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Sanya Railway Station is the only one that operates passenger transportation in the city, located on Yuxin Road in Jiyang District.  It is about 12 miles (20 kilometers) from Tianya Haijiao, 6 miles (10 kilometers) from Sanya Phoneix International Airport and 16 miles (26 kilometers) from Asian Dragon Bay (Yalong Bay).

It has normal trains on Yuehai Railway that run to / from Beijing with stops in Haikou, Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Shijiazhuang.
 See Sanya-Haikou-Beijing Train, Sanya-Haikou-Shanghai Train, Sanya-Haikou-Guangzhou Train, Sanya - Haikou Train

It also operates bullet trains circling Hainan Island, including those to/from Haikou, Meilan Airport, Wanning, Boao, Qionghai, and Wenchang.

High Speed Train Schedule of Sanya

(Last Update on Mar 18, 2019)

ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
First/ Second Class Seat
D7302, D7152, D7304, D7210...
56 departures from 06:30 to 21:58
1h28m - 3h10mCNY 160/ 100
USD 24/ 15
D7152, D7304, D7210, D7102...
39 departures from 06:40 to 19:45
1h13m - 3h12mCNY 152/ 95
USD 23/ 14
Fenghuang Airport
D7102, D7202, D7104, D7154...
17 departures from 07:13 to 21:12
0h9m - 4h40mCNY 11/ 7
USD 2/ 1
D7308, D7314, D7320, D7328...
13 departures from 07:30 to 20:40
0h8mCNY 11/ 7
USD 2/ 1
D7302, D7152, D7306, D7102...
41 departures from 06:30 to 21:58
0h21m - 4h27mCNY 37/ 23
USD 6/ 3
D7102, D7314, D7328, D7156...
8 departures from 07:13 to 18:45
0h36m - 4h12mCNY 58/ 36
USD 9/ 5
D7302, D7152, D7304, D7210...
42 departures from 06:30 to 21:58
0h34m - 4h5mCNY 65/ 40
USD 10/ 6
D7302, D7152, D7304, D7210...
44 departures from 06:30 to 21:58
0h53m - 3h49mCNY 88/ 55
USD 13/ 8
D7302, D7152, D7304, D7210...
41 departures from 06:30 to 21:58
0h53m - 3h45mCNY 95/ 59
USD 14/ 9
D7302, D7210, D7306, D7308...
32 departures from 06:30 to 21:58
1h11m - 1h26mCNY 123/ 77
USD 19/ 12
D7152, D7202, D7104, D7154...
17 departures from 06:40 to 21:12
0h19m - 4h25mCNY 21/ 13
USD 3/ 2
D7152, D7102, D7202, D7104...
19 departures from 06:40 to 21:12
0h32m - 4h12mCNY 35/ 22
USD 5/ 3
D7152, D7102, D7202, D7104...
19 departures from 06:40 to 21:12
0h32m - 4h5mCNY 35/ 22
USD 5/ 3
D7152, D7102, D7202, D7104...
19 departures from 06:40 to 21:12
0h32m - 4h5mCNY 35/ 22
USD 5/ 3
D7202, D7166, D7204, D7160...
6 departures from 08:00 to 18:45
0h58m - 3h49mCNY 62/ 39
USD 9/ 6
D7152, D7210, D7102, D7202...
20 departures from 06:40 to 21:12
1h3m - 3h42mCNY 82/ 51
USD 12/ 8
D7152, D7210, D7102, D7202...
13 departures from 06:40 to 19:13
1h19m - 3h25mCNY 99/ 62
USD 15/ 9
D7152, D7210, D7102, D7202...
20 departures from 06:40 to 21:12
1h47m - 2h55mCNY 132/ 83
USD 20/ 13
Lingao South
D7152, D7210, D7102, D7202...
16 departures from 06:40 to 19:13
2h11m - 2h34mCNY 165/ 103
USD 25/ 16
D7152, D7210, D7102, D7202...
14 departures from 06:40 to 18:00
2h11m - 2h44mCNY 174/ 109
USD 26/ 17
D7152, D7210, D7102, D7202...
14 departures from 06:40 to 18:00
2h6m - 2h56mCNY 174/ 109
USD 26/ 17
 These high speed trains run along east and west two different high speed railways, one much longer than another, leading to different durations and ticket prices. Passengers are advised to click the arrival stations to choose one running along the shorter high speed railway at lower ticket price.  


