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Changsha to Urumqi Train

1 Changsha to Urumqi train is serving every day.

The train departs from Changsha Railway Station and take 40 hours and 17 minutes to Urumqi Railway Station.

The total running distance of these two trains is 3,812 kilometers (2,369 miles).

The ticket fare of the soft sleeper is CNY 1,055.5, of the hard sleeper is CNY 680.5 and of the hard seat is CNY376.5. 

Changsha to Urumqi Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train Z138:
1Guangzhou -08:18
2Shaoguan East 10:3310:39
3Chenzhou 12:1812:22
4Hengyang 14:0514:11
5Changsha 16:2216:32
6Yueyang 17:5317:56
7Wuhan [Wuchang] 20:0420:26
8Xinyang 22:4022:43
9Zhumadian 23:3023:33
10Luohe 00:0900:13
11Zhengzhou 01:2801:35
12Luoyang 03:0203:08
13Xi'an 07:4207:50
14Baoji 09:2509:29
15Tianshui 11:0011:06
16Gangu 11:5511:59
17Longxi 12:4312:47
18Lanzhou 15:0315:18
19Wuwei 18:1718:23
20Zhangye 20:3420:39
21Jiayuguan 22:3622:51
22Liuyuan 01:3101:37
23Kumul 04:2504:36
24Shanshan North 06:3206:34
25Turpan North 07:18-
26Urumqi 08:4908:49

Changsha to Urumqi Flight

6 non-stop Changsha to Urumqi Flights are in service every day. From Changsha Huanghua International Airport to Urumqi Diwopu International Airport, the time of flight is about 5 hours. Due to the different departure time or date, the ticket fare of the economy class seat varies from CNY 800 - 2300.

What to do in Urumqi

1. Enjoy Xinjiang Dance Show

Xinjiang dance is lively and graceful, and all the dancers are in light steps. With a strong Western style, Xinjiang Dance Show will bring all the tourists an unforgettable memory and a visual enjoyment.

2. Have a taste of Xinjiang Cuisine

 Xinjiang Sautéed Spicy Chicken: it is a famous local dish which is mainly made of potatoes, chicken and noodles. The taste is slightly sweet and spicy.

 Hand Grab Mutton: with nearly thousand year history, Hand Grab Mutton is very popular in Xinjiang. Without the odor of the mutton, this dish is a perfect combination of color, aroma and taste.

 Hand Grab Rice: it is not only made of mutton, but also made of chicken, goose and duck. Some local people also put raisin and apricot in rice to put it sweeter.

 Xinjiang Milk Tea: it is different from other milk tea, Xinjiang milk tea will be added a little bit of salt which can bring you a new taste.

 Kumiss: Kumiss is a kind of wine made from fresh horse milk after fermentation and acidification. It is very rich in nutrients and tastes sweet and sour. Kumiss has the functions of dispelling cold, relaxing the muscles, invigorating the circulation of blood and the stomach.

 Tawa kewap: This dish which combines Nang and mutton together can represent the traditional characteristics of Xinjiang food. As a mascot and symbol of happiness, it is very popular among the local people.
 Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar is the world’s largest Grand Bazaar that integrates Islamic culture, architecture, national commerce, entertainment and catering together. Now, it has become a gathering place and exhibition center for tourism products in Xinjiang. With Islamic architectural style, the Grand Bazaar reproduces the prosperity of the ancient Silk Road and embodies the ethnic characteristics and regional culture of the Western Region

Urumqi to Changsha Trains

1 Urumqi to Changsha train is running now. The distance from Urumqi Railway Station to Changsha Railway Station is 3,973 kilometers (2,469 miles). The total running time is 41.5 hours.

 See detailed Changsha Train Schedule & Urumqi Train Schedule

Major Rail Lines from Changsha to:
Major Rail Lines from Urumqi to:
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