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Xiamen currently has two railway stations for passenger use: Xiamen Railway Station and North Railway Station.

 The Xiamen Railway Station is located on beautiful Xiamen Island. It mainly operates ordinary trains, including those to/from Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, and Zhengzhou.

 The North Railway Station is a high-speed railway station, mainly operating high speed trains, including those to/from Beijing, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanchang, and Nanjing.

High Speed Train Schedule of Xiamen

(Last Update on May 26, 2023)

ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
First/ Second Class Seat
Beijing South
G322, G324, G326, D746 from 06:54 to 17:3411h12m - 17h36mCNY 1,479/ 401
USD 218/ 59
D3234, G242, G2046, D3234...
153 departures from 06:42 to 22:15
1h24m - 4h34mCNY 127/ 79
USD 19/ 12
Hong Kong
G3003, G3001, G3007, G3005 from 10:17 to 17:103h36m - 4h23mCNY 485/ 303
USD 71/ 45
D3657, D2403, D2383, D2339...
60 departures from 06:29 to 19:55
2h31m - 3h58mCNY 305/ 143
USD 45/ 21
D3657, D2383, D3319, G1609...
12 departures from 06:29 to 17:51
3h55m - 4h47mCNY 464.5/ 302.5
USD 68/ 44
D3234, D3234, G1680, G1676...
47 departures from 06:42 to 23:30
4h39m - 9h19mCNY 493/ 309
USD 73/ 45
G2372, G2046, G2294, D2232...
28 departures from 06:42 to 17:34
4h25m - 6h29mCNY 335/ 130
USD 49/ 19
G1676, D3142, G1676, D3136...
10 departures from 07:52 to 15:35
7h1m - 10h55mCNY 715/ 447
USD 105/ 66
D3234, D3234, D3142, D3218...
23 departures from 06:42 to 23:30
4h37m - 8h3mCNY 445/ 265
USD 65/ 39
Shanghai Hongqiao
D3142, G1652, D3136, G1674...
22 departures from 08:07 to 23:30
5h31m - 8h25mCNY 632/ 370
USD 93/ 54
Wenzhou South
D3234, D3234, D3142, D3218...
28 departures from 06:42 to 17:59
3h22m - 6h13mCNY 291/ 182
USD 43/ 27
Kunming South
G1754, G1684, G1684 from 08:14 to 09:5512h34m - 13h2mCNY 1,404/ 844.5
USD 206/ 124
D3142, D6382, D6332, D6332...
21 departures from 08:07 to 17:01
2h50m - 5h31mCNY 238/ 149
USD 35/ 22
G2372, D6478, G322, G2294...
28 departures from 06:42 to 21:03
0h56m - 1h29mCNY 75/ 47.5
USD 11/ 7
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations

Normal Train Timetable of Xiamen

(Last Update on May 26, 2023)

ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
Soft/ Hard Sleeper
Beijing West
K572, K572 at 08:42 and 08:4229h18m - 30h17mCNY 683/ 444
USD 100/ 65
Chongqing North
K404 at 19:0137h28mCNY 717.5/ 464.5
USD 106/ 68
Z104, Z9312, K904, K572...
6 departures from 07:05 to 19:40
1h19m - 2h48mCNY 111.5/ 77.5
USD 16/ 11
Z104, Z126, K904, K572 from 07:05 to 08:425h35m - 10h35mCNY 263/ 174
USD 39/ 26
K904 at 07:3235h36mCNY 717.5/ 464.5
USD 106/ 68
Z126 at 07:2521h7mCNY 640/ 416
USD 94/ 61
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations

 Major rail lines from Xiamen to:

- Last updated on May. 26, 2023 -
Questions & Answers on Xiamen Train Schedule
Asked by Wendy from NEW ZEALAND | Jul. 22, 2020 18:53Reply
Is airport shuttle bus available at Xiamen railway station?
Answers (1)
Answered by Cecily from NEW ZEALAND | Jul. 31, 2020 02:06

Yes, the airport shuttle buses are available. You can find the BRT line 1 or limne 2 at the north square of the train station, the bus will take you to departure hall 4. If you depart from Hall 3, then the free airport shuttle buses can take you there.
Asked by Hersan from PHILIPPINES | Aug. 24, 2019 19:08Reply
What can you recommend to ride train from Xiamen to Shanghai direct trip? How much would it coast
Answers (1)
Answered by Nickolas from ROMANIA | Aug. 25, 2019 19:00

There are around 22 high speed ride a day from Xiamen to Shanghai. Although they have stops along the way, you only need to get off at Shanghai. The ticket price is different on each train, but around CNY400 to 500 for a second class seat.
Asked by Holden from GERMANY | Jul. 05, 2019 01:16Reply
Train from Xiamen to Guangzhou
I will stay at Xiamen Shibajian Inn and Hotel Canton. Can you recommend a train for us? Thank you in advance.
Answers (1)
Answered by Raymond from NORWAY | Jul. 07, 2019 17:40

Not sure which type of train do you want to use. Anyway, there are 2 high speed ride and also 2 normal type. Your hotel in Xiamen is closer to Xiamen Station and Hotel Canton is closer to Guangzhou Railway Station and then East Station. If you will take a high speed ride, D2383 at 7:06am is better for you and if you take a normal ride, K230 at 17:26pm is better.
Asked by Emmett from CANADA | Feb. 26, 2019 00:10Reply
Is Xiamen or Xiamen North Station closer to Yongding Tulou?
Answers (1)
Answered by Patti from INDONESIA | Feb. 26, 2019 18:14

Tulou is still quite some distance from both station. In fact if you go by rail, it should be more convenient if you stop at Longyan. If you use Xiamen, it is also Ok. It would be more convenient to use the main station as arrival station as it is closer to the long distance bus station where you can take a bus to Tulou. The bus station called fanghu Bus Station.
Asked by AA from SINGAPORE | Jan. 13, 2019 06:28Reply
I want to take a train from Xiamen to Fujian. How much and is it direct train?
Answers (1)
Answered by Amanda from USA | Jan. 13, 2019 18:47

It depends on which city you need to go in Fujian and the seat class as well. For example, around CNY93.5 for a second class seat to Fuzhou city. You can check it online by city. All the rides you can get by searching city to city are direct rides.
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