Normal Speed Train Timetable of Sanya

(Last Update on Mar 18, 2019)
ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
Soft/ Hard Sleeper
Beijing West
Z202 at 17:3537h11mCNY 1,299/ 788
USD 197/ 119
Z386, Z202 at 07:10 and 17:3514h28m - 15h15mCNY 611.5/ 388.5
USD 93/ 59
Z386 at 07:1042h33mCNY 1,350/ 808
USD 205/ 122
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.

- Last modified on Feb. 24, 2019 -
Questions & Answers on Sanya Train Schedule
Asked by Kristine from LAOS | Feb. 22, 2019 02:48Reply
Is there any way to get soft sleeper bed on Z202 to Beijing?
We are a group of 4 and soft sleeper cabin would be our first choice. I checked it for many days and understand that it hardly found. Are soft sleeper tickets really so popular?
Answers (1)
Answered by Fernando from BRAZIL | Feb. 24, 2019 17:40

Tickets on this across-sea ride is indeed hard to get, even hard sleeper tickets. If there are hard sleeper tickets for your travel date, it is advisable to book them first to guarantee you can get on the train first. After boarding, there is a chance to update to soft sleeper if there are free beds. Surely, this is only a chance as it is a very popular ride.
Asked by Ashwin from NEPAL | Feb. 04, 2019 02:32Reply
I want to travel from sanya to shenzen. Where should I contact or book for the ticket? How much time
Will it take to reach there and what is the ticket fare? Can I reach there and return on the same day?
Answers (1)
Answered by Elvis from MALAYSIA | Feb. 10, 2019 22:42

There is no direct train available, you may consider to go to Guangzhou first and then to Shenzhen. The duration would be around 16 to 17 hours one way and costs around CNY400 per person. It is not possible to do a return trip in one day. If you want it faster, you may go from Sanya to Zhanjiang West and then change to bullet ride to Guangzhou and finally Shenzhen, but still it is hard to do a return trip in one day. You can buy the ticket online or at the station in person.
Asked by ROB from ITALY | Dec. 26, 2017 05:41Reply
HI, is it possible to go to riyue bay by rail from the airport or we have to go to the dowtown?
Answers (1)
Answered by Edmund | Dec. 26, 2017 21:25

You can take the ride from the Meilan Railway Station near Sanya airport to Wanning. Then take bus from Wanning to Riyue Bay. I heard that the bus to Lingshui will pass by Riyue Bay and you can ask to stop there. You can ask the local people there after your arrival or your local hotel if booked one.
Asked by Cindy from SINGAPORE | Oct. 02, 2017 04:57Reply
Public transport to Sanya railway station
Hi, may I know what bus number should I take from Le Parker International Hotel to the railway station? How long will it take? How much it cost if I take taxi to the railway station?
Answers (1)
Answered by Huang | Oct. 03, 2017 03:02

You can take bus No.50 or No.4 at Renmin Hospital and get off at railway station. It will take about 40 mins by bus. And it will cost you about CNY30 if taking a taxi there.
Asked by ENGKHIM1 | Jul. 11, 2016 04:35Reply
Taking High speed train during 26 to 30 Dec 2016. Must i book ticket advance?
I will be in Hainan from 26 to 30 Dec 2016. I want to take High speed ride from Sanya station on 30 Dec to Hai Kou station . This is my first time in Hainan. I am worry if this Dec period is "peak season" or not? Must I buy ticket in advance or I can buy on the actual day of travel ?? Please advice . Thank you.

Andy ANG ( Singapore)
Answers (3)
Answered by Juliana | Jul. 11, 2016 19:35

Winter time did a peak season for Hainan. But for a short trip like this, it may not be as hard as long distance trip. This trip seems begin for sale around 30 days in advance. You can check the availability often and decide it based on the availability.
Answered by Andy Ang from SINGAPORE | Jul. 12, 2016 02:12

What High speed trains to take from Sanya station to Hai Kou station? Also I want to go for a SightSeeing Tour around Sanya and Hai Kou harbour area. Is there any 1-day organised land tour, any local agent that I can contact? What is the website or contact number?
Can someone advice.
Thank you.
Answered by Gilbert from CANADA | Jul. 12, 2016 19:11

There are nearly 50 high speed rides a day between them, you can choose them based on your time. You may check the scheduleon this website for your reference. Some hotels can even arrange the one day tour, you may contact the hotel to see if recommended one.
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