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Shenzhen to Shenyang Train

Presently, 1 Shenzhen to Shenyang train is running from Shenzhen Railway Station to Shenyang North Railway Station. The Shenzhen to Shenyang train requires the travel time of 33.5 hours to complete the total travel distance which is as long as 3,159 kilometers (1,963 miles). The ticket price for a soft sleeper is CNY 887 and for a hard sleeper is CNY 575.

Basic Facts of Shenzhen to Shenyang Train

 Travel Time: Around 33.5 hours
 Travel Distance: 3,159 kilometers (1,963 miles)
 Operated at: Shenzhen Railway Station, Shenyang North Railway Station
 Major Stations along the Way: Shenzhen, Dongguan East, Huizhou, Heyuan, Ganzhou, Nanchang West, Jiujiang, Fuyang, Shangqiu South, Hengshui, Tianjin, Tangshan, Shanhaiguan, Jinzhou, Panjin, Liaoyang and Shenyang North.

Shenzhen to Shenyang Train Tickets Booking

Train Types
Departure Times
Arrival Stations
Dep. (Earliest)
Seat TypePrice 
Details of the Train Z186:
1Shenzhen -19:50
2Dongguan East 20:3220:37
3Huizhou 21:1921:23
4Heyuan 22:1422:17
5Ganzhou 01:5501:59
6Jian [Jiangxi] 03:5804:02
7Nanchang West 06:0406:19
8Jiujiang 07:2407:28
9Macheng 09:2909:31
10Fuyang 11:2711:50
11Bozhou 12:4212:46
12Shangqiu South 13:2213:25
13Heze 14:1814:21
14Liaocheng 15:3015:36
15Hengshui 17:1617:21
16Bazhou 18:3918:41
17Tianjin 20:0320:12
18Tangshan [Hebei] 21:2521:29
19Shanhaiguan 23:2123:27
20Jinzhou [Liaoning] 01:2501:31
21Goubangzi 02:1102:13
22Panjin 02:4002:44
23Haicheng 03:4203:45
24Anshan 04:1104:14
25Liaoyang 04:33-
26Shenyang North 05:3005:30
Shenyang North
Seat TypePrice
Soft Sleeper
Soft Sleeper
Hard Sleeper
Hard Sleeper
Hard Seat
Hard Seat

Other Transportation Option: Shenzhen to Guangzhou High Speed Train + Guangzhou to Shenyang Flight

Shenzhen to Guangzhou High Speed Train

Over 100 Shenzhen to Guangzhou high speed trains are running from Shenzhen North Railway Station to Guangzhou South Railway Station, taking about 30 minutes. A second class seat costs CNY 47.

 How to Get to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport from Guangzhou South Railway Station
Passengers can take metro line 2 to the stop Jiahewanggang via 23 stops and then transfer to metro line 3. After they get to the stop The Airport South, they can get out through the north exit.

Guangzhou to Shenyang Flight

From Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, 7 flights scheduled from 08:00 to 20:50 are for passengers’ use. These flights take the duration of about 4 hours and the airfare is from CNY 700 to CNY 1,200.

Where to Go in Shenyang

Shenyang Imperial Palace is located in Shenhe District. It is consisted of three parts: Dazheng Hall and Shiwang Pavilion and Dazhongque which includes Daqing Gate, Chongzheng Palace, and Phoenix Tower and so on. When you visit the palace, you can see lots of architectures with exquisite decoration. Also, you can go to the exhibition hall to appreciate the elegant and precious treasures.
 The Botanical Garden is built around Qipan Mountain which has picturesque scenery. There are lots of botanical plants     from Northeast, Northwest, North China and Inner Mongolia. The symbolic architectures in the scenic area include Lily Tower, Phoenix Square and Rose Garden. One can have so much fun in Shenyang Botanical Garden.
 The Strange Slope is famous for its unnatural phenomenon. When one drive the car down the slope and pull up, the car will go up which owns to the magnetic field. It is suggested to ride a bike down the slope to experience the bike going up without any outside force. Except for this, tourists can also visit scenic spots such as Xiangshan and Wongding in the area. In current days, one can also have the chance to see different animals there including bears, leopards and tigers.

Shenyang to Shenzhen Train

There is only 1 Shenyang to Shenzhen train available from Shenyang North Railway Station to Shenzhen Railway Station. The travel time is about 35 hours.

See detailed Shenzhen Train Schedule & Shenyang Train Schedule
Major Rail Lines from Shenzhen to:
Major Rail Lines from Shenyang to:

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