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Kunming Airport Transportation

Kunming Changshui International Airport has convenient transportation systems. Subway, shuttle bus and taxi are available at Changshui Airport, which make it easy for passengers to travel between the airport and downtown area.

 Airport Transfer Service: Pick-up and see-off with experienced drivers and clean cars

The first phase of subway line 6 has been put into operation. This operates between Changshui Airport and East Bus Station and runs from 09:00 to 19:10 on an interval of 25 minutes. The whole journey is 23 minutes and the cost is CNY 5. Tickets can be purchased from bilingual ticket machines.

  Shuttle Bus

Line 1 Operating Hours Stops  Interval & Duration 
Airport - Xiaoximen/ West Inn 08:00~02:00 (The next day) Airport - Xinying Residence Community/East Renmin Road - Xiongye Hotel - Xiaoximen/ West Inn (Nanjiang Hotel) Interval: 20 minutes
Duration: 50 minutes
Xiaoximen/ West Inn - Airport 05:00~23:00 Xiaoximen/ West Inn - Xinying Residence Community - Airport
Line 2 Operating Hours Stops  Interval & Duration 
Airport - Wujiaba 08:00~03:00 (The next day) Airport - Telecom International Hotel - Railway Station/ Jinjiang Hotel - Wujiaba Interval: 20~30 minutes
Duration: 50 minutes
Wujiaba - Airport 05:00~23:00 Wujiaba - Railway Station/ Jinjiang Hotel - Jialuda Hotel - Airport
 Line 2 pass the International Convention and Exhibition Center/ Zhongyu Hotel.
Line 3 Operating Hours Stops  Interval & Duration 
Airport - North Downtown 09:00~23:00 Airport - Expo Garden - Beichen Fortune Center/ Beichen Avenue - North Downtown/ Linyu Road Interval: 30 minutes
Duration: 65 minutes
North Downtown - Airport 08:00~22:00
Line 4 Operating Hours Stops  Interval & Duration 
Airport - Chenggong New Urban Area 09:00~17:30 (The next day) Airport - Empark Grand Hotel - South Bus Station - Chenggong New Urban Area/ Howard Johnson Tropical Hotel Interval: 30 minutes
Duration: 60 minutes
Chenggong New Urban Area - Airport 08:00 at Chenggong New Urban Area;
07:30~17:30 at South Bus Station
Chenggong New Urban Area/ Howard Johnson Tropical Hotel - South Bus Station - Airport
Line 5 Operating Hours Stops  Interval & Duration 
Airport - Dianchi Hotel 09:00~17:30 Airport - Jinnanya Hotel - Dianchi National Resort - Dianchi Hotel Interval: 60 minutes
Duration: 65 minutes
Dianchi Hotel - Airport 07:00~16:30
 Line 5 passes Hangyi Hotel.
Line 6 Operating Hours Stops  Interval & Duration 
Airport - Kunming Hotel/ Dongfeng Square 08:00~02:00 (the next day) Airport - Xinying Residence Community/ East Renmin Road - Dongfeng Square/ Kunming Hotel Interval: 30 minutes
Duration: 45 minutes
Kunming Hote/Dongfeng Square - Airport 05:00~22:00

Passengers can hail taxis to go to downtown area from the airport.  In daytime, the flag-down fare is CNY 8 for the first 3 kilometers and CNY 1.6 per kilometer for the rest of the journey. The flag-down fare at night is CNY 9.8 for the first 3 kilometers and CNY 1.6 per kilometer for the rest of the journey. If you take a taxi from the airport, there will be a highway toll along the way: the cost is CNY 10 and should be included in your taxi fare. Confirm this detail with your driver. Expect to pay a fuel surcharge.

1. It takes about 40-50 minutes or perhaps longer if there is heavy traffic by taxi from Changshui Airport to the city center area and it costs about CNY 80-90.
2. It costs about CNY 50 by taxi from the airport to the East Bus Station, CNY 70-80 to the South Bus Station, CNY 90 to the North Bus Station or the West Bus Station.
3. When taking a taxi, passengers should tell the destination clearly, remember the car number, pay according to the taxi meter and keep the bill.
4. Taxi drivers are not allowed to pick up others without passenger's permission.

 Transportation from Kunming main passenger transport stations to the airport
1. From East Bus Station: take bus 22 or 50 and get off at North Circle City Road and transfer to Airport Shuttle Bus Line 1 at Xiongye Hotel
2. From South Bus Station: take Shuttle Bus Line 4
3. From North Bus Station: take bus 121 to Kunshi Crossroad and walk to Xiyi Hotel to take the Shuttle Bus Line 1, or take bus 907 to Linyu Road and walk to Yueyatang Residence Community Gate to take the Shuttle Bus Line 3
4. From West Bus Station: take bus 80 to Railway Station to take the Airport Shuttle Bus Line 2, or take bus 82 to Xiyi Hotel to take the Shuttle Bus Line 1