Zhan Bridge & May 4th Square

Zhan Bridge (Zhanqiao)

Zhan Bridge has many other names such as Qianhai Zhan Bridge, Nanhai Zhan Bridge and Grand Pier. Located at the coastal area at the southern end of Zhongshan Road, it is an extension of the road into the sea. It is just about 0.3 miles from Qingdao Railway Station. Whether travelers come to Qingdao by train or by ship, Zhanqiao, a landmark of the city, welcomes them at their first stop in this beautiful coastal city. The locals say that you can not know the real Qingdao if you have not gone to the Zhan Bridge, so follow our introduction to see the top scene of the city!

Originally built in 1891 as a naval pier, Zhanqiao can be regarded as a construction as old as Qingdao City. During the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), the imperial envoy Li Hongzhang once came here to inspect the local development. At that time, Qingdao was just a small fishing village, which can not berth the big official ship of Li Hongzhang.
Zhan Bridge The Pavilion on Zhan Bridge
As a result, a temporary pier was built with a length of 200 meters (656 feet) and a width of 10 meters (33 feet). The pier, which was the original Zhan Bridge, was in use during the following decades. After the establishment of PRC, modern deep water port was built in Qingdao area; therefore the bridge was abandoned.

Now, it becomes a famous scenic spot thanks to the renovation in recent years. It is 440-meter (1,444-foot) long and 10-meter (33-foot) wide with giant granite supports. Lotus-shaped lamps provide illumination and decoration. At the south end of the bridge is a Chinese style octagon pavilion standing in contrast to European buildings in the background. It is called Huilan Pavilion. Some small art exhibitions are often held here.

Qingdao Bay is crescent shaped; like an arrow, the bridge shoots into the broad sea. Standing afar, a white lighthouse braves the waves and wind, while the Small Green Island (Xiao Qing Dao) is a serene platform for exuberant trees. Dynamic and static scenes meld. No. 6 Beach west of the bridge and Zhan Bridge Park to its north invite visitors to enjoy the beauty of the Bay.

How to get to Zhan Bridge

1. Take Metro Line 3 to Qingdao Railway Station and leave from Exit G, then walk southeast for 10 minutes to get there.
2. Take Bus 25, 223, 225, 304, 307, 312, 316, 321, 501, G1, or Sightseeing Bus Line 11 to Zhan Qiao (Zhan Bridge).
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Entrance Fee Free
Opening Hours Zhan Bridge: all day;
Huilan Pavilion: Apr. - Oct.: 7:00 - 19:00; Nov. - Mar.: 8:00 - 17:30
Recommended Time for a Visit 1h

May 4th Square (Wusi Square)

The May 4th Square was built in 1997 to commemorate the significance of Qingdao City in the May Fourth Movement, an anti-imperialist and anti-feudal patriotic movement initiated by students in 1919. Covering an area of 10 hectares (24.7 acres), May 4th Square faces the office building of the city government in the north and Fushan Bay in the south. Aiming to encourage people to be patriotic, the magnificent building has become landmark architecture of the city.

Along the central axis of May 4th Square, there lies the office building of the city government, concealed fountains, dot matrix fountains and a sculpture. There is also a vast evergreen lawn and many plants and flowers dotted around here and there. Set against the imposing sculpture and beautiful natural scenery, the square presents a splendid view of decency and prosperity.

The symbolizing building of May 4th Square is a majestic sculpture which is 30 meters (98.4 feet) high and has a maximal diameter of 27 meters (88.6 feet). The shape of a swirling wind and the flaming color of the sculpture fully display the greatness of the May Fourth Movement and national power.
Qingdao May Fourth Square
Teh Symbol on the Square
Fushan Bay
Fushan Bay nearby
To the south of May 4th Square lies a grand aquatic fountain in Fushan Bay. It is 60 meters (197 feet) away from the seashore bank and the water columns can reach 100 meters (328 feet) high. Such a spectacular fountain, the highest aquatic fountain of China, is really worthy a visit.

How to get to May 4th Square

1. Take Metro Line 2 or Line 3 to Wusi Guangchang (May 4th Square).
2. Take Bus 317, 504, 601, G1, or Sightseeing Bus Line 11 to Wusi Guangchang.
Entrance Fee Free
Opening Hours All day

Transportation from Zhan Bridge to May Fourth Square

Take bus 304, 316 or 321, get off at the Municipal Government Station, and walk south till you reach May Fourth Square.

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Questions & Answers on Zhan Bridge & May 4th Square
Asked by Kevin from KOREAN | Oct. 05, 2019 13:41Reply
Is the Zhan Bridge near from Qingdao Shipyard.
Hi is this near to the Behai Qingdao Shipyard?
Answers (1)
Answered by Justin from NEW ZEALAND | Oct. 12, 2019 00:42

The distance is around 14km. You can take bus No.1 to it.
Asked by E San from SINGAPORE | Apr. 03, 2014 05:10Reply
Is it possible to walk from the bridge to Wuxi Square ?
From China Community Art And Culture Hotel where should I start the tour ? Any direct bus ?
Kindly Advise.
Answers (1)
Answered by Miffy from NETHERLANDS | Apr. 04, 2014 04:37

1. You must refer to the local Wusi Square, right? Well then, the distance is 8-9km. so it is so far by walking! You can use bus no. 312, 501, 304, 321, 316, 25 or 26 to travel between!
2. Do you wanna go to Zhan Bridge or the square from your hotel? Anyway, to the former, you can walk to Marine Geology Institute (Haiyang Dizhisuo) stop to take bus no. 312 to reach! To the latter, bus no. 601, 314 or 312 can be used!
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