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Shenzhen Train Schedule

Five railway stations are in operation in the city:
Shenzhen Railway Station is one of the most important railway stations in the city. It mainly operates trains of Jingjiu (Beijing - Kowloon) line, Guangshen (Guangzhou - Shenzhen) Line, and Guangjiu (Guangzhou - Kowloon) Line.

The North Railway Station is a high speed railway intersection in the city. Passengers from there can go to all the main cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Xiamen, and Nanchang.
The West Railway Station and East Railway Station are smaller than the above two stations. From these two stations one can reach to Shanghai, Chengdu, and Tianjin, and other cities.

From the Futian Railway Station, one can quickly travel between Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In the future, one can also have a day tour easily between Guangzhou and Hong Kong by high speed trains from this station.

High Speed Train Schedule of Shenzhen

(Last Update on Apr 17, 2019)

ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
First/ Second Class Seat
G72, G80 at 07:00 and 08:278h34m - 11h22mCNY 1,479.5/ 936.5
USD 224/ 142
D7554, G1002, G72, G6012...
128 departures from 06:40 to 23:12
0h29m - 0h57mCNY 99.5/ 74.5
USD 15/ 11
Hong Kong
G5611, G6501, G5637, G5609...
80 departures from 06:43 to 22:31
0h14m - 0h26mCNY 109/ 68
USD 17/ 10
Shanghai Hongqiao
D3126, D3108, D2284, D2282...
7 departures from 07:10 to 11:32
7h55m - 12h13mCNY 909/ 568
USD 138/ 86
Xi'an North
G818, G822, G826, G840 from 09:35 to 13:009h30m - 10h00mCNY 1,401/ 888
USD 212/ 135
D3126, D2282 at 07:10 and 09:2113h51m - 14h6mCNY 1,025/ 640
USD 155/ 97
D3126, D3108, D2284, D2282...
8 departures from 07:10 to 11:34
7h3m - 11h4mCNY 819/ 512
USD 124/ 78
Changsha South
G72, G1002, G6012, G6164...
46 departures from 07:00 to 18:42
2h50m - 3h37mCNY 603.5/ 388.5
USD 91/ 59
G72, G280, G80, G74...
10 departures from 07:00 to 15:46
5h58m - 7h55mCNY 1,145.5/ 727.5
USD 174/ 110
G1602 at 08:5410h00mCNY 1,025/ 621.5
USD 155/ 94
D682, D3126, D2352, D2350...
49 departures from 06:40 to 23:59
3h13m - 99h59mCNY 288/ 180
USD 44/ 27
G72, G1002, G1312, G280...
25 departures from 07:00 to 17:08
4h11m - 5h46mCNY 838/ 538
USD 127/ 82
Nanchang West
D2322, G634, G638, G100 from 11:32 to 18:254h28m - 8h38mCNY 606/ 378
USD 92/ 57
G2902, G2904, G312, G2908...
6 departures from 07:21 to 14:49
2h57m - 3h18mCNY 362.5/ 238.5
USD 55/ 36
G2912, G2914, G2916 from 07:05 to 16:134h3m - 4h16mCNY 368.5/ 243.5
USD 56/ 37
D682, D7432, D3126, D7404...
78 departures from 06:40 to 22:00
1h49m - 2h50mCNY 171/ 85
USD 26/ 13
G6012, G2902, G1004, G6202...
79 departures from 07:15 to 22:25
0h17m - 0h33mCNY 54.5/ 39.5
USD 8/ 6
G2926, G312, G2922 from 07:58 to 15:277h4m - 7h19mCNY 975.5/ 610
USD 148/ 92
D3126, D2352, D2294, D2302...
26 departures from 07:10 to 17:37
4h53m - 5h59mCNY 414/ 259
USD 63/ 39
G2926, G312, G2930, G2922 from 07:58 to 15:274h57m - 5h24mCNY 617.5/ 397.5
USD 94/ 60
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.

Normal Train Timetable of Shenzhen

(Last Update on Apr 17, 2019)
ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
Soft/ Hard Sleeper
Beijing West
K106, Z108 at 10:31 and 14:4822h29m - 29h56mCNY 732.5/ 464.5
USD 111/ 70
Shanghai South
T212, T102 at 13:08 and 16:0018h50m - 19h6mCNY 658/ 420
USD 100/ 64
K446, K1348, Z230, K134...
5 departures from 07:42 to 15:21
23h52m - 34h54mCNY 685/ 428
USD 104/ 65
K34 at 12:2025h43mCNY 658/ 420
USD 100/ 64
Hangzhou East
T212, T102 at 13:08 and 16:0016h31m - 17h13mCNY 597.5/ 393.5
USD 91/ 60
K1620, Z186 at 08:28 and 19:5024h13m - 31h5mCNY 732.5/ 464.5
USD 111/ 70
K1348, Z230, K9064, K536...
10 departures from 08:10 to 21:00
9h25m - 11h47mCNY 411/ 208
USD 62/ 32
T398, K446, K1620, K106...
14 departures from 07:35 to 19:50
9h52m - 11h58mCNY 337/ 221
USD 51/ 33
T398 at 07:3527h48mCNY 763.5/ 487.5
USD 116/ 74
Shenyang North
Z186 at 19:5033h40mCNY 887/ 575
USD 134/ 87
T8370 at 14:316h9mCNY
K586, K486, K830, K1092 from 08:50 to 17:2630h28m - 41h2mCNY 718/ 456
USD 109/ 69
K586, K836, K486 from 08:50 to 11:0526h33m - 32h25mCNY 658/ 416
USD 100/ 63
Z230, K134 at 09:30 and 11:1631h30m - 43h1mCNY 879.5/ 525.5
USD 133/ 80
K238 at 15:2143h29mCNY 942.5/ 506.5
USD 143/ 77
K256, K92 at 16:38 and 18:0318h22m - 18h24mCNY 580.5/ 368.5
USD 88/ 56
K1208 at 14:4830h20mCNY 601/ 377
USD 91/ 57
K1208 at 14:4815h2mCNY 381/ 230
USD 58/ 35
T398, K1282 at 07:35 and 15:3823h00m - 27h12mCNY 640/ 416
USD 97/ 63
K1348, K134, Z148 from 08:10 to 18:1519h4m - 25h55mCNY 630/ 367
USD 95/ 56
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.

 Major Rail Lines from Shenzhen to:
- Last modified on Apr. 15, 2019 -
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