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Xi'an - Xiamen Train

At present, there is no high speed train available between Xi'an and Xiamen. Only two pairs of normal speed trains numbered as Z128/Z126 and K242/K244 run between Xi'an Railway Station and Xiamen Railway Station. Z128/Z126 runs for a distance of 2,098 kilometers (1,304 miles) and takes 21/22 hours while K242/K244 takes 32.5/37 hours for a distance of 2,240 kilometers (1,392 miles).

There are over 10 direct flights shuttling between the two cities, taking 2.5 - 3 hours. Full price for an economy class seat is about CNY 1,900 per person, while in low season when discounts are provided, the ticket fare can be low to CNY 500 or so.

Xi'an to Xiamen Train Schedule

(Last Update on Jun 8, 2020)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
Z12800:09 - 21:4121h32m
K24221:41 - 10:20++36h39m
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Xiamen to Xi'an Train Timetable

(Last Update on Jun 8, 2020)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
Z12800:09 - 21:4121h32m
K24221:41 - 10:20++36h39m
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1. "+" indicates the second day; "++" indicates the third day.
2. The timetable above is for reference only. Please search for the real-time schedule by the search box on page top. 

Ticket Fare of Xi'an - Xiamen Trains

(Last Update on Jun 8, 2020)
Nos.Soft SleeperHard SleeperHard Seat
Z128/Z126CNY 640 / USD 93CNY 416 / USD 60CNY 229 / USD 33
K242/K244CNY 640 / USD 93CNY 416 / USD 60CNY 229 / USD 33

 Running routes:
Z 128/Z126: Luoyang, Pingdingshan West, Luohe, Xinyang, Wuchang, Nanchang, Fuzhou in Jiangxi, Sanming North, Putian

K242/K244: Shangluo, Danfeng, Shangnan, Neixiang, Zhenping, Tanghe, Tongbai, Xinyang, Luoshan, Xixian, Huangchuan, Guangshan, Xinxian, Macheng, Huangzhou, Xishui, Qichun, Wuxue, Jiujiang, Nanchang, Xiangtang, Jinxian, Dongxiang, Yingtan, Zixi, Shaowu, Yong'an, Zhangping, Zhangzhou East

A faster transfer by high speed trains in Changsha or Wuhan

In Changsha

Route  Duration   Ticket Fare

Xi'an North Railway StationChangsha South Railway Station
5.5 - 6.5 hours  CNY 587 for a second class seat
Changsha South Railway Station – Xiamen North Railway Station   6.5 -7.5 hours  CNY 489 for a second class seat
Total   12 - 14 hours  CNY 1,076

In Wuhan

Route  Duration   Ticket Fare
Xi'an North Railway Station – Wuhan Railway Station   4 - 5.5 hours  CNY 454.5 for a second class seat
Wuhan Railway Station – Xiamen Railway Station/ North Railway Station   7 - 8 hours  455 for a second class seat
Total   11 - 13.5 hours  CNY 909.5

Xi'an - Xiamen High Speed Trains

Xi'an - Xiamen High Speed Railway consists of Xi'an – Chongqing and Chongqing - Changsha - Xiamen High Speed Railways.

Xi'an – Chongqing Direct High Speed Railway is under planning now. Once it is opened in the future, duration between the two cities will be reduced to 3 hours.

Chongqing - Changsha - Xiamen: This section is under planning and the construction date hasn’t been decided. In the near future, Chongqing and Xiamen will be reached within 8 hours.

When the whole line opens, Xi'an - Xiamen Direct High Speed Trains will greatly shorten the duration to 11 hours.

 Major Rail Lines from Xi'an to:

 Major Rail Lines from Xiamen to:
- Last modified on Jan. 07, 2020 -
Questions & Answers on Xi'an - Xiamen Train
Asked by Elliott from USA | Jan. 06, 2020 18:39Reply
I heard there is bullet train from Xiamen to Xi'an without transfer in other city
Is this true, how can I find the train information?
Answers (1)
Answered by TravelChinaGuide | Jan. 07, 2020 18:10

Thank you for your inquiry.

There are indeed two high speed rides added for the trip from Xiamen to Xi'an. One is G3184 (06:50/19:03) and the other one is G2296 (09:19/22:17). You can input the cities and date on our website for the detailed schedule for this two rides. We will also update our information page as soon as possible. Thank you.
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