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Chongqing - Urumqi Train

Up to now, only around two pairs of normal speed trains are operated between Chongqing / Chongqing West Railway Station and Urumqi Railway Station and this long-distance journey takes around 33 to 37 hours.

Passengers need to pay CNY 525.5 or CNY 533.5 for a hard sleeper ticket. If you want to have a more comfortable experience, CNY 810.5 or CNY 822.5 is needed to book a soft sleeper ticket. There is no high speed train running between the two cities at the moment.

Chongqing to Urumqi Train Schedule

(Last Update on Sep 9, 2020)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
K150309:03 - 17:15+32h12m
K417914:13 - 06:20++40h7m
K54317:12 - 04:52++35h40m
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Urumqi to Chongqing Train Timetable

(Last Update on Sep 9, 2020)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
K418022:58 - 12:55++37h57m
K150423:26 - 10:16++34h50m
K54423:34 - 12:36++37h2m
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1. “+” means you will arrive in the second day and “++” means you will arrive in the third day.
2.  The above timetable is only for reference. Please search for the real-time schedule via the search box on page top.

Chongqing - Urumqi Train Ticket Fare

(Last Update on Sep 9, 2020)
Soft SleeperHard SleeperHard Seat
CNY 820.5 - 831.5
USD 120 - 121
CNY 533.5 - 542.5
USD 78 - 79
CNY 290.5 - 293.5
USD 42 - 43

The two pairs of overnight sleeper trains run with the different distances of around 2,800 - 3,600 kilometers (1,700 - 2,200 miles) due to different routes. The major stations along the way include Nanchong North, Langzhong, Guangyuan, Longnan, Hadapu, Minxian, Zhangxian, Weiyuan, Lanzhou, Wuwei, Jinchang, Zhangye, Qingshui, Jiuquan, Shulehe, Liuyuan, Hami, Shanshan North, Turpan North.

Travel Tips of Chongqing - Urumqi Train

1. Since only two pairs of normal speed trains are serving between Chongqing and Urumqi. In order to ensure a smooth trip, you are advised to book the tickets, especially tickets for hard and soft sleepers, as early as you can in case they are sold out once released.
2. Because of the different geographic locations, the climate is also quite different between the two cities. The temperature in Urumqi is much lower than that in Chongqing. To prepare enough clothes for warmth is very necessary. In addition, it is much drier in Urumqi so don’t forget moisturizers.
3. Both in the two cities, there is more than one railway station, please double check the station you are going to take a ride before starting off.
4. Since it is a long journey, you can prepare some snacks, fruits on your own in advance. Albeit dining car on the train is available, the food is not so delicious and costs more.

Other Transportation Option: Chongqing - Urumqi Flight

Since only two pairs of normal speed trains are serving passengers between Chongqing and Urumqi, it is recommended to take a fight to cover this long journey. The travel time can be much shorter than the trains but the ticket fares will be a little bit higher. Generally, more than 15 pairs of flights are operated between the two cities and it takes about 4 hours for a single trip. The ticket of an economy class seat costs around CNY 650 to CNY2, 500 per person according to different periods.

Major Rail Lines from Chongqing to:

Major Rail Lines from Urumqi to:
- Last modified on Aug. 04, 2020 -
Questions & Answers on Chongqing - Urumqi Train
Asked by Prescott from DENMARK | Oct. 10, 2019 01:38Reply
Is there luggage storage at Chongqing Station?
Can I left luggage there for overnight?
Answers (1)
Answered by Peterson from NEW ZEALAND | Oct. 10, 2019 18:21

Yes, it is on the first floor, not far from the exit. It costs me CNY15 for nearly 8 hours, I am not sure if they accept it overnight or not. Should be fine!
Asked by Anthony from ROMANIA | Dec. 17, 2018 00:51Reply
Is there any meal offered on the train? Good for vegetarian?
Can I book in advance?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sophia from FRANCE | Dec. 17, 2018 19:44

There is meal for sale on most long distance trip, but Chinese food. It is hard to say if they are good for vegetarian. Instant noodle is usually no problem to find! You can prepare some bread, fruits if you like.
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