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Xining Railway Station

Xining Railway Station is the starting point of Tibet Railway which leads to holy Lhasa, and an important station along Lanzhou-Xinjiang High Speed Rail Line which goes to northwest Urumqi. The station is about 2 miles (3 km) from Dongguan Mosque, 19 miles (30 km) from Caojiabao Airport, and 20 miles (32 km) from Kumbum Monastery.

Address: Huzhu Road, Chengdong District in Xining city

Schedule and Ticket Booking

High speed trains to/from Lanzhou, Jiayuguan, Zhangye, Kumul, Turpan, and Urumqi and non-bullet trains to/from Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, and Lhasa in Tibet are operated at Xining Railway Station.

 Major Rail Lines from Xining to: 

High Speed Train Schedule

(Last Update on Dec 4, 2018)
ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
First/ Second Class Seat
Lanzhou West
D2686, D2688, D2570, D2672...
21 departures from 07:50 to 22:32
1h11m - 1h27mCNY 93/ 58
USD 14/ 9
Xi'an North
D2686, D2688, D2570, D2672...
10 departures from 07:50 to 17:52
4h30m - 4h43mCNY 324.5/ 232.5
USD 48/ 34
D2701, D2703, D55, D2711 from 09:16 to 12:028h45m - 9h14mCNY 706/ 441.5
USD 104/ 65
D2701, D2703, D55, D2711 from 09:16 to 12:029h50m - 10h25mCNY 789/ 493
USD 116/ 73
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Normal Speed Train Timetable

(Last Update on Dec 4, 2018)
ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
Soft/ Hard Sleeper
Z293, T307, Z135, Z231...
6 departures from 15:54 to 20:47
14h6m - 16h15mCNY 575/ 382
USD 85/ 56
Beijing West
T176, Z22, Z152 from 12:05 to 14:2518h43m - 24h1mCNY 674/ 428
USD 99/ 63
K2188, Z166, Z42, K378 from 08:35 to 21:0526h2m - 33h26mCNY 732.5/ 479.5
USD 108/ 71
K2188, Z106, Z232, Z166...
15 departures from 08:35 to 22:50
10h28m - 13h55mCNY 357/ 245
USD 53/ 36
Z223, Z6801, Z21, Z265...
6 departures from 12:27 to 21:27
20h48m - 22h3mCNY 826/ 540
USD 121/ 79
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.
Xining Railway Station
Xining Railway Station

Station Plan

Xining Railway Station is made up of a three-storey terminal building, and two squares to its south and north. The terminal building can remind passengers of flying lanneret and hada (a strip of silk the local tibetan used to welcome guests), showing the boldness and enthusiasm of the local people. 
 2F: waiting hall, ticket office, check points, hot drinking water, toilets, charging devices
 Mezzanine on 2F: fast food and Chinese food restaurants, café, and shops for special local products.
 1F: platforms, ticket office, service desk, toilets
 -1F: arrival hall, parking lot
 -2F: parking lot

 South square: long-distance bus stations, bus station
 Underground: underground passage, parking lot, taxi stands

How to transfer between Xining Train Station and downtown/nearby cities

 By city bus: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 16, 17, 20, 22, 27, 28, 31, 32, 35, 36, 40, 62, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, night bus no. 501
City bus stations are located at the east side of the south square. Passengers arriving by rail can go through the -1F underground passage to get there, and then take a bus to other downtown places. There are direction signs showing the way to the bus stations.

 By taxi:
Passengers arriving by taxi will be dropped at the south square. The taxi pick-up stand is at the west side of the underground passage.
From/ To Duration (Minutes) Cost (CNY)
Kumbum Monastery 40 90
Dongguan Mosque 10 10
Caojiabao Airport 45 80 - 100

 By long-distance bus:
Two long-distance bus stations are located to the east and west sides of the south square. Coaches to/from far cities including Lanzhou, Jingtai, Baiyin, Luoyang, Yinchuan and nearby cities such as Chaka, Qilian, Banduo, Minhe, and Ledu are available here.

Luxury Soft Sleeper
Travel by a Luxury Soft Sleeper Cabin

How to get to famous downtown places from Xining Railway Station

 Dongguan Mosque:
Take bus no. 5, 22, 33, or 103 to Dongshaomen, and then walk 200 yards (180 m) westward to the mosque.

 Kumbum Monastery:
Take special bus line at the station to the monastery. Duration is about 1.5 hours and ticket fare is CNY 3 per person.

