Guangzhou Metro Line 14

 Xinhe – Zhenlong

 (Identification Color: Brown         )

The Knowledge City Branch Line of Guangzhou metro line connects Xinhe and Zhenlong via 10 stations, covering around 22 kilometers (14 miles). This metro line will also promote the development of northeast Guangzhou and bring Conghua District into the “one-hour life circle”. The construction of the Guangzhou metro line 14 will consist of four parts: phase one, the Knowledge City Branch Line, phase two and phase three.

Running from Jiahewanggang to Jiekou, Guangzhou metro line 14 phase one is currently under construction and will commence service to the public in December 2018. Jiahewanggang is an important transfer metro station in the city where passengers can easily transfer with Line 2 and Line 3, reaching Baiyun International Airport, East Railway Station, Guangzhou Railway Station and several landmarks such as Canton Tower, Yuexiu Park and Haizhu Plaza. Phase two and phase three of the Guangzhou subway line 14 are currently still under planning and will be expected to open soon.
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Station To Xinhe To Zhenlong
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Xinhe -- -- 06:10 22:10
Hongwei 06:21 22:21 06:13 22:13
Xinnan 06:18 22:18 06:16 22:16
Fengxia 06:15 22:15 06:18 22:18
Knowledge City 06:12 22:12 06:21 22:21
Hetangxia 06:09 22:09 06:24 22:24
Wangcun 06:07 22:07 06:26 22:26
Tangcun 06:04 22:04 06:29 22:29
Zhenlong North 06:02 22:02 06:20 22:32
Zhenlong 06:00 22:00 -- --


 Zhenlong: Transfer with Line 21

Surroundings and Bus Routes near All Stations

('' Subway Transfer Stations)

Surroundings: Guangcong 9th Road, Guangcong 10th Road, West Xinhe Street, No.378 Provincial Road, Xin Village, Banhu Village, Xinhe School, Guangzhou Vocational College of Science and Technology, Guangdong Polytechnic of Industry and Commerce, Dengtang Kindergarten, Haohuiduo Store, Meijiahui Supermarket, Jinnuo Science Park
Bus Routes: 650, 714, 725, Guang Cong Bus Line 1 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 6 & 7& 10 & 11, Guang Cong Express Bus Line 4 & 9, Conghua-Xintang Bus Line

Surroundings: Hengmei Road, Fogong Road, Jiulong Avenue, Tayaoling Street, Hongwei Village, Hengmei Village, Shunjing Community, Fengwei School, Peixian School, Sino-Singapore Knowledge City, Jiulong Logistics Park
Bus Routes: 343, 650, Conghua-Xintang Bus Line

Surroundings: Xinnan 2th Street, Xinnan Village, Matouzhuang Village, Longtan Village, Dalingshan Village, Zhixiang Apartment, Fengxia Primary School, Jiulong Town Culture & Technology School, Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences, Jiulong Industrial Park, Star World Hotel
Bus Routes: 343, 457, 650, 343A Loop Bus Line, Conghua-Xintang Bus Line

Surroundings: Yonghong Village, Qixingzhuang Village, Shiwodong Village, Beitang Village, Shiwodong Scenic Area, Fengxia Primary School, Shengqiang Hotel
Bus Routes: 343, 457, 650, 343A Loop Bus Line, Conghua- Xintang Bus Line

 Knowledge City
Surroundings: West Lianhua Street, Jiufo Town Jianshe Road, East Fenghuang Street, Middle Jiufo Street, Daling Village, Jiufo Middle School, Jiufo No.2 Middle School, Jiulong No.1 Primary School, Development Zone Foreign Language School, Huacheng Kindergarten, Fenghuangshan Park, Jiufo Hospital, Haowanjia Supermarket, Wufutang Drugstore, Guanghetang Drugstore, Xiandai Hotel, Jiulong Apartment, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 342, 343, 345, 350, 352A, 352, 365, 370, 445, 456, 827, Conghua-Xintang Bus Line, 343A Loop Bus Line

Surroundings: NiuWang Village, Vanke Xingfuyu Community, Times Horizon Community, Renyuan Village, Institute of Fruit Science
Bus Routes: 345, 352, 365, 370, 445, 352A, 343A Loop Bus Line, Conghua-Xintang Bus Line

Surroundings: Huang’ao Road, Huangtianzhuang Village, Greenland City, Tang Village Primary School, Gege Hotel
Bus Routes: 345, 365, 370, 445, 352A, Conghua-Xintang Bus Line

Surroundings: Menkouling Village, Panmingli Village, Tangcunxinwu Village, Yetian Village, Xintian Village, Kangda Vocational Technical College, Guangzhou College of Commerce, Guangzhou Development Zone Technician College, Tangcun Primary School, Kangda Xinxin Hotel, Yidianyuan Hotel, Yueliangdao Hotel, Yaxinge Hotel, Luogangwenxin Hotel, Longyuan Store, Guoyao Drugstore
Bus Routes: 345, 365, 370, 445, 352A, Conghua-Xintang Bus Line

 Zhenlong North
Surroundings: Xiangxi Road, No.450 Village Road, Dabu Village, Wufutang Village, Xinwei Village, Songzailin Village, Shangwei Village, Dabuwei Village, Guosheng Store, Baoxing Motor Vehicles Inspection Station
Bus Routes: 345, 365, 370, 441, 442, 443, 444, 445, 458, 575A, Conghua-Xintang Bus Line

Surroundings: Guangzhou-Shantou Highway, Zhenxing Highway, Buxin Village, Lizhiling Village, Zhenlong Village, Zhongtai Paradise Community, Jiulong No.3 Primary School, Meijia Shopping Center, Zhenlong New Market, Hualong Integrated Market, Lianfa Business Hotel, Xinshidai Hotel, Dongjiang Hotel, Qunchang Hotel, Jiulong Qunchang Hotel, Postal Savings Bank, Wufutang Drugstore, Samsung Store, Shunde Furniture Wholesale Market
Bus Routes: 345, 365, 370, 441, 445, 458, Guang Zeng Bus Line 1 & 6 & 8 & 9 & 14 & 15 & 17, Xintang-Conghua Bus Line
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When will subway station Tianhe Park open?
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Answered by Reina from GERMANY | Oct. 08, 2017 22:10

It’s said to be in service in the end of 2018.
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