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Currently, there are four lines in operation, Line 1, Line 2, Line 3 and Line 6, while the second phases of Line 2 and Line 6 are under construction. As it is planned, Kunming will operate 9 subway lines, linking the major passenger distribution centers in the city like Kunming Railway Station and Changshui International Airport.

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Lines in Operation

 Line 1:  Operational Section:
Main Line: South Ring Road – University Town South;
Branch Line: Chunrong Street – South Railway Station 
Length: 28.5km (18 mi)
Stations: South Ring Road – Railway Station – Fude – Rixin Road – Wujiaba – Changhong West Road – Xiaodong Village – Erji Road – Xingyao Road – New Asia Athletics Park – South Coach Station – Dounan – Chunrong Street – Tuofeng Street – Lianda Street – Yikang South Road – University Town – University Town South
Branch Line: Chunrong Street - Municipal Administration Center - Yihe Road - Bailongtan - South Railway Station

 Line 2: North Coach Station – Baofeng Village
Total Length: 23km (14 mi)
Stations: North Coach Station – Longtou Street – Sijiaying – Yangchangcun – Linyuqiao – Beichen – Jinxing – Baiyun Road – North Railway Station – Chuanxingulou – Jiaosanqiao – Dongfeng Square – Tangzixiang – South Ring Road – Railway Station – Nanba – Rixin Road – Yiyuan Community – Guangfu Road – Panlong Village – Liujia – Gongjia Village – Conference and Exhibition Center – Baofeng Village

 Line 3: Western Hills – East Coach Station
Total Length: 23km (14mi)
Stations: Western Hills - Chejiabi - Puping Village - Shiju - Dayu Road - West Bus Station – Mianshan - Middle Changyuan Road – Xiyuan – Liangjiahe - Municipal Stadium – Panjiawan - Wuyi Road - Dongfeng Square - Tuodong Stadium – Dashuying – Jinmasi – Taipingcun – Hongqiao - East Coach Station

 Line 6: East Coach Station – Airport Center
Total Length: 27km (17 mi)
Stations: East Coach Station – Dabanqiao - Airport Front - Airport Center

Ticket Fare

The price varies based on the distance. It is CNY2 for the first 4km (2.5mi), CNY3 for 4-9km (2.5-5.6mi), CNY4 for 9-16km (5.6-10mi), CNY5 for 16-25km (10-16mi), CNY6 for 25-36km (16-22mi), CNY7 for 36-49km (22-30mi).

Kunming metro logo 

Lines under Construction

 Line 4: Chenjiaying – South Railway Station
Total Length: 43.4km (27mi)
Stations: Chenjiaying – Dahegeng – Datangzi – Xiaotun Overpass – Jindingshan – Lianhuachi – Xiaocaiyuan – North Railway Station – Donghua – Dashuying – Juhua Village – Juhua East – East Railway Station – Macha – Niujiezhuang – Xiaoxi Village – Yangfu – Luoshiwan North – Luoshiwan – Xiaowangjiaying – Dounan – Wulong – Saimachang West – Saimachang South – Chenggong – Chenggong East – South Railway Station

 Line 5: Expo Garden – Suwang Village
Total Length: 24km (14.9mi)
Stations: Expo Garden – Bailong Temple – Shizha Overpass – North Railway Station – Zoo – Cuihu – Provincial Museum -- Maitreya Temple – Wuhua Gymnasium –Youth Palace – Nanya – Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference – Daba Village – Yuntianhua – Hongta East Road – Zhuangjiatang Overpass – Huanhu East Road – Suwang Village

 Line 7: Puji Overpass – Qidian
Stations: Jipu Overpass – Northwest Bus Station – Datangzi –Heilinpu – Changyuan Middle Road – Shagouwei – Nanya – Tianjiadi – Qianxing Road – Dashanghui – Guannan Guangfu – Changhong Guangfu – Century City West – Guandu Ancient Town – Sports City South – Guangwei – Dashuitian – Guolin Reservoir – Qidian

 Line 8: Longquan Road – Fubao East
Stations: Longquan Road (Shabaying) – Xiaokang Avenue – Linyu bridge – Kunqu High-Speed – Chuanjin Road – Expo Garden – Bailong Temple -- Southwest Forestry University – Jinsha Community – Taiping Village – Juhua Overpass – East Railway Station – Guanshang Forest Park – Hongchang West Road – Sanjia Village – Changhong Guangfu – Dingjia Village – Wujiatang Wetland Patrk – Fubao East

 Line 9: Dabanqiao North – Shizhaishan
Stations: Dabanqiao North – Dabanqiao – Guolin Reservoir – South Railway Station (Bailongtan) – Jingming South Road – Xiazhuang (Yunnan University) – Chenggong University Town (Radio&Television University) – Yuanbao Village -- Radio&Television Media – Jinmapu – Park North Road – Baiyun Village – Jincheng North – Industrial Park – Jincheng – Jincheng South – Zhonggui Village – Shizhaishan 

 Note: The routes of these metro lines may be changed in the future, and the stations may be renamed. The above information is just for your reference.

