Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Airport Code: CAN

 Location: In the northern part of Guangzhou city, around 43 kilometers (28 miles) from Canton Tower in central downtown.

 Two Terminals: T1 and T2; T1 operating only domestic flights now, while T2 operating both domestic and international flights

 Guangzhou Flights:

Serving more than 400 air routes from and to over 230 domestic and international cities. The domestic flights are from and to Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Kunming, Chongqing, Haikou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Guiyang, Ningbo, Lianyungang and Hong Kong, etc. The direct international flights are from and to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Phnom Penh, Jakarta, Taipei, Sydney, Amsterdam, Frankfort, Paris and Los Angeles, etc.

Guangzhou Baiyun International AirportTransit at Guangzhou Airport

1. Visa Policies

Passport holders of 53 countries and regions are granted a visa-free stay of up to 144 hours when taking an international transfer via Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. Read details about 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit.

Citizens of other foreign countries need to obtain a valid visa in advance if they will spend over 24 hours at the airport. If the stay duration is less than 24 hours, they can apply for the 24-Hour Visa-Free transit.  

2. How to transit at Baiyun Airport

a) International to Domestic:
Get off the plane → Inspection & Quarantine → Frontier Inspection → Baggage Claim → Customs Inspection → Security Check → Waiting & Boarding
b) Domestic to International:
Get off the plane → Baggage Claim → Transfer Procedure → Inspection & Quarantine → Customs Inspection → Security Check → Frontier Inspection → Waiting & Boarding
c) International to International:
Get off the plane → Inspection & Quarantine → Transfer Procedure → Waiting & Boarding
d) Domestic to Domestic:
Get off the plane → Baggage Claim → Transfer Procedure → Security Check → Waiting & Boarding

Terminal Building of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport3. How to Travel between T1 and T2:

 1) Free Shuttle Bus

Pick-up sites: T1: Gate 10; T2: Gate 42
06:00 - 08:00 & 15:00 - 18:00: every 5 minutes;
08:00 - 15:00 & 18:00 - 23:00: every 10 minutes;
23:00 - 06:00 the next day: every 15 minutes.

 2) Metro 
Guangzhou metro line 3 extends to the north and reaches the Baiyun International Airport. Passengers can travel between Airport South Station at Terminal 1 and Airport North Station at Terminal 2. Commuting is also feasible. This metro line is regularly operated from 6:00 to 00:08 and departs every 5 minutes at most, taking around 2 minutes between the two terminals.


Terminal 1

 Departure Hall: 3F

 Arrival Hall: 1F

 Subway Station: -1 F

 Domestic Airlines: Air China, Hainan Airlines, Shandong Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, China Eastern, Tibet Airlines, Air Guilin, Chengdu Airlines, China United, Shanghai Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Loong Air, West Air, Capital Airlines, Air Kunming, Juneyao Air, OKAir, Lucky Air, and Spring Airlines

Check-in Islands: C, D, E, L, M, N

Guangzhou Airport Enquiry Counter
Enquiry Counter

Terminal 2 

 Departure Hall: 3F

 Arrival Hall: 1F

 Domestic Airlines: China Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Chongqing Airlines, Hebei Airlines, Spring Airlines

Check-in Islands: C, D, E, F, G, J

 International Airlines: Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Korean Air, Aeroflot, Finnair, Turkish Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Biman Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Cambodia Angkor Air, Garuda Indonesia, Srilankan Airlines, Kenya Airways, Kuwait Airways, Egypt Air, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, Saudia, Ethiopian Airlines, Air Tanzania, etc.

