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Zhengzhou to Sanya Train

It takes the only 1 Zhengzhou to Sanya train about 32.5 hours to travel. It goes by Zhengzhou Railway Station and ends at Sanya Railway Station.

A ride on the soft sleeper is CNY 1126.5, on the hard sleeper is CNY 687.5, on the hard seat is CNY 381.5, and on the deluxe soft sleeper is CNY 1911.5. 

Next are some alternative transportation options which passengers can choose during the traveling from Zhengzhou to Sanya. One can choose based on his or her own preferences. 

Zhengzhou to Sanya Train Tickets Booking

Details of the Train Z501:
1Beijing West -17:51
2Shijiazhuang 20:1620:22
3Zhengzhou 23:5023:56
4Wuhan [Wuchang] 04:3504:41
5Changsha 08:0408:10
6Chenzhou 11:4011:44
7Shaoguan East 13:2513:28
8Guangzhou 16:4417:08
9Zhaoqing 18:3718:40
10Maoming 21:5022:06
11Zhanjiang West 22:5423:15
12Haikou 05:4006:10
13Dongfang 07:4707:52
14Sanya 09:10-

Other Transportation Options from Zhengzhou to Sanya

Zhengzhou to Sanya Flights

If you prefer a faster travel, direct flights from Zhengzhou to Sanya are available. Passengers can take flights from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport to Sanya Phoenix International Airport. The shortest running time is about 3 hours and the flight tickets range from CNY 550-1070.

Zhengzhou to Haikou Flights + Haikou to Sanya High Speed Trains

What’s more, passengers can choose the combination of flights and high speed trains. Passengers can take flights from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport to Haikou Meilan International Airport, then transfer to high speed trains traveling from Meilan Railway Station to Sanya Railway Station. The shortest traveling time is about 5.5 hours.   
 How to get to Meilan Railway Station from Haikou Meilan International Airport
After stepping off Haikou Meilan International Airport, you would see sign which would guide to Meilan Railway Station. It takes about 5 minutes to walk there.           

How to Get to Famous Attractions in Sanya from Sanya Railway Station

One can take bus 55 or special tourist lines from Sanya Railway Station to Tianya Haijiao. It takes about 30 minutes on the way. 
 Starting from Sanya Railway Station, passengers can take bus 15 and get off at Yatai Business Center bus station, then walk east for about 730 meters (800 yards) to get Yalong Bay national tourist vacation resorts. It takes about 1.5 hours by bus.   
 Passengers can take bus 15 or bus 4 from Sanya Railway Station to Dadonghai tourist area, taking about 50 minutes. 
 One can first take bus 35 from Sanya Railway Station to The General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army (PLAGH) in Hainan, then walk 250 meters (270 yards) to get to 301 Hospital, later transfer to Haitangwan line 1 to Wuzhizhou Island. It takes about 100 minutes on the way.        

Sanya to Zhengzhou Train:

Only 1 Sanya to Zhengzhou train is available on a daily basis, beginning from Sanya Railway Station and passing by Zhengzhou Railway Station. A single trip takes over 31 hours.

If you prefer a faster travel, Sanya to Zhengzhou flights are also good choices. There are direct flights flying from Sanya Phoenix International Airport to Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. It takes Sanya to Zhengzhou flights at least 2.5 hours to serve passengers.

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Major Rail Lines from Zhengzhou to:

Major Rail Lines from Sanya to:
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