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Urumqi metro has one line, line 1, in operation and three lines under construction nowadays: line 2, line 3 and line 4. Line 1 operates between Santunbei and Diwopu International Airport from 07:40 to 23:30. Line 2 phase one will link Yan’an Road and Huashan Street, including 16 stations and covering around 20 kilometers (12 miles). This line will serve the public in late 2020. Line 3 will serve the public in December, 2021, extending in the south-north direction with 18 stations. Besides, covering 21 kilometers (13 miles), phone one of line 4 will link Bainiao Lake and Qidaowan. By the year of 2030, 7 metro lines will serve in the city in total.


Urumqi buses go serve the commercial center, residential areas, villages and tourist destinations. The bus service has approximately 100 routes and uses 2,000 vehicles. The service time is 08:00 to 22:00 every day. Ticket prices are between CNY1 and CNY2. Here are the main public bus routes and main stops:

No.1: Xi Bajiahu - Yixueyuan (Medicine College) - Ba Lou - Ming Yuan - Hong Shan (Red Hill) - Bei Men(North Gate) - People Square (City Center) - Nan Men (South Gate) - Er Dao Qiao (Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar) - Xinjiang University - Ling Yuan
No.2: Railway Station - Nianzigou - Hong Shan (Red Hill) - Ming Yuan - Ba Lou - Yixueyuan (Medicine College) - Tielu Ju (Railway Bureau) - Cai Yuan (Financial College)
No.17: Xingfu Lu (Happiness Road) - Ti Yu Guan (Gymnasium) - People Square (City Center) - Da Xi Men (wholesale market) - Hongshan (Red Hill) - Ming Yuan - New Agriculture University
No.27: Meiju Wuliu Yuan (Beauty House Shopping Center) - Tianjin Lu - Baiyuan Lu - Airport
No.36: Railway Station - Xinhua Nan Lu - Nan Men (South Gate) - Ti Yu Guan (Gymnasium) - People Square (City Center)
No.51: Santunbei - Urumqi Zoo - Changjiang Lu - Culture Palace - Hong Shan (Red Hill) - Ming Yuan - Museum - Airport
Bus Stop and Public Bus in Urumqi
Bus Stop and Public Bus in Urumqi
No.52: Railway Station - Culture Palace - Hong Shan (Red Hill) - Ming Yuan - Youhao Lu - Ba Lou - Yixueyuan (Medicine College) - Da Xi Gou - Xiao Xi Gou - Tielu Ju (Railway Bureau) - Tianjin Lu
No.58: Railway Station - Nianzigou - Xi Gongyuan (West Park) - Xiao Xi Men (wholesale market) - Bei Men (North Gate) - Liu Dao Wan
No.101: Xinjiang Normal University - Yixueyuan (Medicine College) - Ba Lou - Youhao Lu - Ming Yuan - Hong Shan (Red Hill) - Bei Men (North Gate) - People Square (City Center) - Nan Men (South Gate) - Er Dao Qiao (Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar) - Xinjiang University - Shui Shang Le Yuan (Aquatic Fairyland)

1. The automobile station reporter on the public bus reports the stops in Chinese and Uygur, not in English. Please pay more attention to it or you may get off at wrong stop.
2. There are a number of Uygur people in Urumqi. Please take care of your speaking and behavior on public places and respect the habits and customs of them.


Taxi in the street
Taxi in Urumqi
Travelers are suggested to take a taxi to travel in downtown Urumqi so as to avoid crowds and pickpockets. At present, cars in Urumqi are of various brands like Santana, Jetta, Fukang, Zhonghua, Citroen and Passat. They are all very comfortable and most of them charge reasonably by using taximeter. It costs CNY10 for the first 3km (2mi); the charge is CNY1.3 for each additional kilometer (0.6km) during the day and CNY1.5 at night.

Remember to ask for the receipt from the driver when getting off the car. Information like the car plate number, the name of Taxi Company and taxi complaint number are all listed on the receipt. It is also suggested that you ask the hotel staff to write the Chinese characters of your destination in advance because taxi drivers in the city don't speak English.

