Urumqi Diwopu (Diwobao) International Airport

Airport Code: URC

 Location: Lying in Diwopu, about 16 kilometers (about 9.9 miles) northwest of the downtown area of Urumqi City

 Brief Intro: The airport now covers an area of 4.84 million square meters (1195 acre). The apron can accommodate more than 30 aircraft at the same time. Connecting Xinjiang with major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, it is often used as a transfer airport for passengers who intend to go to any other places in Xinjiang. Besides, it connects Xinjiang with many Asian and European destinations including Alma-ata, Astana, Ashkhabad, Dushanbe, Osh, Tbilisi, Shymkent, Seoul, Bishkek, Novosibirsk and Baku. Looking at the entire construction in the sky, the airport resembles an elegant flying swan.

Urumqi International Airport
Urumqi International Airport


The airport includes two terminal buildings - T2 and T3. T2 operates domestic flights of 13 airline companies. The airline companies include Air China (CA), Hainan Airline (HU), Shanghai Airline (FM), Spring Airlines (9S), Lucky Air (8L), OK Air (BK), Sichuan Airline (3U), Shenzhen Airline (4G), Tianjin Airline (GS), Shandong Airline (SC), Capital Airline (JD), Juneyao Airline (HO) and China United Airline (KN).

Terminal 3 operates all the international flights from and to Urumqi and all the domestic flights of China Southern Airlines. This terminal has three floors, the first floor as the arrival hall, the second floor as the departure hall and the third one being used as the rest place. Four languages (Chinese, Uyghur, Russian and English) in the airport are used to guide the passengers.


Inside Urumqi Airport Cross Terminal Free Shuttle Buses
Free shuttle buses are operated between T2 and T3 and the interval is around 30 minutes. The buses can be found at Gate 1, Arrival Hall of T2 and at the elevator outside Exit 1, Arrival Hall of T3. The buses operate from the first flight till the last flight and a single journey takes about 5 minutes.

 Shuttle Buses to Downtown
Bus Station in the city: Southern Airlines Pearl International Hotel
Operating Time: 06:30 to 23:00 in summer time and 07:30 to 22:20 in winter
Ticket Fare: CNY15
Main Stations: Red Hill, Wooden Factory, South Youhao Road, Nianzigou Long-distance Bus Station, Railway Station

Metro line 1 connecting Santunbei and airport operates from 07:40 to 23:30 with a fare of CNY 7 and a duration of about 50 minutes.

 Public Buses to Downtown
Bus Line Stations Operating Time Ticket Fare
Line 27 T3–Yingbin Road –Hangzhou Road–Tianjin Road-Wangjialiang  07:30 - 23:30 CNY 1 from 07:30 to 22:00
CNY 1.5 from 22:00 to 23:30
Line 51 Airport-Yingbin Road – Nianzigoug - Red Hill-Shiqihu  07:30 - 23:30
Line 535 Airport – Hot Spring 07:30 - 23:30

The airport is close to the city center, so taxi can be a good choice if one reaches Urumqi for the first time. Generally, the taxi fare from the airport to the city proper area is around CNY 30 to 40 by meter. When taking a taxi, it is suggested to require the taxi drivers to charge by meter; otherwise, it is advised to negotiate a reasonable price before boarding one.

 Transportation to Other Cities in Xinjiang
In the Arrival Hall of T2 and T3, there is a long-distance bus ticket office. There passengers who plan to go to cities such as Ili, Altay, Hetian, Kashgar and other 40 cites in Xinjiang can buy bus tickets directly upon arrival. After purchasing the bus tickets, those who want to take bus from Nianzigou Bus Station can take the shuttle bus to reach Nianzigou Bus Station easily.

Facilities & Service

Shops in the Airport
Shops in the Airport

 VIP lounges: Passengers can find 6 VIP lounges in A and B1 for domestic planes and 14 lounges in B3 and C for all the VIP passengers.

 Visa Application Service: Foreigner passengers who urgently require coming to Xinjiang can obtain their visas upon arrival. They must satisfy the requirements to enter China, along with an invitation letter to come to China and related materials. If they hold this kind of visa, they can also leave the country through any port of entry within China's borders.

 Restaurants: KFC (in T3), Best Food, Cafes and other local restaurants can be easily found in the terminals.

 Service Numbers
Information Hotline: 0991-3801453 (Chinese, Uyghur and English self-service are provided.)
Complaint Hotline: 0991-3804646

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