 801, 998, Night-6, Night-8, Peak Express 74

Surroundings: Panyu Bridge, Shaxi Avenue, Shaxi Primary School, Xinji Shaxi Hotel Supplies Market, Guangzhou Xinsha Hardware & Plastic Products Market, Southern Shaxi Hardware & Hotel Supplies Market, Coral Bay Crescent Primary School
Bus Routes: 90, Metro Feeder Bus Line 4, Pan-182, Pan-185, Pan-191, 302

 Nancun Wanbo
Surroundings: North Panyu Avenue, Chimelong Tourist Resort, Aoyuan Group Building, Wanda Plaza, Wanbo Center, Guangzhou International Furniture Expo Center, Tianhe City Department Store, Yuehai Square
Bus Routes: 129, 302, 303A, 303, 310, 987, Night-102, Night-88, Airport Express, Pan-145, Pan-146, Pan-163, Pan-186, Pan-190, Pan-30 (Tourism Special Line), Pan-75, Pan-75B, Pan-70, Pan-88, Metro Feeder Bus Line 9, Night-102, Pan-52, Pan-86, Pan-88

 Panyu Square
Surroundings: North Panyu Avenue, Panyu Mansion, Government of Panyu District, Panyu Square, Pingkang Park, Aeon Mall, Bank of China Tower, Central Park, Qinghe Integrated Market
Bus Routes: Airport Express, 301, Nansha-70, Nansha-K5, Pan-11, Pan-126, Pan-141, Pan-160, Pan-19, Pan-1, Pan-26, Pan-29, Pan-68, Pan-6, Pan-93, Pan-97 (Short Line), Pan-99, Micro Bus Pan-3, Nan-68, Nansha-54, Nansha-64, Nansha-65, Pan-103, Pan-140, Pan-143, Pan-148, Pan-149, Pan-111, Pan-161, Pan-162

Surroundings: Phoenix Avenue, East Yisha Rd., Guangzhou Rural Commercial Bank, The 1st Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University, Zhongzhi Community, Sanduowei Village, Xinbeiwei Village
Bus Routes: Nansha-G4, Nan-17

Surroundings: Wanxin Avenue, Guangzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shuangyin Ecological Grapery, Wanqingsha Recreational Park, The 1st People’s Hospital of Nansha District, Wanqingsha Primary School
Bus Routes: Nan-22
- Last updated on Mar. 10, 2021 -
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