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Nanjing to Urumqi Train

Currently, 2 Nanjing to Urumqi normal speed train are in service every day. They start from Nanjing Railway Station to Urumqi Railway Station. The duration ranges from 36.5h to 40 hours to complete the total distance of 3,755 kilometers (2,333 miles). And the ticket fare of a hard sleeper is CNY 660, of a soft sleeper is CNY 1,021 and of a hard seat is CNY 365.

While there is no Nanjing to Urumqi high speed train operated right now. Taking a flight will be a preferable choice, if you have a hurry trip.

Nanjing to Urumqi Train Ticket Booking

Details of the Train K1540:
1Nanjing -14:40
2Chuzhou North 15:1815:22
3Bengbu 16:5216:58
4Xuzhou 18:4619:20
5Dangshan [Anhui] 20:4220:47
6Yuchengxian 21:2121:24
7Shangqiu 21:3921:45
8Kaifeng 23:0923:13
9Zhengzhou 23:5900:11
10Luoyang 01:4401:49
11Xi'an 07:2207:32
12Caijiapo 09:0709:09
13Guozhen 09:2809:31
14Baoji 09:5309:59
15Tianshui 11:3711:43
16Longxi 13:1513:18
17Lanzhou 15:4115:56
18Wuwei 19:5720:03
19Jinchang 20:4620:52
20Zhangye 23:0223:08
21Jiuquan 01:3901:43
22Jiayuguan 02:0202:10
23Kumul 08:4308:49
24Shanshan 11:1511:21
25Turpan 12:4412:48
26Urumqi 14:30-
Details of the Train Z40:
1Shanghai -16:17
2Suzhou [Jiangsu] 17:0917:12
3Wuxi [Jiangsu] 17:3517:39
4Changzhou 18:0118:04
5Nanjing 19:1319:19
6Bengbu 20:5421:00
7Xuzhou 22:4822:54
8Shangqiu 00:1500:17
9Kaifeng 01:2201:24
10Zhengzhou 02:0302:11
11Luoyang 03:4003:45
12Xi'an 08:3308:43
13Baoji 10:1910:25
14Tianshui 12:0112:07
15Lanzhou 15:5016:05
16Wuwei 19:0919:15
17Zhangye 21:2721:31
18Jiayuguan 23:2823:36
19Kumul 05:0805:20
20Turpan North 08:0108:03
21Urumqi 09:38-
Details of the Train Z304:
1Shanghai -21:00
2Suzhou [Jiangsu] 21:4921:53
3Wuxi [Jiangsu] 22:1722:20
4Nanjing 23:4423:50
5Bengbu 01:2301:50
6Xuzhou 03:0903:17
7Shangqiu 04:5104:55
8Zhengzhou 06:3706:43
9Luoyang 08:0808:13
10Xi'an 12:4813:03
11Baoji 14:3614:46
12Tianshui 16:1716:24
13Lanzhou 20:0120:30
14Wuwei 23:3223:38
15Jinchang 00:1200:14
16Zhangye 01:5201:56
17Jiayuguan 03:5103:59
18Liuyuan 06:4206:48
19Kumul 09:4109:55
20Shanshan North 12:1012:14
21Turpan North 12:5712:59
22Urumqi 14:24-

Running Route of Nanjing – Urumqi Train

Nanjing to Xuzhou Railway Line: Constituting a part of Beijing – Shanghai Railway, this line stretches 348 kilometers (216 miles) totally, passing by Bengbu Railway Station.

Xuzhou to Urumqi Railway Line: This line is as long as 3,447 kilometers (2,142 miles), as a section of Xuzhou – Lanzhou – Xinjiang Railway, connecting stations like Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Xi’an, Baoji, Lanzhou, Xinjiang, Jiayuguan and Urumqi.

Nanjing to Urumqi Flight

By now, 9 Nanjing to Urumqi direct flights are available departing from Nanjing Lukou to Urumqi Diwobao International Airport. It takes 4H50M at least, and shortest flying distance is 3,702 kilometers (2,300 miles). The ticket price differ according to its airlines.

Where to go in Urumqi

Located on the hillside of Bogda Mountain in the east of Tianshan Mountain, Fukang City, Tianshan and Tianchi Scenic Area is 67 kilometers (42 miles) away from Urumqi. The resources of this area are representative of the natural landscape of Eurasia arid region. Multiple sceneries are in a short distance of 80 kilometers (50 miles), such as mountain glaciers, meadow wetlands, forests, canyons, lakes, and Gobi deserts.
 Located in the Shayibak District of Urumqi, this museum shows the history of Xinjiang and the folk customs of various ethnic groups, as well as rare ancient corpses display in China. On the first floor, it introduces the folk customs of 12 major ethnic groups in Xinjiang such as Uygur, Kazakh, Mongolia, and Xibe. Visitors can see their musical instruments, daily necessities, yurts, as well as special costumes. In addition, visitors can see the exhibition hall showing a variety of unearthed relics on the Silk Road, as well as those from the western territories. The corpses display on the second floor contain ancient bodies thousands years ago, which have been protected from decomposition due to the dry climate in Xinjiang.
 This scenic spot is 42 kilometers (26 miles) away from Urumqi city, with an average elevation of 2,020 meters (6,627 feet) and a total area of 1,038 square kilometers (256,495 acres). With steep and rolling mountains, this area is rich in natural and biological resources, for example, mysterious primitive forests, green valleys and grasslands, great snow-capped glaciers, beautiful lakes, rushing streams, and a variety diversities of wildlife with such a living environment.

Urumqi to Nanjing Train

From Urumqi to Nanjing, 3 normal speed trains also serve with a journey time from 37.5 to 49.5 hours. The ticket price for a hard sleeper is CNY 615.

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Major Rail Lines from Nanjing to:

Major Rail Lines from Urumqi to:
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