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Xining to Urumqi Train

4 Xining to Urumqi high speed trains are in service every day.

It takes them about 10 hours to serve passengers.

All these bullet trains start from Xining Railway Station and end at Urumqi Railway Station.

The ticket price of the second class seat is CNY 493, and that of the first class seat is CNY 789.  


Xining to Urumqi Train Tickets Booking


Other Transportation Options from Xining to Urumqi:

Transfer at Jiayuguan for Trains

Xining to Jiayuguan South Jiayuguan to Urumqi Overall Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat / Hard Sleeper
D2687 15:57-19:09 Z135 22:48-08:38 16h41 CNY 157+CNY 272.5=CNY 429.5
D2673 19:23-22:56 Z41 02:06-11:15 15h52m CNY 157+CNY 299.5=CNY 456.5
D2741 16:40-19:49 Z231 00:45-10:03 17h23m
D2757 18:41-22:09 T295 01:40-13:12 18h19m
D2711 13:37-17:14 T197 19:47-08:29 18h52m
D2671 13:22-16:35 T205 20:56-08:01 18h36m
D2753 11:37-15:03 K2059 18:04-07:22 18h55m
D55 10:55-14:13 19h42m

How to get to Jiayuguan Railway Station from Jiayuguan South Railway Station
From Jiayuguan South Railway Station, passengers can walk northwest for about 550 meters (600 yards) to take bus line 12, then get off at Jiayuguan Railway Station.

Transfer at Zhangye for Trains

Xining to Zhangye West Zhangye to Urumqi Overall Travel Time Ticket Price
Second Class Seat / Hard Sleeper
D2687 15:57-17:46 T307 21:19-09:46 17h49m CNY 91.5+CNY 333.5=CNY 425
D2671 13:22-15:10 T197 17:32-08:31 19h6m CNY 91.5+CNY 307.5=CNY 399
D2673 19:23-21:25 T295 23:26-13:12 17h49m
D2757 18:41-20:37 18h19m
D2749 14:36-16:24 T283 15:36-06:38 19h1m CNY 91.5+CNY 317.5=CNY 409
D2703 11:11-13:13 19h27m

How to get to Zhangye Railway Station from Zhangye West Railway Station
First, passengers should walk northeast for about 210 meters (230 yards) to take bus line 1 at High-Speed Railway West Station and get off Zhangye Railway bus station. Then walk northeast for about 5 minutes to the Railway Station.

Xining to Urumqi Flights

There are direct flights flying from Xining to Urumqi. Passengers can take flights from Xining Caojiapu International Airport to Urumqi Diwopu International Airport. It takes at least 2.5 hours by plane, and the flight ticket ranges from CNY 400-750.

Urumqi to Xining Train:

4 Urumqi to Xining trains are operated daily, taking 9.5-10 hours.

See detailed Xining Train Schedule & Urumqi Train Schedule

Major Rail Lines from Urumqi to:

 Major Rail Lines from Xining to:

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