Urumqi Metro Line 4

Bainiao Lake – Qidaowan

(Identification Color: Cherry red         )

Urumqi metro line 4 phase one will be put into service by the end of 2021. With a total length of 21 kilometers (13 miles), it will link the stations of Bainiao Lake and Qidaowan. Passing Urumqi Railway Station, Tieluju as well as a Conference and Exhibition Center, Urumqi metro line 4 phase one will stretch from east to west in the city. Once completed, phase one of Urumqi subway line 4 will have 16 stations, and 5 of them are set up as transfer stations. 

Subway Route:

Bainiao Lake – Ronghe – Helanshan Street – South Weitai Road – Urumqi Railway Station – North Square of Urumqi Railway Station – Huangshan Street – Waiyunsi – South Taiyuan Road – Tieluju – South Tianjin Road – East Henan Road – Bajiahu North – Honguangshan – Conference and Exhibition Center – Qidaowan


 Tieluju: Transfer with Line 1
 Urumqi Railway Station: Transfer with Line 2
 East Henan Road: Transfer with Line 3
 Waiyunsi: Transfer with Line 5
 Qidaowan: Transfer with Line 8

Surroundings and Bus Routes near All Stations

('' Subway Transfer Stations)

 Bainiao Lake
Surroundings: Wansheng Avenue, South Ziyanghu Road, Hongfenghu Road, Bainiao Lake
Bus Routes: 72, 5035, 5201

Surroundings: North Ronghe Road, South Ronghe Road, West Jinggangshan Street, Yipin Shopping Mall, Yijiakang Drugstore, Sanlian Supermarket, Taoyuan Police Station
Bus Routes: 72, 5201

 Helanshan Street 
Surroundings: North Kanasihu Road, Helanshan Street, Lianyungang-Huoerguosi Highway, Dezeyuan Community, Jinjili Community, Dalügu Eco-park
Bus Routes: 5201, 5301

 South Weitai Road
Surroundings: South Weitai Road, Fenghuangshan Street, Ruizhong Mansion, Weitai Mansion, Wanda Plaza, Wanda Vista Hotel, Wanda Cinemas, Construction Bank
Bus Routes: 98, 5201, 5301, Inner Ring Line 1, Outer Ring Road Bus Line 1

 Urumqi Railway Station
Surroundings: Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway, Urumqi Railway Station, South Square of Urumqi Railway Station
Bus Routes: 29, 54, 301, 909, 5035, 5302, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Line 5

 North Square of Urumqi Railway Station 
Surroundings: Lushan Street, Outer Ring Road, North Square of Urumqi Railway Station, City Spaces Hotel, Urumqi International Motor-Rail Multimodal Coach Station, Renai Drugstore, Changshoutang Drugstore, Shunda Supermarket, Jiujiawan Community, No.90 Middle School, Xiyangyang Bilingual Kindergarten
Bus Routes: 29, 301, 307, 909, 5035, 5301, 5302, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Line 5

 Huangshan Street 
Surroundings: Weixing Road, Huangshan Street, Qinji International Building, Qinjun Community, Fenghaozunpin Community, Xinwangda Supermarket, Xinjiang Mansion, Zijin Grand Hotel, Yixintang Drugstore, Bank of Communications, Bank of China
Bus Routes: 203, 5302

Surroundings: Aletai Road, Songshan Street, Jinyang Weixing Huayuan Northern Community, Haoyijia Express Hotel, Fukejirui Hotel, Zhongyinggong Police Station, Youhaoshishang Shopping Mall, Dajiale Supermarket, Pujitang Drugstore, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: 18, 23, 51, 54, 66, 203, 304, 311, 527, 909, 9209, 5301

 South Taiyuan Road
Surroundings: South Taiyuan Road, West Henan Road, Tianling Mansion, Sanjie Community, Xinyuan Community, Chenxin Community, Home Inn, Honglou Grand Hotel, Shunjing Apartment, Wuyi Market, No.79 Primary School, No.80 Primary School, Construction Bank
Bus Routes: 18, 37, 54, 68, 76, 153, 203, 304, 309, 536A, 5301

Surroundings: East Henan Road, Middle Beijing Road, Railway Bureau, Jixiang Community, KFC, Guanghui Wuyi Community, Home Inn, Vienna Hotel, First People's Hospital, Pujitang Drugstore, No.35 Primary School, No.70 Middle School, Wuika Times Plaza, Bank of Communications
Bus Routes: 18, 43, 52, 54, 56, 76, 153, 203, 304, 309, 535, 536A, 701, 3406, 5301, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Line 1

 South Tianjin Road
Surroundings: South Tianjin Road, Yudong Community, Tianxiang Community, Huanqiu Community, Jinyaohui Community, Chuangye Mansion, Home Inn, Runda Supermarket, Jikang Drugstore, Jinchen Mansion, No.70 Middle School, Construction Bank, Bank of Communications
Bus Routes: 27, 43, 52, 56, 78, 152, 203, 303, 304, 503, 526, 536A, 922, 5301

 East Henan Road
Surroundings: East Henan Road, Middle Changchun Road, Huiyuan Community, Meite Huayuan Community, Dongfang Community, Home Inn, Kepu Plaza, Linrentang Drugstore, Jindakang Drugstore, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 18, 56, 73, 78, 157, 203, 501, 532, 5301, 6401

 Bajiahu North
Surroundings: G216 National Road, South Liyushan Road, Xihong Community, International Expo Center, Tianhexin City Square, Aoan Business Hotel, Boke Hotel, Hemei Shopping Mall, Shengdetang Drugstore, Construction Bank, Bank of China
Bus Routes: 1, 56, 157, 613, 913, 3001, 5301

Surroundings: Honguangshan Road, South Midong Road, Huizhan Avenue, Hongguang Hill, East Bajiajhu Community, Huayulongwan Community, Baihe Apartment, Hilton Hotel, No.121 Primary School
Bus Routes: 1, 19, 78, 508, 532, 613, 3401, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Line 6

 Conference and Exhibition Center
Surroundings: North Huizhan Road, East Huizhan Road, Conference and Exhibition Center, Green Land Center Building, Shangdeyuan Community, Metropolis Mansion
Bus Routes: 1, 78, 508, 532, 613, 3401, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Line 6

Surroundings: North Qidaowan Road, East Qidaowan Street, Qidaowan Hospital, Qidaowan Police Station, Zhongrentang Drugstore, Taurus Starword Hotel, China Mobile, Tianyong Market, No.53 Middle School, Construction Bank
Bus Routes: 78, 105, 502, 518, 527, 532, 801
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