 Xining Airport:
Take direct airport shuttle bus East Line from this railway station. The operating hours are 05:30, 07:00 - 20:00. The trip takes around an hour. The bus fare is CNY 21 per person.

 Qinghai Lake:
Take bus no. 106 to Bayi Coach Station where you can take a coach to Qinghai Lake. The duration is 1.5 hours and ticket price is around CNY 40 per person.
Or you can charter a car to have a Qinghai Lake circling tour. It costs CNY 550 – 650 per day in peak period between July and August, and CNY 400 – 500 per day in low season.

Facilities and Services at the Station

 Ticket office:
Currently, 2 tickets offices are in service at Xining Railway Station and they are located on 1F and at the west side of the 2F. About 20 ticket windows are available for passengers to purchase, change or refund tickets.

 Waiting hall:
The waiting hall on 2F is divided into two parts for bullet train ticket holders and ordinary train ticket holders respectively. Besides, both maternal and infant waiting room and waiting room for the old, weak, sick and disabled are provided in the waiting hall. Inquiry center, hot drinking water and toilets are spread out in the waiting hall. You can also find the reading room and stores for local special products there. A mezzanine on 2F mainly serves as commercial areas where restaurants and shops can be found.

 Service desk:
There is a service desk on 1F. You can go there to inquire about the train arrival and departure information, ask about the transportation to/from downtown, make a complaint, or ask for help when encounter unexpected situations.
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Questions & Answers on Xining Railway Station
Asked by JANESSA | Nov. 05, 2018 23:43Reply
time for connecting trip
Hi I am landing in Lanzhou ZhongChuan Airport..plan to take Train from Airport to Lanzhou West then from Lanzhou West to Xining. I wondered
a) is the airport rides stops at the same station to board towards Xining?
b) how much time to buy the connecting train to xining?

thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Larissa | Nov. 06, 2018 02:54

The rides from airport stop at both Lanzhou and Lanzhou West Station. For the trip to Xining, most of them depart from Lanzhou West Station. You can choose the West Station for both trips. If for same station, usually 30min is fine. If you have many luggages with you or worried about finding direction, a little longer time between would be better.
Asked by Alex from SWITZERLAND | Aug. 20, 2018 06:46Reply
Left luggage at Xining train station
Is it possible to leave our luggage in Xining for 5-6 hours when in transit between train and airport?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jeanne | Aug. 20, 2018 23:20

Yes, there is left luggage office near the exit and also self-service luggage locker inside the station. The price should be CNY10 per piece for 12 hours. If it is a large sized luggage, maybe CNY20.
Asked by Ahmad from MALAYSIA | Aug. 19, 2018 23:31Reply
Bus from Xining City Center to Xining Railway Station.
Where will I get this bus, what time is the last bus at night and time of travel? Thank you.
Answers (5)
Answered by Jeanne | Aug. 20, 2018 23:21

Where will you depart from? Do you have a detailed address?
Answered by Ahmad | Aug. 21, 2018 05:35

Dongguan Mosque.
Answered by Harriet | Aug. 21, 2018 18:10

You can walk to Dongshaomen bus station which is about 100m away from the Mosque, then you can take bus No. 1 to the railway station.
Answered by Ahmad from MALAYSIA | Aug. 22, 2018 03:51

Thank you very much Harriet. Anyone knows at what time the last bus is operating? Thank you.
Answered by Harriet | Aug. 22, 2018 21:01

The last bus should be at 22:50pm from its begining station to railway station. Dongshaomen is not the begining station, so from there, it shouldbe still possible to catch the last ride after 23:00.
Asked by subuhi from INDIA | Jun. 22, 2017 10:57Reply
is there bus facility from airport to the grand mosque in xining?
Answers (1)
Answered by Rosie | Jun. 23, 2017 00:37

You can take the shuttle bus to Bayilu Coach Center first and then take bus No. 62 to Dongshaomen. From there you can walk to reach the Grand Mosque.
Asked by Karen from UK | May. 10, 2017 12:06Reply
Do I need book bus ticket to Qinghai lake in advance?
I'm planning to take the no106 bus directly to Qinghai lake. Can I buy bus ticket on the day. I'm going to xining in mid June.
Answers (1)
Answered by Gilbert from CANADA | May. 10, 2017 20:38

I am not clear about the No. 106 bus mentioned, but you can buy the bus ticket after your arrival in Xining. There are also car rental service. Many local travel agent and hotels can offer one day trip around Qinghai Lake as well.
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