Kunming Transportation - Getting Around


There are more than 100 bus lines covering almost every area in Kunming. It costs only 1 Yuan to take a public bus throughout the city. The last shift usually leaves 22:00 to 22:30. Passengers should get on a bus from the front door and get off from the back door. Today most buses are self-service; correct small change is required.

 Followings are some bus lines with main stops just for your reference:
No.1: Yunnan University of Finance and Economics — University of Science and Technology — Yunnan University — Golden Eagle Shopping Center — Kunming Museum
Operating time: 06:00~22:00

No.3: Kunming Railway Station — Mi Le Temple — Golden Horse and Jade Rooster — Phoenix Village
Operating time: 06:00~22:00

No.4: Daguan Park — Mi Le Temple — Golden Horse and Jade Rooster — Golden Eagle Shopping Center
Operating time: 06:00~22:00

No.6: Minshan (Chunyu Road) — Gao Yao (Western Hills)
Operating time: 06:00~22:00

No.22: North Railway Station — Zoo — Yunnan Nationalities University — Yunnan Normal University — Mi Le Temple — Daguan Lou
Operating time: 06:00~22:00

No.24: Haigeng Park — Yunnan Nationalities Village — Railway Statoion
Operating time: 06:30~19:00

No.100: Daguan Park — Kunming Stadium— East Gate of Cuihu Park — Zoo
Operating time: 06:30~21:00

No.101: North Railway Station — Yuantong Temple — Yunnan University — Cuihu Park — Kunming Stadium
Operating time: 06:00~21:30

 Tip: Stand close to the door to get off at the next stop, otherwise, the bus driver does not stop.

The city will operate 9 subway lines according to the plan. Presently, line 1, line 2line 3 and line 6 are in service, passing a number of major passenger distributing centers like Changshui Airport, East Coach Station, Kunming Railway Station and South Railway Station.
 See subway maps for reference.


Fare Daytime Night (22:00 – 06:00)
Starting Rate for First 3km (2mi)   CNY8 CNY9.6
Fare between 3-10km (2-6mi)   CNY1.8/km CNY2.1/km
Fare beyond 10km (6mi)   CNY2.7/km CNY3.1/km
Fuel Fee  CNY1 for one ride
Waiting Fee  CNY0.9 for every 2.5min

Car Rental

Confident visitors can rent a car. We suggest visitors collect full information before deciding to rent a car. Rental prices range from 120 yuan to 300 yuan for a four-seat vehicle. We suggest renting a car with a driver who can also serve as tour guide; in addition you will save on your deposit, which is 500 to1000 Yuan for one car with a driver, but at least 5000 yuan deposit for a vehicle without a driver.

 Important notice: Foreigners must have a Chinese driver's license. We suggest visitors rent a car with a local driver to avoid going crooked road.


Renting a bicycle is another option. Many hostels in the city offer bicycle rentals at about 2 Yuan per hour and 15 Yuan for a day. The deposit for an old bike is 200 Yuan, 400 Yuan for a new one. Cycling around the city is gaining in popularity since the city is not big; travel by bicycle is convenient, economical and good for the environment. Visitors are reminded to secure bikes when parking them.

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