Kunming Transportation - Getting Around

The city will operate 9 subway lines according to the plan. Presently, line 1, line 2line 3 and line 6 are in service, passing a number of major passenger distributing centers like Changshui Airport, East Coach Station, Kunming Railway Station and South Railway Station.
See subway maps for reference.


There are more than 100 bus lines covering almost every area in Kunming. It costs only 1 Yuan to take a public bus throughout the city. The last shift usually leaves 22:00 to 22:30. Passengers should get on a bus from the front door and get off from the back door. Today most buses are self-service; correct small change is required.

 Followings are some bus lines with main stops just for your reference:
No.1: Yunnan University of Finance and Economics — University of Science and Technology — Yunnan University — Golden Eagle Shopping Center — Kunming Museum
Operating time: 06:00~22:00

No.3: Kunming Railway Station — Mi Le Temple — Golden Horse and Jade Rooster — Phoenix Village
Operating time: 06:00~22:00

No.4: Daguan Park — Mi Le Temple — Golden Horse and Jade Rooster — Golden Eagle Shopping Center
Operating time: 06:00~22:00

No.6: Minshan (Chunyu Road) — Gao Yao (Western Hills)
Operating time: 06:00~22:00

No.22: North Railway Station — Zoo — Yunnan Nationalities University — Yunnan Normal University — Mi Le Temple — Daguan Lou
Operating time: 06:00~22:00

No.24: Haigeng Park — Yunnan Nationalities Village — Railway Statoion
Operating time: 06:30~19:00

No.100: Daguan Park — Kunming Stadium— East Gate of Cuihu Park — Zoo
Operating time: 06:30~21:00

No.101: North Railway Station — Yuantong Temple — Yunnan University — Cuihu Park — Kunming Stadium
Operating time: 06:00~21:30

 Tip: Stand close to the door to get off at the next stop, otherwise, the bus driver does not stop.


Fare Daytime Night (22:00 – 06:00)
Starting Rate for First 3km (2mi)   CNY8 CNY9.6
Fare between 3-10km (2-6mi)   CNY1.8/km CNY2.1/km
Fare beyond 10km (6mi)   CNY2.7/km CNY3.1/km
Fuel Fee  CNY1 for one ride
Waiting Fee  CNY0.9 for every 2.5min

Car Rental

Confident visitors can rent a car. We suggest visitors collect full information before deciding to rent a car. Rental prices range from 120 yuan to 300 yuan for a four-seat vehicle. We suggest renting a car with a driver who can also serve as tour guide; in addition you will save on your deposit, which is 500 to1000 Yuan for one car with a driver, but at least 5000 yuan deposit for a vehicle without a driver.

 Important notice: Foreigners must have a Chinese driver's license. We suggest visitors rent a car with a local driver to avoid going crooked road.


Renting a bicycle is another option. Many hostels in the city offer bicycle rentals at about 2 Yuan per hour and 15 Yuan for a day. The deposit for an old bike is 200 Yuan, 400 Yuan for a new one. Cycling around the city is gaining in popularity since the city is not big; travel by bicycle is convenient, economical and good for the environment. Visitors are reminded to secure bikes when parking them.

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