Top 10 Things to Do in Urumqi

Urumqi is known for diverse natural landscapes and folk culture. On the one hand, tourists may fully enjoy the forest, pasture and snow-clad mountains, and activities such as horse riding and skiing. On the other hand, hospitable Uygur, Kazak people, as well as other ethnic groups, will entertain every tourist with their traditional food, dance performance, and so on. If you are interested in and want to plan an Urumqi tour, the following top 10 things to do in Urumqi may be of help.
Xinjiang Regional Museum
This museum fulfills every tourist’s curiosity about diverse Xinjiang folklore. Various exhibits, ranging from folk house with fireplace to traditional clothes and instruments, help people know more about the life of Uygur, Kazak, Mongol, Xibe and other ethnic groups. Then, one may go upstairs to see the exhibition of mummies, and the “Beauty of Loulan” is the most worth seeing one. What is more, as a major hub along the Ancient Silk Road, Xinjiang has many precious relics of the Han (202 BC – 220 AD) and Tang (618-907) Dynasties, which tourists cannot miss. 

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Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar
Bazaar means fair market. Apparently, it is the best place for tourists to sample local life. Tourists may stroll around the Grand Bazaar and buy some souvenirs. Dried fruits, clothes, and many other handicrafts are truly a feast for eyes. Once tourists get hungry, they may either have some fruits or snacks at the stall, or go to restaurants on the east to taste Xinjiang cuisine. Besides, climbing the central tower is a popular Urumqi thing to do, for one could overlook the thriving cityscape over there.

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 Red Hill, Urumqi
Red Hill Park is a popular attraction among both local people and tourists. Beautiful vegetation and fresh air make an uphill walk a very exciting thing to do in Urumqi.  Once tourists get to the Red Hill Pagoda on the peak, they may take photos of this city’s panorama. Another nice photography site is the Sightseeing Building (Yuantiaolou). Then, one may pay a visit to the Buddhist temple (Dafosi), or go downhill to tour the South Lake (Nanhu) by boat. What is more, there are many recreation facilities designed for children, such as bumper car and merry-go-round.

Wuyi Night Market

Wuyi Night Market
After a weary day tour, nothing could be better than replenishing your energy by having delicious food. At the Wuyi Night Market, tourists would be spoilt for choice as there are not only Halal food, but a great variety of Chinese food. Roasted Lamb and Xinjiang Rice are the most representative Xinjiang food, thus strongly recommended. If one is not that hungry, one may have some grilled squid or scallop, which are the perfect pairings to beer. For those who have a sweet tooth, there is local yogurt and fermented glutinous rice (Laozao).  

Watch Dance Performance at Erdaoqiao Theatre  

Dance Performance at Erdaoqiao Theatre
When planning what to do in Urumqi, Erdaoqiao Theatre is worth considering for it enables tourists to see and taste the exotic at the same time. Inside the Islamic palatial building, people could enjoy the buffet of Xinjiang food while watching Uygur, Kazak and Tatar dance shows. Consummate dancers are dressed in traditional clothes, and their performance is so infectious that the whole theatre is filled with joy. At the end of the show, some people will be warmly invited to the stage and dance with performers. If you are the lucky one, this could be an unforgettable part of your Urumqi tour.

One Day Trip to Heavenly Lake

Heavenly Lake
Speaking of the natural landscapes of Urumqi, Heavenly Lake, 40km (25mi) east of downtown, is a must for every tourist. Surrounded by firs and cypresses, this crescent lake appears a beautiful greenish-blue under the sun, and can ease people’s mind. When tourists wander through the scenic area, lofty mountains, splendid waterfalls and steep canyons are very eye-opening. Even in cold winter from mid Nov. to late Mar, it is worth visiting when the Ice and Snow Festival takes place. During this period, people could go skiing, ice cycling, or ice bowling, or to appreciate snow carvings, and enjoy hot springs.
Tianshan Grand Canyon
Tianshan Grand Canyon is another worth visiting geographical spectacle in Urumqi. The winding canyon is lined with brownish red rocks, as variously shaped peaks alongside are pointing to the sky. Besides, this scenic area epitomizes the typical landscape of Xinjiang, and every snow mountain, forest, lake and meadow is a nice background to take photos. Many Kazak people run restaurants inside the scenic area, so tourists could enjoy nice food and nice scenery at the same time. Who could doubt that it is a joyful thing to do in Urumqi?
Southern Pasture, Urumqi
The vast Southern Pasture recommends itself for different scenery in different seasons. Every April to May, the whole pasture is blanketed with azaleas and buttercups. Flocks of sheep and herds of cows peacefully walk around. Moreover, tourists could watch horse racing and other traditional shows of local herdsmen. After July, Southern Pasture becomes a popular summer resort, and people may gallop horses on the grassland. In autumn, it becomes a colorful world because of different colored grass and tree leaves. Southern Pasture in winter is equally attractive. Why not go hiking to appreciate the ice waterfall and snow mountain? Along your way, you may greet cute hare, squirrel or fox.

Dabancheng Wind Power Station  

Dabancheng Wind Power Station
This place of interest is located along the way from Urumqi to Turpan. It is the largest wind energy base on land in China. More than one hundred windmills stand on the boundless Gobi desert, very beautiful against the blue sky, white cloud and snowcapped mountains. If you consider taking photos of Dabancheng a worthwhile thing to do in Urumqi, it will be better to come here at the sunrise or sunset.

People's Park  

Being the largest park in Urumqi, People’s Park is characterized with luxuriant plants, beautiful lake, delicate pavilions and bridges, and secluded paths. Besides, whenever tourists come here, they may enjoy interesting activities. From spring to autumn, people could have fun enjoying exhibitions of flower, bonsai, photo, and calligraphy and painting. In winter, people may go skating or appreciate life-like ice carvings. In short, it is where tourists could fit into the life of local people. 
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