Check-in Islands: P, Q, K, M, N

Airport Shuttle Bus

Metro Taxi
15 options to Guangzhou Railway Station, Teemall Plaza, South Railway Station, Panyu Hotel, Zengcheng Square… Airport North → Airport South → Gaozeng, Line 9 → Jiahewanggang, Line 14/2 → Yantang, Line 6 →East Railway Station, Line 1 → Linhexi, APM Line → Tiyu West Road, Line 1/3 Flexible route for you
Downtown: 05:00 – 17:30 or even all day 
Airport: 00:10 – 20:00 or so
06:00 – 24:00 24 hours
Around 60 – 150 min Around 30 min Around 60 - 90 min
CNY 6 - 60 CNY 2-10 CNY 100 - 210
Average choice for budget travelers. Best way for daytime travelers and people with tight schedules. Suitable for night flight passengers or 1 to 4 travelers with big luggage
 Note: The opening hours and frequency are only for reference particularly for Airport Shuttle Bus, as there are multiple routes and these are subject to change. Some Airport Shuttle Bus Lines run at night merely, while some operate at a few regular departures every day. 

Intercity bus service is operated in GBA to transfer passengers to Dongguan, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Zhongshan, Huizhou, Jiangmen …

See more: 

How to Travel from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to Hong Kong Airport (HKIA)

How to Travel between Guangzhou Airport and Shenzhen

How to Travel between Guangzhou Airport and Dongguan

Facilities & Services

Free WIFI:

The airport has opened wireless Internet access. Select "AIPORT-FREE-WIFI" to open any web page in your browser. Terminal passenger service system supports scanning passport, boarding pass to obtain WIFI login verification code.

China Southern Self Check-in Counter
China Southern Airline Self Check-in Counter

Left Luggage:


1): Departure Hall, Gate 16; All day

2): Arrival Hall, Gate B3/B4; 08:00 – 22:00


1): 3F, close to D Area; 05:30 – 23:30

2): 3F, Close to N Area; All day

3): 1F, Arrival Hall, next to Gate 53; 05:30 – 23:30

 Service Fee per piece:

0-2 hours: CNY 5-40;

2-4 hours: CNY 10-45;

4-8 hours: CNY 15-50;

8-24 hours: CNY 20-55

 Note: The charge depends on the size of the luggage. If storage time is over 24 hours, price will be accumulated according to the above price list.

Lost and Found:

 T1: Gate 1, Departure Hall, 3F 

 T2: between the central business area and the H Check-in counter, 3F

Hourly Lounge

 T1: -1F
Inclusive Area: front desk, guest rooms, reading area, shower room and baggage deposit area

Room Rate Room Type Price
Business Class Single-room 08:00 – 16:00: CNY25/per hour;
16:00 – 08:00 the next day: CNY 50/per hour
Overnight Room 16:00 – 12:00 the next day: CNY 198
VIP Class Double-room 08:00 – 16:00: CNY 40/per hour;
16:00 – 08:00 the next day: CNY 80/per hour
Overnight Room 16:00 – 12:00 the next day: CNY 266
 Note: The hourly charged room is expected to rent at least 3 hours.
The prices are suubject to change with time and the promotional campaigns.

Besides, there are also free overnight rest area for travellers who have a shorter stopover at Baiyun Airport, by the Gate 23, Gate 27, Gate 33, and Gate 36 on the 1F, main building of T1.

 T2: 4F, International Premium Lounge, Departure Waiting Hall
Inclusive Area: front desk, guest rooms, reading area, shower room and baggage deposit area

Room Rate Room Type Price
Business Class Single-room 08:00 – 23:00: 
1 hour CNY78; 
2 hours CNY 128; 
3 hours   CNY 188; 
4-5 hours CNY 228; 
Over 6 hours CNY 298
Overnight Room 23:00 – 08:00 the next day: CNY 218
VIP Class Double-room 08:00 – 23:00: 
1 hour CNY98; 
2 hours CNY 188;
3 hours   CNY 268; 
4-5 hours CNY 338; 
Over 6 hours CNY 398
Overnight Room 23:00 – 08:00 the next day: CNY 318
 Note: The hourly charged room is expected to rent at least 2 hours.

The free overnight rest area of T2 is on the left side of domestic arrival, 2F (next to C-Store), opened during 21:00 – 08:00 the next day.

