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Xi'an - Urumqi Train

At present, over 12 pairs of normal speed trains are running overnight between Xi'an Railway Station and Urumqi Railway Station. The journey time is 24 – 37 hours. Xi'an to Urumqi distance by train is 2,547 – 2,894 kilometers (1,583 – 1,798 miles).

Passengers can make a high speed train transfer in Lanzhou or Xining, which can cut the total journey time to 14 – 15.5 hours.


Xi'an to Urumqi Train Schedule

(Last Update on May 7, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
T28301:37 - 06:38+29h1m
T19703:39 - 08:31+28h52m
K17504:07 - 12:13+32h6m
Z29305:10 - 07:54+26h44m
T20505:31 - 08:01+26h30m
T30706:03 - 09:01+26h58m
K153707:08 - 13:59+30h51m
Z13507:34 - 08:40+25h6m
Z23109:38 - 10:03+24h25m
Z10511:01 - 11:44+24h43m
Z4111:10 - 11:13+24h3m
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Urumqi to Xi'an Train Timetable

(Last Update on May 7, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
Z10617:42 - 19:21+25h39m
Z23218:01 - 19:39+25h38m
T30818:08 - 21:40+27h32m
K463018:54 - 06:51++35h57m
T19818:57 - 00:30++29h33m
Z4219:21 - 20:41+25h20m
Z13619:40 - 22:33+26h53m
T28419:47 - 00:56++29h9m
Z29420:27 - 22:54+26h27m
T20620:51 - 00:37++27h46m
K135222:06 - 06:40++32h34m
K17622:44 - 07:46++33h2m
K68023:00 - 10:42++35h42m
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Note: The timetable listed above is for reference only. Please search for the real-time schedule by the search box on top of this page.

Ticket Fare of Xi'an - Urumqi Trains

(Last Update on May 7, 2019)
Soft SleeperHard SleeperHard Seat
CNY 767.5 - 792.5
USD 116 - 120
CNY 487.5 - 506.5
USD 74 - 77
CNY 273.5 - 278.5
USD 41 - 42

 Running routes:
 Most of them: Xianyang, Xingping, Wugong, Yangling, Caijiapo, Baoji, Tianshui, Wushan, Gangu, Longxi, Dingxi, Lanzhou, Xining, Wuwei South, Wuwei, Jinchang, Shandan, Zhangye, Zhangye West, Qingshui, Linze, Jiuquan, Jiuquan South, Jiayuanguan, Diwopu, Yumen, Shulehe, Liuyuan, Kumul, Tuha, Shanshan, Shanshan North, Turpan, Turpan North, and Urumqi South

 K1582/K1584: Pucheng East, Yan'an, Zizhou, Jingbian, Dingbian, Zhongwei, Wuwei, Jinchang, Zhangye, Qingshui, Jiuquan, Jiayuanguan, Yumen, Liuyuan, Kumul, Shanshan North, Turpan North, and Urumqi South

Travel Tips for Xi'an - Urumqi Train

1. A soft sleeper or hard sleeper berth is highly recommended when you travel for such a long journey, and you should book sleeper tickets in advance as they are always in great demands
2. Bring some food or drink as it is expensive onboard.
3. Although the beautiful scenery along the way may give you some relief from the long boring journey, you should also download some videos, bring some snacks or chat with travel companions to kill the time.
4. You'd better bring a portable charger device as only a few sockets are available in each sleeper carriage, and none is provided in hard seat carriage. 

A faster transfer by high speed train in Lanzhou or Xining

After Xi'an- Lanzhou High Speed Railway was put into operation on July 9th, 2017, Lanzhou and Xining can be easily reached by high speed trains from Xi'an. If you are tired of a long and boring journey by normal rail, then you can take high speed trains to Lanzhou or Xining first and then take other high speed trains to Urumqi along Lanzhou-Xinjiang High Speed Railway. Traveling like this will save a lot of time.
Total Duration  Total Ticket Fare
First Class Seat Second Class Seat
Transfer in Lanzhou  14 – 15.5 hours  About CNY113.5 About CNY735.5
Transfer in Xining About CNY1108.5 About CNY722.5

Xi'an - Urumqi Train vs. Flight

Direct flights are available between the two cities, taking about 3 hours. This is a good choice for those who need to travel in a hurry, or those traveling in low season. But in peak season, the flight ticket may be expensive. Also, flight delays caused by weather change or air traffic control may affect the trip performance.

In contrast, a transfer by high speed train may also be a good experience for budget travelers. Compared with normal rail ride, it saves a lot of time. Compared with a flight trip, it costs less. The beautiful scenery along the way will also be a great gift for this journey.

 Major Rail Lines from Xi'an to:

 Major Rail Lines from Urumqi to:
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Questions & Answers on Xi'an - Urumqi Train
Asked by Tonya from HUNGARY | Jun. 04, 2019 03:16Reply
Urumqi South Station is not used anymore?
I saw they all stop at the north station. There is no option of South Station?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jonas from UNITED KINGDOM | Jun. 04, 2019 17:13

South Station is still in service but did less frequently used now. For this trip to or from Xi'an, they did use the main station (I suppose it is the one you mentioned as north station).
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