Rental Car

With a well arranged travel plan, renting a car to visit attractions in or around Urumqi can be a convenient and time-saving choice compared to traveling by bus. We suggest that you use a reliable agency to find a rental vehicle with a local driver. The price is differently ranging from CNY100 to CNY800 per day according to different vehicles. You'd better hire an experienced driver with the car who is familiar with way. There are ordinary cars, business cars and SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) to choose and business cars are most expensive. In addition, the rental is different as the types of vehicle vary. Extra CNY50/day or above is needed for a driver's pay.

Huijiang Car Rental Co. Ltd: 20/F, Bldg D, Hongyun Building, No.41, Youhao Bei Lu
Junlu'an Car Rental Co. Ltd: No.2, Aletai Lu

If you want to rent a car for a longer journey, we recommend a SUV as the roadway condition is not so good out of the city.
Some hotels also offer vehicles for renting, like Red October Hotel (Shi Yue Hong). Visitors can rent vehicles by hours: CNY30/hour for each car in the hotel (including the fare for petrol).
Address: No.42, Yangzijiang Lu
- Last updated on Nov. 19, 2021 -
Questions & Answers on Getting Around Urumqi
Asked by Chyan from SINGAPORE | Apr. 19, 2018 00:12Reply
Aircraft-spotting for Urumqi Air aircraft in Urumqi
Can i know whether it is easy to spot Urumqi Air aircraft in Terminal 2 from Terminal 3? My flight is with West Air from Singapore and does it land in Terminal 3 or Terminal 1 at 11.25 am on-time? Purpose of coming to airport is to shoot photographs of Urumqi Air aircraft for my news reports.
Answers (1)
Answered by Michelle from GERMANY | Apr. 19, 2018 20:45

Your flight will land in T1, and you can walk west for 15mins to reach T2.
For more detailed information, you may call the airport hotline: 0991-96556!
Asked by VEDDER9 | May. 30, 2015 08:47Reply
Which bus to take from Urumqi Railway Station to local airport?
I would like to ask, which shuttle bus to take for this route?
Answers (3)
Answered by BEN from UKRAINE | May. 30, 2015 21:50

Near the railway station, direct shuttle buses to airport are available form 07:30 to 21:30 every hald an hour. It costs CNY15 per person.
Answered by VEDDER9 | May. 31, 2015 05:20

Tq Ben..
Do you know the exact bus number..?
Answered by Juana from ITALY | Jun. 01, 2015 03:51

Many buses are scheduled for this route, so it is hard to tell the bus number. Near the train station, just find the bus with the mark of “Airport Express Line” (机场快线) on its front window.
Asked by mading from GERMANY | Jan. 13, 2015 12:07Reply
rental car / mini bus or SUV

I would like to hire a car in Urmuqi for 2 weeks.
I do have a valid chinese driving license and I'm used to drive in China, so prefere a car w/o driver.
Is there in Urumuqi option to rent such a car: toyota land cruiser or minibus?
Will be great to get a contact.

Martin (MaDing) martinurbanskiyahoo.de
Answers (1)
Answered by Annie from GERMANY | Jan. 14, 2015 03:11

Hey, I recommend eHi Car Service to you. The email address is pr1hai.cn.
The hotline is 86 4008886608, but probably there is no English service.
Asked by Laurence from ITALY | Apr. 18, 2013 10:11Reply
Transportation Urumqi to Shihezi through taxi
Hello, please can you inform about the price of taxi for this journey?
How long does it take?
Thank you.
Answers (3)
Answered by Kelly from AUSTRALIA | Apr. 18, 2013 21:36

The taxi fare shall be around CNY350. It takes 2-3h to travel for this journey.
Answered by Ablajan Jilil from URUMQI ,CHINA | Jul. 22, 2013 08:43

Hi ,

I am a Private driver

Linkedin Ablajan Jilil
Answered by zahran | Jan. 07, 2015 01:57

Dear Mr Ablajan, I am looking for a driver cum translator for my small tour group.

My small group tour to your city will start from 12 January to18 January 2015.
Mr Ablajan are you interested to be our drive cum translator?
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