Postal Delivery


Expresse Service Opening Hour Location
EMS 09:00 – 17:00 3F, next to Gate 9
SF Express 07:30 – 21:30 1F, Gate 22
Air Express 07:00 – 21:30 3F, opposite to N Island


Express Service Opening Hour Location
EMS 09:00 – 20:00 3F, D/E Island, Checking Hall
SF Express 24-hour 3F, International Security Inspection Waiting Hall
Goldjet Logistics 09:00 – 21:00 3F, Domestic Security Inspection Waiting Area

Currency Exchange

The foreign currencies include dollars, euros, yens, Hong Kong dollars and so on. 


Bank Name Location Opening Hour
ATM of China Guangfa Bank (CGB) Gate 16 of Checking-in Hall 24-hour


Bank Name Location Opening Hour
United Money
1) 3F, International Security Inspection Hall
08:00 - 20:00
2) 3F, opposite to International Departure Desk A153 08:00 - 22:00
Fanghui Foreign Currency  Exchange
1) 1F, to the east of International Exit of Arrival Hall
2) 3F, Behind the N International Check-in
ATM of CGB 3F, close to J/P Check-in Island of T2 Departure Hall 24-hour

Medical Service


1. Gate 27, the main building, 1F; 07:00 – 22:00

2. 3F at the entrance of the west No. 2 airside gallery; 07:00 – 22:00

3. Next to the A125 bridge of east No.3 arrival; 07:00 – 22:00

4. 2F by the A102 bridge of east arrival; 07:00 – 22:00


1. 1F, next to exit of the domestic arrival

2. 1F, Isolation area near the domestic baggage claim area

3. 2F, Isolation area - the junction of north airside corridor and west No.6 airside corridor

4. 3F, to the north of international check-in island in the main building

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Questions & Answers on Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Asked by Mark from NEW ZEALAND | Nov. 16, 2023 10:09Reply
Hi we currently have a Transit Guangzhou Connection Time: 1h10m is this enough?
Answers (1)
Answered by David | Nov. 17, 2023 00:24

If your flight is a connecting flight and you don't need to pick up your luggage, then it is possible. However, the time is still very tight and you need to hurry up in the whole transfer procedure.
Asked by Izz from NETHERLANDS | Nov. 06, 2023 01:43Reply
first time in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport
We are travelling to Australia with 2.25hour transit time using China Southern airline. is the terminal too big, long queues or etc that we risk missing our next flight? (travelling with small kids).
Answers (1)
Answered by Helen | Nov. 06, 2023 19:08

Generally, the time is enough if your flight is a connecting flight.
Asked by Ingo from GERMANY | Oct. 28, 2023 07:29Reply
China Visa on Arrival for Germans
i arrive on monday 30.11.2023 in Hkg and will go for 2 days to the Canton Fair. May i can use the flight Hongkong-Guangzhou, without Visa . and ask for a China Visa on Arrival in Guanzghou for 50 hours.
Thanks and best regards
Answers (1)
Answered by James | Oct. 29, 2023 20:37

There is no visa on arrival in Guangzhou but you may use the 144-hour visa-free transit if your itinerary is eligible. It requires to transit in China to another country. For example, the itinerary HK - Guangzhou - Germany is eligible but HK - Guangzhou - HK is not. So just plan your schedule carefully to make it eligible.
Asked by Pauliine from AUSTRALIA | Oct. 20, 2023 00:05Reply
Do I need a visa if in transit in a hotel (eg Pullman) for 15 hours and then flying on to Taiwan?
I am Australian and will be in transit in Guangzhou for 15 hours before my connecting flight to Taiwan. Do I need a Chinese visa of any sort please?
Answers (1)
Answered by Rita | Oct. 20, 2023 00:45

As you are eligible for the 24-hour visa-free transit, so no visa is needed.
Asked by Tim Wong from AUSTRALIA | Oct. 15, 2023 23:02Reply
Transit Time
I have 1 hour 25 mins transit time between arriving at the airport T2 terminal and catching a connecting flight from T2 on China Southern. Can you advise whether the there is enough time to make the transit.
Answers (1)
Answered by Jesse | Oct. 16, 2023 23:39

Though a little tight, it is possible if there is no delay.
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