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Guangzhou to Urumqi Train

So far, only 1 Guangzhou to Urumqi train is running from Guangzhou Railway Station to Urumqi Railway Station, requiring the travel time of about 48.5 hours to complete the journey as long as 3,144 kilometers (1,954 miles). The ticket price for a soft sleeper is CNY 1,286.5 and for a hard sleeper is CNY 752.5 or CNY 779.5.

When the Guangzhou to Urumqi tickets are sold out, one can make a transfer in Lanzhou. The travel time is about 35.5 hours and the ticket price for a Guangzhou to Lanzhou second class seat and a Lanzhou to Urumqi hard sleeper is CNY 1,403.

Guangzhou to Urumqi Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train Z138:
1Guangzhou -08:18
2Shaoguan East 10:3310:39
3Chenzhou 12:1812:22
4Hengyang 14:0514:11
5Zhuzhou [hunan] 15:3515:44
6Changsha 16:2216:32
7Yueyang 17:5317:56
8Wuhan [Wuchang] 20:0420:26
9Xinyang 22:4022:43
10Zhumadian 23:3023:33
11Luohe 00:0900:13
12Zhengzhou 01:2801:35
13Luoyang 03:0203:08
14Xi'an 07:4207:50
15Baoji 09:2509:29
16Tianshui 11:0011:06
17Gangu 11:5511:59
18Longxi 12:4312:47
19Lanzhou 15:0315:18
20Wuwei 18:1718:23
21Zhangye 20:3420:39
22Jiayuguan 22:3622:51
23Liuyuan 01:3101:37
24Kumul 04:2504:36
25Shanshan North 06:3206:34
26Turpan North 07:1807:20
27Urumqi 08:49-

Other Transportation Options

Option 1: Guangzhou to Urumqi Flight

8 flights scheduled from 01:10 to 19:15 are in service from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Urumqi Diwopu International Airport, taking the travel time of about 4 hours. The airfare is from CNY 1,500 to CNY 2,300.

Option 2: Transfer in Lanzhou

Guangzhou South to Lanzhou West Lanzhou to Urumqi Overall Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat/ Hard Sleeper
G96 08:55 - 19:19 K1583 21:13 - 20:18+1 35h23m CNY 988 + CNY 415 = CNY 1403


Where to Go in Urumqi

Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar provides not only various products but also entertaining activities including Xinjiang Dancing and so on to tourists. Tourists can know rich culture of Islam, art, food and architectural styles. There is a sightseeing tower in the bazaar, from which tourists can have a paranoiac view of the whole city. Also, one can appreciate lots of rilievi with the theme of Muqam. If tourists want to buy some tourist crafts there, they can go to the Happy Square where locates numerous shops selling carpets, leather products, knives, instruments, pottery and etc. After finishing the tour, one can go to the Food Square to eat Xinjiang specialties like Braised Chicken with Potato and Green Pepper, Roast Whole Lamb and Rice Cooked with Mutton.

Xinjiang Regional Museum mainly shows the history of Xinjiang and the customs of different ethnic groups. Here, one can see mummies including the famous Mummy of Loulan Beauty in Mummy Exhibition Hall. The museum is consisted of two exhibition floors. The first floor focuses on the cultural relics of Xinjiang and other items presenting the customs of Xinjiang. Tourists can see the instruments, articles for daily use, and felt house of 12 main ethnic groups living in Xinjiang such as Uighur ethnic group, Kazak ethnic group, Mongolian ethnic group, Xibo ethnic group, Russian ethnic group and others alike. The second floor has four exhibition halls. On the left side, there are Exhibition Hall of fabric products from different dynasties and an exhibition shown patriotic love for China. On the right side, one can see Mummy Exhibition Hall and exhibition hall presenting various items made of white marble.

Except for these two attractions, Red Hill Park is also recommended. If one has enough time, they are recommended to visit it too.

Urumqi to Guangzhou Train

1 Urumqi to Guangzhou train is in service, taking about 50 hours.

 See detailed Guangzhou Train Schedule & Urumqi Train Schedule

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