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Qingdao Travel Guide

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Chinese Name: 青岛市 (qīng dǎo shì)
Location: Qingdao, located in the southeast part of Shandong Province, is a beautiful seaside city with clear air and enchanting sea view. This city, bordered by the Yellow Sea on two sides, has the largest bathing beach in Asia and produces the mellow Tsingtao Beer.

Population: 9,204,000
Area: 11,282 square kilometers ( 4,356 square miles)
Nationalities: Han
Administrative Division: 7 Districts (Shinan, Shibei, Huangdao, Laoshan, Licang, Chengyang, Jimo); 3 County-level Cities (Jiaozhou, Pingdu, Laixi)


May Fourth Square
May 4th Square

The red roofs, green trees, blue sea, and azure sky form a bright and colorful picture here. The city is sometimes known as the Switzerland of the Orient. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, the city attracts many visitors with its charming seascape. Sights like the Eight Passes Villas, May 4th Square, the Zhan Bridge, Mt. Laoshan, No.1 Bathing Beach, Badaguan Scenic Area will help you remember the city.

Other major attractions like Xinhao (Signal) Hill Park, Catholic Church (St. Emil Church), Golden Sand Beach,  Small Qingdao IslandLu Xun Park, and Underwater World are also worth a visit. Just walking on the sand and listening to the surf breaking on the beach becomes enjoyable.

3-Day City Tour: visit Mt. Laoshan, Taiqing Palace, Xiaoyushan Hill Park, Small Qingdao Island, Zhan Bridge and No. 1 Bathing Beach
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Zhan Bridge
Zhan Bridge
The seaside city
The seaside city
To the east of the city, a short distance across the Yellow Sea, lie Korea and Japan, making Qingdao an important port for international trade. A wide range of vehicles can facilitate trips to and from the city, including direct flights, bullet trains, long-distance buses and ships. The urban transportation is good due to the developed public buses, taxis, ferryboats, sightseeing boats and metros.
 Qingdao has implemented the 144-hour visa-free transit policy to facilitate citizens of some countries and regions to enjoy a visa-free stay up to 144 hours when taking an international transfer via Liuting Airport and its cruise port. 
Read details about 144-hour Visa-free Transit in Qingdao

 History: For thirty three years, up to 1949, the city was a colony of Germany and Japan. Thus, it has a great deal of European architecture. This foreign architecture -a remnant of the colonial past- now beautifies this seaside city.

 Foods: The food here is with distinctive flavors--especially seafood. So take this chance to enjoy the delicious seafood. Also, the city is the home of the famous Tsingtao Beer. Do not forget to try it when visiting the city.

 Local Highlights: The local government recognizes the importance of the tourism industry and has further plans to develop the local tourism. To enhance the tourism industry, the city now sponsors the International Beer Festival, the International Sea Festival, Beach Culture Festival, the Sea Affection Festival, and the Summer of Qingdao Festival. In cooperation with the Beijing Olympic Games 2008, the city held the Sailing Competition in the Olympic Games in 2008. This great event brings a great opportunity for this charming city to build its bright future.

 Relationship with Korea
Since the first Korean companies began doing business in this city in 1988, Korean people have lived here. Thousands of Korean people now live and work here, which makes the city with the most Korea investment enterprises in China. And the city also has the largest Korean population in China. With years of cultural exchange, they have established deep, close friendships and mutual trust with the native Chinese people.

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Questions & Answers on Qingdao Travel
Asked by SUJAY from INDIA | Mar. 04, 2019 22:55Reply
How do I book tickets for bus travel from Qingdao to Zhucheng?
I will be arriving at Liuting Airport on 08:05 on 9th March and wanted to take a bus to Zhucheng around 10am.
From where can I book it?
Answers (1)
Answered by Charlotte from UNITED KINGDOM | Mar. 07, 2019 00:17

There are many buses every day. The bus schedules are from 06:20 to 16:20 every 35mins. The online booking page only has Chinese version. Thus you are suggested to purchase the bus tickets when you arriving there.
Asked by shanmugam from INDIA | Jan. 15, 2019 21:40Reply
Zip code for Linghai Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao
Answers (1)
Answered by Gail from FRANCE | Jan. 17, 2019 00:30

Do you have the exact road number?
Asked by Y from USA | Jan. 01, 2019 14:45Reply
Group of 4, what is the simplest way to reach Weihai from Qingdao International Airport? Cost?
Answers (1)
Answered by Cameron from RUSSIA | Jan. 01, 2019 19:45

Hi, the transportation is quite convenient. Upon landing, you can take direct long-distance bus to Weihai. The bus schedules are 09:40, 11:10, 12:40, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:30, 22:00. The ticket fare is CNY85 per person. The duration is 2.5 hours.
Asked by Lynn from THAILAND | Nov. 25, 2018 17:50Reply
How to go to Laoshan mountain from Qingdao Farglory Hotel ?
Are there any buses or public transport to go to laoshan Mountain from Farglory Hotel ?
Where can we take the bus nearby the hotel ? How far, how long and How much does it cost to go there ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Bryant from AUSTRALIA | Nov. 26, 2018 20:02

Walk about 700 – 750 meters from the hotel to Aofanjidi bus stop to get on the Tourism Bus No.1. Then get off at Dahedong Parking Lot and walk about 300 meters to the Laoshan scenic area. The whole ride needs about 80 minutes and the ticket fare is CNY10.
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