- Last modified on Apr. 15, 2019 -
Questions & Answers on Kunming Subway
Asked by debbie leong from MALAYSIA | Apr. 09, 2019 03:29Reply
May i know the best route to travel if i want to see the below in Kunming:-
a) Green Lake, Dian Lake
b) Stone Forest
c) Duan Yuan red earth padi terrace

Is there subway to the spots needed by LRT or MRT?

How to travel to Dali from Kunming and from Dali to Lijiang?
Answers (1)
Answered by Catherine from UNITED KINGDOM | Apr. 15, 2019 00:41

Take the Main Railway Station as the starting point:
1. To Green Lake:
Take metro line 1 to South Huancheng Road and transfer to metro line 2 to Jiaosanqiao Station, Exit A. Then take bus no.54 to Fuchun Street. Afterwards, walk north around 350 meters to find Cuihu Park.
To Dian Lake:
Take metro line 1 to South Huancheng Road Station, Exit B. Then take bus no.44 to Xigong Port (Dianchi Road). Walk southeast around 200 meters to find the destination.

2. Take the direct tourist bus from the Main Railway Station to Stone Forest.

3. Do you refer to Dongchuan Red Land? If yes, take a coach from North Coach Station to Huashitou Village first. The duration is around 5 hours.

4. To Dali: Take bullet train from the Main Railway Station to Dali directly. The duration is around 2 hours.
From Dali to Lijiang: Take the normal speed train from Dali Railway Station to Lijiang Railway Station. It also takes around 2 hours on the way.
Asked by Kitson from CANADA | Jan. 05, 2019 19:08Reply
How to get to Luosiwan International Shopping Center from Kunming Railway Station
in downtown by subway?
Answers (1)
Answered by Kitson from CANADA | Jan. 06, 2019 09:03

I have found the way, take subway line 2 and get off at South Coach Station. Thanks anyway.
Asked by Topp from THAILAND | Nov. 12, 2018 21:33Reply
Available Time for Subway Line 6 in Kunming Changshui International Airport
I would arrive at Changshui International Airport at 02.00 AM and I'm not sure there will be the subway line 6 to the downtown at that time. Please everyone advise.
Thanks in advanced.
Answers (2)
Answered by Nelson from USA | Nov. 12, 2018 22:24

The running time of the subway line 6 is from 06:20 to 22:20. So it is not available as you arrive at the airport. You can spend one night at the airport and then get on the first subway at 06:20.

Or, there is the airport bus Route 2 in service until 03:00 and the bus running along Changshui International Airport - Xinying Xiaoqu (Ziteng Hotel) - Telecom International Hotel (Juhua Village) - Kunming Railway Station - Jinjiang Hotel. You can choose one stop to get off and then take a taxi to your destination. I think it may be cheaper than taking a taxi directly.
Answered by Topp from THAILAND | Nov. 13, 2018 17:29

Thanks Nelson
Asked by Jessica Tan from MALAYSIA | Nov. 04, 2018 02:18Reply
Where is Kunming Wuyi Road Station located ?
I am unable to trace it in Google map. I did raise this question before but it is no longer visible and has been replied by Michael on 16Oct18.
Answers (3)
Answered by Bambi from FRANCE | Nov. 04, 2018 23:37

It is one stop of the metro line 3 and it is near the Longdu international convalescence center and department store.
Answered by Jessica Tan from MALAYSIA | Nov. 06, 2018 01:05

Thanks Bambi! I can't locate Longdu International in Google Map. I know Wuyi Road station is on Line 3 but can you let me know where it is located at which intersection of Wuyi Road and other landmarks nearby.
Answered by Bambi | Nov. 06, 2018 01:16

It is located at the intersection of Wuyilu and East Dongfeng Road. Its nearby thing includes Southeast Asia Taiwan Food Town.
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