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Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province, is known as 'the City of Eternal Spring' for its pleasant climate and flowers that bloom all year long. With a history of more than 2,400 years, it was the gateway to the celebrated Silk Road that facilitated trade with Tibet, Sichuan, Myanmar, India and beyond. Today it is the provincial political, economical and cultural center of Yunnan as well as the most popular tourist destination in southwest China.

The city center is an attraction with its two squares (Jinma Biji Square, Dongfeng Square) and five intersecting roads (Dongfeng Road, Jinbi Road, Zhengyi Road, Renmin Road and Qingnian Road). Of these, Jinma Biji Square (also known as Jinbi Square) has the most eye-catching archways and stylish architectures. Qingnian Road, Zhengyi Road and Renmin Road are the main commercial areas. The most popular pedestrian streets are Nanping Street, Jingxing Flowers & Birds Market, and Jinma Biji Fang. The city is also the focal point of Yunnan minority culture. Some 26 ethnic minorities such as Yi, Bai, Miao, Dai, and Hani inhabit this region.
With convenient transport links in and out of the city, Kunming welcomes and sees off tens of thousands of visitors every day. As southwest China’s transportation hub, the city plays a significant role for connecting Southeast Asia and China. The city also provides links to many popular destinations elsewhere in Yunnan such as Dali, Lijiang, and Shangri-La.
Kunming Food
In addition to attractive scenic spots, Kunming is also renowned for its many delicious dishes. Due to the multi-cultural nature of the province, the city brings together the most representative food of the various nationalities residing in Yunnan, so eating here is an experience not to be missed. The famous food includes Steaming-Pot Chicken, Across Bridge Rice Noodles, and Xuanwei Ham. The night market is the best place to sample and enjoy the local snacks.

Shopping in Kunming
Do not forget to purchase some locally produced souvenirs for your friends or family before leaving this charming city. The local wood carvings and minority tie-dye products are highly recommended. Jinma Biji Square is considered the best place to go for your purchases.

As one of China’s famous ancient and cultural cities, it boasts a history which can be traced back to 30,000 years ago. The Dianchi Lake area was one of the cradles of mankind. The city got its name from the Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368) and since then, it has become Yunnan’s center of politics, economy and culture.

See below for some fast facts and useful tips to facilitate your visit to the city whether it is for travel, business or study.

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Questions & Answers on Kunming Travel
Asked by AtiqahSya from MALAYSIA | Jul. 16, 2019 21:41Reply
Is there any prayer room at Kunming Airport?
Answers (1)
Answered by Gail from USA | Jul. 21, 2019 18:01

Yes, you can find it in -1F of the airport and the sign is very clear. Or you can consult the airport staff when you arriving at the airport.
Asked by Kathy from MALAYSIA | Jul. 11, 2019 06:15Reply
D train (high speed) from Kunming to Lijiang, which train station should I go?
the Main train station, Guandu or the one South train station? I am confused? And How far to the train station from Changshui airport by taxi, and taxi fare as well?
Answers (1)
Answered by Nana from UNITED KINGDOM | Jul. 11, 2019 19:59

Take high speed train from Kunming Railway Station (It is in Guandu District). The distance between them is around 30km and taxi fare is about CNY80.
Asked by Kine from NORWAY | Jun. 20, 2019 13:19Reply
We are going to Kunming all the way from Norway to buy dried flowers.
What flower markets do you recommend, and how far is it from city center?

Do you think we need a translator, or do people speak English good enough?
Answers (1)
Answered by Nancy from AUSTRALIA | Jun. 20, 2019 23:01

You can go to the largest flower market of Kunming, Dounan Flower Market and it is located at Dounan Street, Chenggong District.

You can use body language and some simple English words. However, it is more convenient if you have a translator.
Asked by Kang from REPUBLIC OF KOREA | Jun. 18, 2019 19:49Reply
Hongtudi (Dongchuan red land) in Dec.
will be at Kunming 25th~28th Dec.
Is it O.K. to visit Hongtudi at that time?
I mean whether it is the best or better time to visit there?
Answers (1)
Answered by Vicky from USA | Jun. 19, 2019 18:25

The most suitable time for Dongchuan Red Soil photography is during May to June and September to December. Hope you enjoy your holiday!
Asked by MD nandasiri from SRILANKA | Jun. 08, 2019 17:17Reply
Srilankan national can get 24 free transit in Kunming airport
I am a srilankan national having official passport live in in Australia. Can i stay less than 24 hours transit at Changshui Airport via my travel Australia to Sri lanka
Answers (1)
Answered by Muller from GERMANY | Jun. 10, 2019 02:24

Yes, you can.
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