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There are mainly two railway stations for passenger use in Urumqi:

Urumqi Railway Station is the terminus of Lanzhou-Xinjiang High Speed Railway. It operates both high speed trains to/from Lanzhou, Turpan, Kumul and ordinary trains to/from Shanghai, Beijing and Xi'an etc.

South Railway Station handles ordinary trains from/to Kashgar, Xining, Lanzhou, Xi'an, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Chongqing.

  Major Rail Lines from Urumqi to: 

High Speed Train Schedule of Urumqi

(Last Update on Nov 16, 2018)
ToNos.DurationTicket Fare (CNY)
First/ Second Class Seat
D56, D2706, D2712, D2708 from 08:36 to 12:0911h8m - 11h42mCNY 882/ 551
D56, D2706, D2712, D2708 from 08:36 to 12:099h43m - 10h24mCNY 789/ 493
Liuyuan South
D56, D2706, D2712, D2708 from 08:36 to 12:094h29m - 4h50mCNY 395/ 247
Zhangye West
D56, D2706, D2712, D2708 from 08:36 to 12:097h39m - 8h26mCNY 642/ 401.5
Turpan North
D8832, D56, D8802, D2706...
12 departures from 08:11 to 19:48
1h00m - 1h12mCNY 82/ 51.5
D56, D8802, D2706, D2712...
9 departures from 08:36 to 19:48
2h57m - 3h24mCNY 266/ 166.5
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.

Normal Train Timetable of Urumqi

(Last Update on Nov 16, 2018)
ToNos.DurationTicket Fare (CNY)
Soft/ Hard Sleeper
Z70, Z180 at 14:08 and 18:2330h14m - 39h22mCNY 894/ 581
T206, Z42 at 19:24 and 19:5940h6m - 46h25mCNY 1,053.5/ 680.5
K2060 at 21:3935h41mCNY 820.5/ 525.5
Z232, Z136 at 18:49 and 20:1446h51m - 49h8mCNY 1,276.5/ 752.5
T308, Z232, T198, T284...
12 departures from 17:51 to 22:04
24h42m - 36h38mCNY 763.5/ 487.5
K9718, T9526 at 05:58 and 11:0323h56m - 29h31mCNY 630/ 407
Z106, K1338 at 18:16 and 20:0638h20m - 39h38mCNY 894/ 575
K9718, K9786, K9722, T9526...
5 departures from 05:58 to 16:13
18h9m - 22h30mCNY 521.5/ 331.5
K9718, Z6502, K9776, K9786...
12 departures from 05:58 to 23:32
3h59m - 7h39mCNY 194/ 130
K9785, T9503, T205, T9581...
19 departures from 07:40 to 23:41
1h50m - 4h21mCNY 131.5/ 91.5
T304, K1584, Z70, T296...
21 departures from 08:50 to 23:24
4h00m - 7h5mCNY 223/ 142
K1584, T296, T308, T284...
16 departures from 12:38 to 23:24
15h54m - 26h19mCNY 617/ 388
T206, Z42 at 19:24 and 19:5937h7m - 42h29mCNY 1,006/ 649
T308, T284, Z136, K1352...
12 departures from 17:51 to 22:04
20h21m - 31h20mCNY 699/ 459
T9503, T205, K1337, T9515...
10 departures from 08:30 to 23:41
5h00m - 11h53mCNY 231/ 154
Z106, T198, T206, Z136...
8 departures from 18:16 to 21:53
30h58m - 41h22mCNY 859.5/ 549.5
K9763 at 16:115h45mCNY 231/ 168
T308, Z136, Z106, Z232...
6 departures from 17:51 to 20:27
13h56m - 15h45mCNY 552/ 361
T304, Z70, T308, Z180...
18 departures from 08:50 to 23:24
7h5m - 11h22mCNY 346/ 214
T304, K1584, Z70, T296...
20 departures from 08:50 to 23:24
11h44m - 18h36mCNY 495.5/ 317.5
K9718, T304, K9776, K9786...
26 departures from 05:58 to 23:32
1h21m - 2h31mCNY 150.5/ 114.5
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.

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Questions & Answers on Urumqi Train Schedule
Asked by PPWong from HONG KONG | Aug. 31, 2018 04:01Reply
Stopover at Xining from Turpan to Chengdu
Hi, this is a repeat post as the earlier post appears to be deleted.
I am planning to take the Z232 from Turpan arriving the next morning at Xining at 8.59am.Would there be sufficient time for me to go to Qinghai Lake by bus and return to take the K1060 to Chengdu at 21:40hrs on the same day. A walkabout around QL would suffice. Also,is there a direct bus to QL from Xining Railway Station.Thanks.
Answers (1)
Answered by Earle | Sep. 07, 2018 00:51

The time is indeed very limited. Usually it is one day or two day trip. Also, most travelers would rent a car for this trip. If by public coach, it is more time-consuming. There is a coach station near Xining Railway Station. You can buy bus ticket to Chaka, Wulan etc. But indeed for this trip, the most convenient and frequently way is to rent a car.
Asked by PPWong from HONG KONG | Aug. 27, 2018 20:11Reply
Difference between Turpan to Chengdu train K454 and K2060
K454 hard sleepers are always fully booked whereas those on K2060 are available on the same day. Are the facilities on board these trains different? Both have the same travelling time.
Answers (2)
Answered by Stella | Aug. 28, 2018 02:42

The facilities are not the reason, but the departure station. K454 departs from Kashgar and K2060 is from Urumqi. The K454 runs a longer distance, thus the tickets are harder to get. But may not always sold out. I see that for some days in Sep, there are still some beds available.
Answered by PPWong from HONG KONG | Aug. 28, 2018 03:37

Thanks Stella for your reply. Makes sense to me now.
Asked by Sandra from POLAND | Jun. 14, 2018 03:52Reply
Urumqi to Beijing train hard sleeper August
I'd like to buy a train ticket from Urumqi do Beijing in the beginning of August. Is this period very busy? Is it ok to buy the ticket 2-3 days in advance and hope to get a hard sleeper? Beijing is quite a hot destination but is it so in the beginning of August?
Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Buddie from US | Jun. 14, 2018 19:40

2 or 3 days in advance may be a little risky. It would be better if you buy it around one week before and check the availability online often
Asked by Sophia from SINGAPORE | Jan. 12, 2018 04:36Reply
When I take the train cause I alight and go for their attraction and board the train again?
Will there be any stop over for a few hours before the train set off again
Answers (2)
Answered by Thithat | Jan. 13, 2018 01:22

No, if you get off at a stopover station, you need to buy a new ticket to get on the next ride.
Answered by Sophia from SINGAPORE | Jan. 13, 2018 03:13

thank! will it be easier to travel around xinjiang? I can’t find any details on the transportation from one place to another
Asked by Peter Chan from U S A | Sep. 20, 2017 18:12Reply
I would like to take a trip to the border town between Kazakhstan and xinjiang
Please guide me how I can reach the borders of Kazarstan and xinjiang by high speed train from Shenzhen, China
Answers (1)
Answered by Maisie | Sep. 21, 2017 22:12

Two ports Khorgos and Alashankou can be used. There is a slow ride from Shenzhen to Urumqi and then you can take another ride to Khorgos or Alashankou. If you want high speed rides, you may follow a route like Shenzhen-Xian-Lanzhou-Urumqi-Khorgos or Alashankou. There are high speed rides for Shenzhen-Xian-Lanzhou-Urumqi trip.
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