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Rizhao Facts

Rizhao MapChinese Name: 日照 (rì zhào)
Population: 3,082,100
Area: 5,310 square kilometers (2,050 square miles)
Location: in the southeast of Shandong Province, east China
Administrative Division: 2 districts (Donggang, Lanshan); 2 counties (Juxian, Wulian)
Area Code: 0633
Zip Code: 278600
GDP (2019): CNY 194.938 billion (USD 28.256 billion)  

The Capital of Water Sports

Situated in the southeast of Shandong Province, Rizhao is adjacent to the Yellow Sea in the east, and bordered by Linyi to the west, and Qingdao and Weifang to the north. It also shares a boundary with Lianyungang of Jiangsu Province. Rizhao is a seaside city, and most of the tourists visit here because of the enchanting sea views and soft beaches. Many fish fun houses along the coast always prepare the freshest seafood. After dinner, you can have a leisure walk on the beach while enjoying the sea breeze and the beautiful night view. Then get up early the next morning to capture the gorgeous sunrise.

Here you can feel the time passing by very fast. Even just a two-day tour is enough to be unforgettable. Rizhao is also the capital of water sports. Its Olympic Water Park used to be the venue for all the rowing events of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Interested tourists can visit the park by bike, or go to sea with a sailing boat to enjoy the water sports. The best time to visit Rizhao is from May to September.

Rizhao Attractions - Things to Do

Wanpingkou Scenic and Historic Interest Area

Located in the new district of the city, Wanpingkou Scenic and Historic Interest Area is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination on China's golden coastline. It has moderate climate with an average temperature of 12.6C (54.7 F). Ideally located near the National Ocean Forest Park, it is in close proximity to Shanhaitian Holiday Resort (to the north) and Rizhao Arboretum (to the west). 

Blessed with blue skies, brilliant sunshine, blue seas, golden sandy beaches and fresh air, visitors to the area may truly experience the fun of returning to nature. Visitors can participate in many outdoor activities including: beach volleyball, fishing and sea-bathing, sun bathing and even yachting. The Zoo, which is strategically located in the scenic area, emphasizes the concept of human beings living harmoniously with nature. This concept captures the essence of the city. Wanpingkou Lagoon is a natural port which has served as a center of commerce for dynasties. Wanpingkou means that ships arrive safely at the port, bestowing good wishes on people who sail from far away. 

Wanpingkou Scenic and Historic Interest Area, continues to attract increasing numbers of visitors from home and abroad. It is also a popular location for competitions. In 2006, the World Sailing Championship was held here and in 2007, it was the location of the first China Aquatic sports meet. 

Wanpingkou Scenic Area
Wanpingkou Scenic & Historic Interest Area
Shandong Rizhao Beaches
Sea Coast and Beach

Shanhaitian Tourism & Vacation Zone

Located in the golden ocean line in the northeast of the city, Shanhaitian Tourism and Vacation Zone borders the base of World Sailing Championship in Wanpingkou in the south and National Ocean Forest Park in the north. It is a picturesque land blessed with fresh air, blue sea, clear sky and gold sandy beach. Lying in the deep and calm harbor, it is rich in negative oxygen and free of the industrial pollution and typhoon attack. Environmentalists have honored it as one of the best places to live.

The 17.5 kilometers (10.9 miles) of coastline extends linearly across the zone along which reefs and beaches are distributed. Many rocks have been carved into lifelike statues by sea such as "The Shrine Set Sail on the Sea" and "To Rein up the Horse and Listen to the Waves". Along the coastline, there are plantations where locust trees, pines and poplars screen out the sun, forming into a splendid view. The nearby sea areas are dotted with countless islets. The Taigong Islet and Taohua (Peach Blossom) Islet are the most famous. Visitors can take speedboats to pay a visit on the islets.

Shanhaitian Tourism and Vacation Zone brings visitors a precious opportunity to embrace nature. Come here, you will not regret having this wonderful trip!

How to Get to Rizhao

1. Rizhao Shanzihe Airport has been connected with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and more than 17 cities. Visitors can travel between Rizhao Airport and Rizhao City by shuttle bus.

2. A direct airport bus route has been open between Rizhao and Qingdao. The whole journey takes two hours beginning from the air service company to Qingdao Liuting International Airport. Visitors can also go to the Rizhao Shanfu Hotel in Haiwu Road (Middle) and pick up the special bus to Qingdao Liuting International Airport

3. Visitors can use Weifang Airport, too. Weifang is 2 to 2.5 hours' drive away.  

4. Main long-distance bus stations here are:
East Bus Station: 15, 2nd Huanghai Lu, Donggang District
Bus Terminal: 21, Rizhao Nan Lu, Donggang District



The area's eastern part belongs to warm humid monsoon climatic area and the weather is moderate without summer heat and winter chilliness. However, the western part enjoys a warm temperate continental climate. On the whole, the annual average temperature of Rizhao weather is about 12.5C (54.5 F).  

Rizhao Travel Tips

 History: The script on pottery discovered here is said to be 1,000 years earlier than the oracle bone script. In olden days, this area was inhabited by an ancient tribe of East China. It wasn't until the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD) that county level administrative organs were first established by the central court. The first county set up at that period was named Haiqu County.

 Physical Features: Rizhao is seated in the hilly region of eastern Shandong, and hills occupy over half of the city's territory. Its terrain is higher in the center and on the whole, the city slopes southeastwards. Within the city, there are in total 18 larger rivers crisscrossing, and the seashore of the city is situated along the middle stretch of the Yellow Sea with a length of 100 kilometers (62 miles).

 Special Local Products: black pottery, green tea, pancakes, sea products, gingko, peanuts, apples, chestnuts.

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Questions & Answers on Rizhao Travel
Asked by Katie from CHINA | Jul. 11, 2023 00:08Reply
How far is it from Qingdao to Liaocheng?
We want to be able to drive there.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mark | Jul. 11, 2023 18:47

It's about 460km between by road.
Asked by Thomas Mayer from USA | May. 25, 2023 13:39Reply
is there a Federal Express Office in Rizhao?
Answers (1)
Answered by Helen | May. 26, 2023 00:46

Yes, you may contact it and the telephone number is 4008861888.
Asked by Usman from PAKISTAN | Sep. 21, 2018 18:21Reply
How can i travel form Qingdao airport to rizhao city by bus?
Answers (1)
Answered by Helen from USA | Sep. 24, 2018 23:35

You can go to the Gate 1 Bus station in the T1 to get the bus tickets and board the bus.
The schedule is:
09:40, 11:10, 12:40, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:30, 22:00
These buses will make a stop at Sanfod Hotel and then their final station is Aviation Ticketing Center.

The whole way takes around 2.5 hours. The ticket fare is CNY 85 per person.
Asked by Daniel from GHANA | Oct. 27, 2017 04:17Reply
How many hours does it take to from rizhao to lianyungang by bus?
Answers (1)
Answered by Olivia from AUSTRALIA | Oct. 29, 2017 20:07

It takes less than 2 hours.
Asked by Anton from CHINA | Jan. 25, 2017 09:19Reply
Arriving at Rizhao Airport at around 2:30p.m. Is there a bus from the airport to Ganyu itself?
Is there a shuttle from the airport to the city? I am hoping to buy tickets a week ahead to avoid the rush. Any help will be much appreciated.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mila from USA | Jan. 30, 2017 01:37

No, there is no direct bus between the airport and Ganyu. You are advised to take a taxi from the airport to the General Bus Station. As I know, there are two buses that go to Ganyu. The bus schedules are 12:00 and 17:30. The ticket fare is CNY 25 per person.
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